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Day Five!


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Im trying to work out today how im on day 5? it would mean i get weighed on tuesday? but i dont, its wednesday lol.

i cant wait to get weighed/measured, my tummy feels abit flatter [just sagger] already.
Feel really rought past two days :sigh:

How are the girlies that are on day 5?

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Well done! Sounds like you are doing well!

I'm on day 6. Reason your on day 5 is that you'll need 7 full days before WI;)

Keep drinking the water, have you got any of the flavourings? Really gelped me when I started having them yesterday.


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loopy, didnt think u was aloud them till week 2? where u get them from? i want some, cdc dont have them


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Hey Kimmie,

I'm on day five as well - got a bit of headache, but its not too bad. Weighed this morning, and I am 15st 13, meaning a loss of 9lbs since Wednesday! Bloody bang on! Have you weighed too??



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yeh but not sure, going to wait till weds lol
Well done on making it to day 5 :)

Did you ask your cdc for the water flavours? I thought they had to stock all products?
Hi Buds!

Well yesterday was my hardest day ever - I went to a party and had to watch everyone else eat and drink while I sipped water and they all asked what was wrong with me! I was so tempted to nibble - just one olive, just a tiny slice of chicken or a finger in the hommous! But I resisted!! My scales have officially broken so I need to buy some new ones. Im afraid my clothes are still just as tight and I look and feel just as fat as ever but I really hope that all tis pain is worth it.
I have absolutely no energy and fell asleep at 7.30pm yesterday reading my DS a bedtime story. I actually was asleep before him! I also go to sleep with a rumbling tummy and wake up with one! I dont have ketostix to check to see if Im in ketosis but as I havent cheated at all and have just had 3 shakes a day for 5 days I hope I am.
Kimmie - my WI is Weds as well!


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Hi everyone, im on day 7 today. Woke up feeling really really bad, nauseous and headache. Couldn't work out why as I must be in ketosis now.

Anway went back to sleep for 1.5 hours woke up feeling fine. Went to ASDA and returned to find that my period had started (but its a week early?). Anyway that explains a lot of my symptons and I know its not just the diet so I feel a lot happier now and my tummy feels flatter.

Weigh in is on Monday so can't wait.

Kimmie - I had water flavouring from day 1 (sunshine orange) which is lovely and really helps with drinking. My CD said it was ok wouldn't make any difference.

Anyway I would get some when you go for your next weigh in.

I'm on Day 5 today also. Its going ok so far. I was afraid i would feel absolutley exhausted today because thats how i felt yesterday, but i'm actually feeling ok.

No headaches, hunger or lethargy today but i am craving food because i am bored of livinig off Choc mint milkshakes. Its the only flavour i can stomach, but i cant wait to have the Mix a moose and make it into a Jelly and also have the choc milkshakes as muffins. I also cant wait to have the choc bars either ad maybe try the leek and potatoe soup.

The reason why i love this deit is because even though i cant see the weightloss in the beginning, i feel lighter and slimmer. But i keep asking my family if they can se any weighloss even though i'm only on day 5, lol.

I have managed to resist weighing myself since day 1. Mainly because its TOTM and i know the reading will not be accurate. I dont expect a big loss in Week 1 because last time i did CD i only lost 5lbs. So 4-5 lbs loss will be ok for me. I Know i will have a stone a month weight loss which is what i want.

I'm not sure when i am getting weighed, it will either be Tuesday night or Thursday night.

I hope everyone is having a good day. Let us know how you get on :) xx


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S: 13st3lb C: 12st0lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 1st3lb(9.19%)
Ah thanks Becky, I dont think I would've got through this week on my own. This site is brill for motivating each other.

When you feel good you feel really good! Just got to get through this week!
Oh dear I just nibbled! It was a single slice of polish sausage. Opps! Hope it wont throw me out of ketosis?


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Im on day 5 too and i get weighed on tues teatime. I ve had a bad day today, Ive had ice-cream and 3 strips of chicken from KFC.


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I'm at the end of day two and am buzzing...not tired at all. However I have had a few cravings today...the freshly baked scones at work called me...but I resisted and guzzled water instead.
Can't wait to get to day 5 like you ladies lol..hope I have the will power.

Good luck y'all on weigh day.

Gaynor x


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:D:pHi all :wavey:
Im on day 6 and im feeling great! :D
So proud of myself for making it here lol

Well done everyone else, the 1st week is tough huh
But i keep reading that it gets easier, although this time (ive tried cd s/s b4, not stuck at it past wk 1 :()
im feeling great, ive had no problems what so ever, no headaches, hunger.. even managed to go ummm (number 2) fine. :eek:
I did feel a bit tired and cold day 3/4 , but im on my way this time, i just know it!!! :D
Day 7.. bring it on :p

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