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Day 4 on Lipotrim and feeling hungry today

I've lost weight on Lipotrim before and cannot fault it other than the bad breath!!!!. I'm on day 4 and feeling really hungry today but being on here helps especially knowing others feel the same. Any tips to keep the hunger at bay? Also any tips on how to keep my breath fresh, I'm brushing them so much I think I'll have no enamel left soon.
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Hi Ya,

I'm also on day 4 and the bad breath has arrived!! What I find helps is brushing your tounge also!!
You say you did lipotrim before, did you regain much? that's my biggest fear after all this hard work!


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I have just bought some cinammon Listerine breath strips on-line for £4.99 for 3 packets of 24 each. They def freshen the breath!
Hi Minnie Me, I did put my weight back on but over a few years and because I did not make any effort to keep it off. I am determined not to do the same again. I think you will be ok if you put the effort in, it does not come back on overnight which I think is most peoples fear.
Thanks for the idea of brushing my tongue, I will definately be doing that from now on.
Hi *lesley* The Cinnamon strips sound good, which website did you get them from.
Good Luck with your weight loss.


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The hunger feeling will pass by day 6 or 7 at the latest and then you must watch out as you may turn into a food and drink sniffer!!! Sniff... Sniff
Oh dear you are right I am becoming a sniffer of food. It's not too bad at home but I have to be careful in the office canteen, sniffing strangers dinners is not really the done thing!!!


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And then you'll end up being able to smell all the "bad for you ingredients" in foods and will most probably changing your families meals and shopping habits. Just don't back down with these healthy urges for your family as mine said to me (when I was on tfr) that the food was more enjoyable even though super healthy. As for pizza I made my own version for them which is using tortilla bread or chapati lay the sauce down then put one on top followed by more sauce toppings and sainsbury's bgty low fat mozzarella. They all found this yummy and more satisfying than so called regular

And if you'd like any more menu ideas just ask and the same goes for symptom queries and what I did in certain situations as I'd be more than happy to share
Thanks for the tips, I am actually starting to enjoy cooking strangely enough!!!

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