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Day one of getting life back

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting - Diaries' started by dd82, 2 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. dd82

    dd82 Well-Known Member

    Breakfast two jam on toast

    Lunch turkey and ham subway with salad and light mayo

    Dinner roast chicken potatoes carrots parsnips and peas
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  3. dd82

    dd82 Well-Known Member

    Had a difficult end to the year I lost my friend on Boxing Day, I feel like I really want to gain control of my life again , also had the implant fitted and want to eat the whole house all the time, I am aiming to lose 28 by 30th July which is about 1lb a week I am then off on holiday in September so I have a couple of weeks spare of anything comes up ,
  4. dd82

    dd82 Well-Known Member

    Adding graze box flap jack to the list taking me to about 1500 today bit more than I would like and I have only walked 20mins today
  5. Cas3

    Cas3 Well-Known Member

    Hey Debs, sorry to hear about your friend- hope your doing ok xx
  6. BerryBerry

    BerryBerry Well-Known Member

    Sorry for your loss DD, nice to see you back at minimins though, all the best for 2013 x
  7. dd82

    dd82 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys not doing too bad thanks funeral is tommorrow (I know Saturdays is unusual) I think once that is done I can concentrate, I feel rough today so where am I

    Started 13.9
    Got to 9st 10lb (may2012)

    Currently 11st 1 ahhhhhhhhh

    Any way last couple o days have been ok ish not back to my 100% head but heading in right direction, I also had the implant fitted in November and its no agreeing with me won't go into to many details but its not helping

    How are you both getting on thanks for still bing supportive x
  8. dd82

    dd82 Well-Known Member

    Having a problem with mini mins I can't post on anyone else's diary ???
  9. dd82

    dd82 Well-Known Member

    Trying to get help from the tech support
  10. dd82

    dd82 Well-Known Member


    B-Belvita biscuits

    Sunbites, and an apple

    L-Skinny soup butternut squash flavour

    D- tuna pasta bake
  11. Cas3

    Cas3 Well-Known Member

  12. dd82

    dd82 Well-Known Member

    Yes thanks funeral was Saturday and now I am determined to make my life healthier and stick I something x
  13. dd82

    dd82 Well-Known Member

    Belvita biscuits 224

    Sunbites 120

    Chicken and jacket potato 445

    Two wraps and quorn fajita strips 450
  14. BerryBerry

    BerryBerry Well-Known Member

    Good plan :)
  15. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Well-Known Member

    Hey hun

    hope ur ok sorry about your friend goodluck with diet :)
  16. Cas3

    Cas3 Well-Known Member

    Your day looks lovely, its good to have something to focus on xx
  17. dd82

    dd82 Well-Known Member

    Thanks you both I you can't wait for dinner now I am hungry today
  18. dd82

    dd82 Well-Known Member

    Stuck to plan 100% yesterday had a sneaky peak on scales it's looking good but i don't officially weigh till Monday and I have the weekend to get through yet


    Belvita biscuits

    Hot chicken breast salad

    Not sure about dinner yet
  19. BerryBerry

    BerryBerry Well-Known Member

    I hope WI goes well - you are v brave for having it on Monday!

    Lunch sounds yum :)
  20. dd82

    dd82 Well-Known Member

    I do Mondays or I tend to binge the weekends thinking I can make it up in the week, I do have a treat at the weekend but keeps me in check
  21. dd82

    dd82 Well-Known Member

    Change of plan for dinner

    Grilled steak

    Jacket potato

    Fine beans. Not to far out calorie wise from MFP but I will be over a little today but its all been good food.

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