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day 9 and feeling so tired and light headed

hi been on cd for 9 days had good weight loss last week (7ibs)
today im feeling so tired and light headed is this normal and im still really cold
im drinking at least 3litres of water and ss thats 3 shakes
some one please tell me this is normal lol
any advice? would be app:wave_cry:

start weight 13.7ibs
week 1 8ibs loss so im down to 12.13ibs
week 2
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Im on day 9 too, but my bad day was yesterday, I was hungry (altho Im firmly in ketosis) and dizzy,bored etc, but feel back to amazing again today, so Im sure you will both feel on top of the world tomorrow.
I think its just a case of having "off" days....
x x
Yes I would say your body is getting used to it. I do still get this now and again and I would say my 2nd week was tougher than my first. Just take your time when you are getting up - I was told it is where your sugar levels are low...


Staying on plan!
the coldness may well stay with you hun, i was cold the whole time i was on ss and ss+ lol
as for the dizziness, its your body trying to cope with its new role, fat burning. it can also happen when you go back to eating to as again your body has to adjust. it could just be low blood sugar, but more often than not its your body adjusting. hth
thanks i was so cold and tired today so i had 3 shakes and some small amount of soya mince with veg just to take the edge of things so hopefully me feel better tomorrow
hi im on day 6 tom i get weighed i felt the same as u guys yesterday but i have felt very iard last 3 days
as ive been so cold tired and really light headed ive started to eat some quorn and veg only a few spoon fulls just to take the edge of thinkings abd makes me feel ive got a bit more engery and its helping
but i hope it does not affect me weight loss
Hello All,

I'm on day 12 now...i had insomnia for the first 8 days...was like death warmed up, so tired and exhausted...but i finally seem to have come thorugh the worst - have slept much better the past 3 nights and feel alot more "content"...my craving for pick n mix seems to have finally subsided and i think i'm 100% in SS mode now - food doesn't seem to be bothering me and i feel my energy levels returning!!

Stick with it, it will get easier!!

hi im on day 10 iv been tired for the last few days and today im suffering with very bad hunger pains in my tummy im aslo very cold more so on my hands through the day and on a nite i feel it all over
Hi I'm on day 2 well near the end and am suffering with very watery umm poo (sorry) is this normal I'm also very lightheaded ? Please could someone let me know if this is normal x thanks guys x x
Michywoo I had the same .. Urm... Symptoms as u on day two but it soon passed and my CDC said it was just my body adjusting to the vitamins etc from the shakes!
Hi love thanks for replying lol how was your first weigh in? I got to admit I'm not hungry but was sick on my last shake today :( I think I have had about 8 litres of water ! Only Cus the after taste of them x x
I go through the check list in my mind:

-have I had enough water?
-have I sipped it gradually through the day instead of drought and drown?
-have I had enough packs?
-have I had them evenly through the day (sometimes splitting packs or cutting up bars to spread the energy evenly through the day)
-have I done any extra activity causing my blood sugar to drop too low? (ie do I need a pack early or a sit down)
-have I accidentally had caffeine?
-am I pregnant? :D
-have I been overdoing it and would have been tired anyway?

..just a few thoughts.. you might want to add more :)
My first weigh in was great lost 7lbs and really kept me motivated for my second week. I had
My second weigh in on Tuesday and lost another 7lbs so that has kept me motivated again for this week. It can get really hard but the results are great and so worth resisting all the cravings. I have between 5-6 litres a day and always feel so much better for them. My CDC gave me the mix-a-mousse this week and it's really nice and makes u feel like u are really eating something!! Definitely recommend it to anyone getting bored of just the shakes.
Really! I hope it gets easier i really want this to work I did slimming world year before last and lost 5 stone in 4 n half months I went down to 9.6 but crept up to 12.7 :( I just hope it doesn't take too long to shift the weight knowing my luck it will lol ! Well done you fantastic results! Keep going x x
Hope you're feeling a bit better now. I have the odd day here and there feeling like this.
Good thanks. Off out in a bit to enjoy the sun as we never know how long it will last. Takes my mind of food being out and about, so it's all good.

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