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Day one for me and the MR... Here goes...

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by Laubride, 20 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Laubride

    Laubride Full Member

    So it's day one and I've just had my morning shake, raspberry, it was quite nice and rather filling. I chose the starter pack which gave me 10 shakes, 4 soups, 7 meals and 7 bars. I bought one for my fiancé too as he'd like to lose weight too... We get married in 5 weeks and I think we could lose a stone by then, my fiancé is gorgeous but we both like our food and alcohol but he is quite strict and likes regime so I think this will give him that.

    I think he is about 16st and I'm currently weighing in about 12st 7 I can't wait to get into the 11 stone bracket. I have two kids and before I fell preg with my first I was 10st 10.5lb so that's my overall goal weight.

    I took my measurements yesterday and I was so surprised at how out of proportion I am.my lower tummy right round my hips is huge and I have a really loose tummy so I know I need to do some sort of exercise to try toning that up while I diet.

    I think I a gonna have 3packs, my partner 4packs, and have 100g protein and 200g veg for tea so we can still sit down with the kids together.

    Excited to be starting this journey.

    L x
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  3. Laubride

    Laubride Full Member

    So, today hasn't gone too bad so far. Had the strawberry shake breakfast and and the chilli for lunch kept me from feeling hungry but I'm so hungry now, me and the oh are having chicken and veg for tea and I'm saving the bar for a cup of tea around 9oclockish. Can't wait.

    cant wait for the ketosis kicks in so I stop feeling as hungry... Had a very very mild headache lingering today but I think that is because I've had about half a litre of water ... On a mission to drink as much as possible for next couple hours so I hit my 3L target.

    Overall not too bad so far although the last hour has been testing as I've made the kids tea and it smells delish and was so tempted to polish of ther left overs but no I managed to keep off. Yey.

    kids bathed and settled so now for a little relaxation and wait for the hubby to be to finish foodie so I can eat. Speak soon

    L x
  4. Laubride

    Laubride Full Member

    So almost the end of day one, I've just had 100g of chicken and 200g of broccoli and cauliflower was nice to have food but its kinda made me feel slightly more hungry... Also big lesson learnt as chicken and veg weigh less when cooked so I could have had more.

    Have my s&s bar sat on the bench to have with a cuppa later yey.

    Hope everyone else is doing ok today, x
  5. Laubride

    Laubride Full Member

    So currently on day two and I'm pleased to say I'm not ripping the fridge door off and scoffing my face, quite the opposite. Had my cookies and cream shake at 9am then been really busy at uni then school placement that I didn't get time to eat or think about eating so had my mushroom pasta pack at 3pm. Taking my 3yr old to his friends pirate party between 430-630 so that'll keep me busy... Having salmon and veg when I get home then a cuppa and bar at 9ish can't wait, I look forward to the bars so much. Feel quite tired today so looking forward to my bed.

    hope your day is going well too.

  6. Laubride

    Laubride Full Member

    Quick update..

    end of day two and I'm in bed ready to sleep and pleased with my progress. had:

    cookies and cream shake, mushroom pasta, salmon and veg, chocolate praline bar.

    not feeling hungry at all :), here's to day three. Xx
  7. meandmybigbum

    meandmybigbum Member

    Well done for keeping at it :) it only gets easier x
  8. Laubride

    Laubride Full Member

    My first post :) ha thank you, xx
  9. meandmybigbum

    meandmybigbum Member

    No worries :) x
  10. Laubride

    Laubride Full Member

    Well it's day three and feeling slightly weird today.. Feeling a little weak but I'm not sure if that's because I had a big gap between pack one and two. I went to asda earlier and I found that I was attempting to pick something up and realising my hand was going no where near the product...a really ditsy day.

    so far I've had the hazelnut shake for breakkie, just had the chilli scooped into lettuce leaves gonna have a 2 egg omelette with veg for tea and a bar and cuppa at 9ish. :) staying on track yey.

    Hope u are Ll Ing a good day today x
  11. Laubride

    Laubride Full Member

    All having *** x
  12. meandmybigbum

    meandmybigbum Member

    Well done for not picking things up. I did mine online this week to avoid the temptation of the wine aisle :) determined I'm gonna stay on track! Keep at it you're doing fab x
  13. Laubride

    Laubride Full Member

    Haha no I wasn't tempted to pick things up what I meant was my body was being weird and I was slightly dizzy and the things I needed to pick up I was struggling as I was a bit weak. But feeling better today mild headache but nothing too bad, think it could be with this heating on but it's so cold w hen its off.

    im quite determined too so fingers crossed.
  14. meandmybigbum

    meandmybigbum Member

    Oh dear I'm glad you're feeling better today. If it helps I've had a couple of dizzy spells and have a headache today. Don't think I've drunk enough water though x
  15. Laubride

    Laubride Full Member

    Ok so it's the end of day four and I'm getting more and more pleased with myself and John for sticking with it. I had the crispy chocolate shake
    mild curry
    100g chicken and 200g mashed sswede
    chocolate almond bar.

    we seem to be doing really good it's great having John do this with me as I don't have to watch him eat delish food. I must say I thought the mild curry was lovely today. What I've realised is that I must have picked on the kids food a lot as I find myself having to stop myself doing it especially if I open a pack of crisps. I don't even want one but i almost go to put my hand in. Anyway I've been 100% so far yey

    good look for the rest of the week guys, I'm off to bed, night x
  16. x_kerry_x

    x_kerry_x Full Member

    Sounds like ur doing great and wat a fab incentive uve got to work towards :) xxx take each day as it comes and u'll be fine :) x
  17. Lou_G

    Lou_G Gold Member

    Great to have someone to do it with, sounds like you're going great guns and should easily hit that stone before the wedding :D
  18. Laubride

    Laubride Full Member

    Thats chick, to be honest I should have done this back in sept when I booked the wedding but I just could not get into the right frame of mind, it's so weird how's have to be in the right place mentally to be able to it properly.

    Your doing fab so far well done. Can't wait til I've lost over a stone x
  19. Laubride

    Laubride Full Member

    Wow how many weeks is it until Easter. Your doing fab Hun, had any more sneaky peaks? Yey a stone before the wedding would be amazing althought dunno how my dress fitter will feel a about it ha. X
  20. Lou_G

    Lou_G Gold Member

    haha messed up a little - went off the rails last week for a few days and have given up not weighing - this morning I'm back to 12'7.4'' so almost back to what I was in my sig. This is day 3 back on 100% for me. I've decided not to give myself strict deadlines, I always start rebelling against my own plans!! :D:D:D
  21. Laubride

    Laubride Full Member

    Yeah I know what you mean Hun mine is defo taking this one day at a time, my hen do is a week on Saturday so I will defo be eating as ill be drinking and need to be out of ketosis. But I'm hoping t get straight back on it although I know it'll take a while. I defo think I'm in ketosis now as I haven't felt hungry at all today and have just had to make myself have the bar so I don't skip a pack. X

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