Day one menu

Louise xx

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B omelette with 2 eggs and turkey
L galette with tuna
D mussels, prawns and chicken in tiny bit garlic
S lots of water, more chicken and boiled eggs

Does this sound on plan for attack?
My hunger has been well managed, when do you normally go into ketosis.

Done circuit class instead of walk??

I know this will have been asked a million times but what seems to be best option for the galette? Mine looked odd I think I need a smaller frying pan.

Thanks for your help today I hope I can return the favor xxxx
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I'm no expert, but I think that sounds good, Louise. If you find that you're eating a lot of eggs, you can always leave out the occasional yolk if you like.

Many people (including myself) experience a horrible headache for a few days when going into ketosis. Not pleasant, but it doesn't last forever. Ketosis stops you from feeling hungry and can sometimes make you feel a little hyper.

Instead of the daily walking, I do other forms of exercise sometimes. It's best to include some kind of cardio which can take the place of the brisk walking to get your body into fat-burning mode.

Galettes are savoury crêpes, so they should look like a thin pancake. I use a 9" diameter frying pan for mine - definitely needs to be non-stick. Don't try and turn the galette over until it's set, otherwise it will fall to pieces.


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Me too... if perhaps on the "light" side.

If you go to the blue rectangles towards the top of your page, click on User CP, you can fill out your current weight/height etc.

Good luck for day 2!
and don't forget a multivitamin pill... and to drink PLENTY of H2O. Most people find ketosis at around day 3... some earlier, some later; some headachey first day, some euphoric and silly (me the latter!)