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So here I am, writing this at quarter to 2 in the morning in the hope that my confessions will somehow bring about a sense of enlightenment and maybe some sympathy and forgiveness from some unknown, higher power?! (or just you guys! same thing!!:D)

But why of why do I do this to myself? EVEN AS I TYPE THIS I AM EATING A BOWL OF COCO POPS?!!! :( And WHY do I always think of Jubbs every time I cheat? (yes, you! :p)

I follow WS so the day started off with a shake and a sausage for brekkie. I had a trip up to manchester from london to face and despite knowing this I failed to prepare any shakes! So a long 10 hours later having had no food and simply sipping on water I was quite rightly hungry! So when we stepped into nandos I conciously made all the bad choices and went for a chicken breast fillet wrap with chips and warm pitta bread with homous (but if it gives me ANY credit, I did only drink coke zero!!).

On the way back home I split a packet of skittles...I don't even like skittles I just needed a sweet fix!

And then at midnight I finally arrive back in London, belly still full, then raid the cupboards for THREE BOWLS OF CEREAL (I'm on my fourth :() and a handful of blueberries.

Right now trying to fight off the demons in my head trying to convince me that I absolutely must have a jar of nutella to complete the evening...:cry:
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I will do this!!!
All i can say is dont worry jusy pick yourself up and start again. Hope today is better for you.
oh dear, well at least you've admitted to it and we can go noooooooo stop eating right now!
I hope you're feeling positive this morning and that you're back on the wagon. x


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But why of why do I do this to myself? EVEN AS I TYPE THIS I AM EATING A BOWL OF COCO POPS?!!! :( And WHY do I always think of Jubbs every time I cheat? (yes, you! :p)
Heehee, that made me laugh. If it's any consolation, I ate loads of ice-cream this week AND a pizza on Tuesday with some wine and I have somehow still managed to lose a lb????? Come on Lozza, I know we're both the same and we beat ourselves up these transgressions (despite the fact that we persistently indulge in them!!!) however I will point out that:

a) I really don't think that what you've had is THAT bad (cereal's practically healthy right?? Plenty of fibre?!!!)

b) you're one hot lady

c) aren't you off to the gym you crazy thing? That'll help. Or go clubbing again Miss "I lost 6 lbs when I stuffed my face on my birthday week"!

d) you're a NORMAL BMI so stop worrying so much - you have to eat something (OK so Nandos and chips not the best choice but I still reckon this could have been worse).



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All I can say is at least you do it in style:D:D:D

Tomorrow is another day as they say and I hope you at least enjoyed it!
Hi guys. I'm still full from yesterday. I'm quickly dwindling in shakes and have loads of soups packs but I can't tolerate them! Would it be a complete and utter waste of money to just shift them aside and buy a new shakes and bars pack? Or should I suck it up and get them down my throat? :p


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Put the soups on that well known auction site and use the money towards shakes........ sorted!


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Wow...If you're going to do it you may as well do it!!! Well done for getting back on the wagon though! x


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Your stomach must think its Christmas.

Though looking at your BMI, maybe it's time to start to slowly reintroducing 'normal' eating into your life so your body can get used to it bit by bit and you can start a proper maintenance regime easier when you reach your target.

Well done on your loses so far.

I had loads of choc shakes n bars and went on That site n put them for sale or swap n swapped them for mushroom n veg soups and only cost was postage hehe

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