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Total Solution day four and hungry

I'm on day four of TS and for the last two hours I have been starving, absolutely ravenous! I've had 2 and a half litres of liquid, been for a walk, tried to distract but I'm freezing and hungry-did anyone else experience this? If so how did you deal with it? I don't want to eat but I'm not sure what else to do, I haven't felt hungry till today-is it normal? Thanks all :)
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Totally normal! I found day 4-5 the hardest but once you get into ketosis the hunger will go. Give it a day or two and then youre find youre not as hungry. Hang in there x
Thank kitcax, that really helps. I so want to stick to it so I'm glad its normal. Keep sneaking on scales and as their going down I'm thinking of how good I should be feeling when I weigh in properly and see the first weeks loss-that's what's keeping me from raiding the fridge! Thanks :)
Im on day 4 of meal replacement also, have been a little more hungry today but been keeping busy on here lol Im hoping I will be in ketosis soon feel like my body is against me wanting yummy foods I cnt have! damn u body! lol
exactly! just think of the results. should only take a couple more days at the most for the hunger to ease. youre doing the hard part now, and just think its nearly over with! sounds like youre doing really well.x
Keep swigging down the water too it cnt hurt!
Fat bridesmaid: it's hard isn't it? My other half (without thinking) sat and ate in the car in front of me this morning and I think my body has been shouting for food since then! I'm going to stick my boots on and go for a walk-hopefully that will cure it and as kitcax said ketosis should kick in soon! Good luck to you on your weight loss x
I know its not easy seeing other people eat is it :( My partner cnt cook and Ive got a 7 year old too so I have to do all the cooking think I was actually dribbling when I had to make their lunch I sat sweating with my shake lol Im determind to stick it out tho, I feel like Im so close to being over the first hump dnt wanna give up! :)
I find that making a hot drink and drinking it whilst cooking for my other half and child helps me not 'want' it is hard tho. It's tonight I'm dreading-we are at a party and I know it'll be the Spanish inquisition as to why I'm not drinking! :-(
Diet's are a awkward subject sometimes, I haven't told any of my friends Im dieting this time, I have failed so many times in the past Im not sure how seriously people would take it and also IF I do fail again it'll be easier to pick myself back up without an audience. Also my vain side kinda wants to see if they notice a difference, I always wonder if people who know ur dieting say "oh you look like you've lost weight" because they feel its the right thing to say or if they really mean it. I'll be more than happy to share once I know I've got it this time
Snap I haven't told friends or family, want to see if they notice and like you have failed and dont want the questions! but I'm normally in with the drinking games etc, usually for confidence to be honest so I feel I can get on the dancefloor-but it'll be soda water and determination tonight!
Know what ya mean about drinkin for confidence (same here) but u can do!

Yep Im quite looking forward to my weigh in this wk hope I've lost!!

R u weighing in Wednesday??
You can do it! I meant hehehe Im dippy
I'm going to weigh in Tuesday night, I know I started on weds but that day is too hectic for me-thanks for your faith, I've squeezed into my normal party jeans and top but hopefully for the last time! Good luck with your weigh in on weds :)
Goodluck to you too, post on here and let us know how u get on and I'll do the same, fingers crossed :)
Hiya, I'm on day 5 now and found I was starving in bed last night but did fall asleep....phew! A lot more energy today and just going into Ketosis (my pee stick is just turning pinky purple). I have told my mum and sister that I am dieting and they just ignore me when I telll them how I am doing so far, its like they are willing me to fail.
I've been cooking for my hubby and not found that too bad...yet!
Just say you are on antibiotics so that you dont have to drink...erm for a urine infection (just so they dont try and fob fruit juice or something off on you) x
Yeah bedtime is one for me find as I lie down to sleep I can feel my tummy rumbling a bit lol
Oh yes bedtime is hard-especially if I've made supper for the family but I found on Friday night that a hot drink just before going to bed helped. :)

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