Day one (again!)

Discussion in 'Exante - Total Solution 100%' started by Calabria, 15 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Calabria

    Calabria Full Member

    I'm off on holiday a month today and having been fannying around and not really taking it seriously, starting, lapsing, starting again, etc I'm now on it 100% until my holiday.

    I've even cancelled some rugby tickets :wave_cry: because I didn't want to get off track and drink cider all day before falling face first into some junk food!

    Weighed this morning, am a huge 21st 9. My saving grace is that I'm over six foot tall - nobody ever believes I weigh that much!!

    Just had my second shake, got a rotten headache but am drinking the water and trying to stay focused.
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  3. Constantstar

    Constantstar Full Member

    Hello good luck with everything! I've got my first holiday coming up end of May! It's only a uk one but last year we went I was preggers so who cares what I looked like. Now I'm so ashamed to even say the word swimming! I've got 3 weeks worth ( when my delivery arrives later!) I'm hoping a whole month on exante with a cheat here and there will help me loose weight and tone up! Good luck x
  4. Calabria

    Calabria Full Member

    Thanks Constantstar - I hope you have a great holiday, I haven't been away since 2009 and although I'm not going on a beach holiday I still want to be smaller than I am especially thinking about 13 hours in an economy seat on the plan! If I can get down to not needing an extender belt before I go then I'll be a happy lady x
  5. Constantstar

    Constantstar Full Member

    Where are you off to? I'm also going to turkey and Vegas this year and the thought if showing my arms off and anything clinging to my stomach makes me worried!! X
  6. Calabria

    Calabria Full Member

    I'm going out to St Louis and Nashville for a friend's hen party. I'm flying on Southwest Airlines between the two cities and I know they have a reputation of having 'difficulties' shall we say with customers of size (as they so politely call it). I'm really excited about going away, just hope the journey doesn't spoil it!

    I know exactly what you mean about your arms, I hate having my upper arms out. In fact I don't think I've ever had them out as an adult! x
  7. Constantstar

    Constantstar Full Member

    Aw bless you ! That's exciting!! What an amazing place to have a hen do! And wait till you fly out you feel fab! I may not be slim but my body feels healthier and my skin and that all goes towards the ultimate goal! :)
  8. binkytinks87

    binkytinks87 Member

    Good luck ladies, im on day 2 today.. Not feeling too bad just headachey! I think it's good you have goals for your weightless, I'm struggling to break down mine as just want to be stone lighter instantly! I also didn't weigh/measure before starting so not going to really know how I've been doing. (Maybe I should gave been more organised!!)
  9. binkytinks87

    binkytinks87 Member

    Silly autocorrect


    * 10 stone lighter
  10. Lara1986

    Lara1986 Gold Member

    You can still measure now a few days in ? Better than having no record at all! I am ditching the scales and using measurements, clothes fit and pictures to track my loss

  11. Lara1986

    Lara1986 Gold Member

    All the best to you Calabria - I can relate to when you said you gave up a rugby match to avoid temptation etc. I am thinking to avoid certain situations especially where people might notice I'm not eating- but I do then get a bit stuck because the more I stay around the house, the more I think about food!
  12. binkytinks87

    binkytinks87 Member

    Yeah I've measured now, need something to track the loss!! Hope all going well with everyone x
  13. Rosey38

    Rosey38 Full Member

    Hope the first few days are going well. sounds like a fab trip planned! I always go wild on holidays and get , my upper arms out as no one knows me, lol. We really shouldn't care!

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