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De-railed - big time :( Back on track tomorrow!

Hi Guys,
Well, after resisting food all week, last night (the night before my weigh in) I caved and had some Indian Takeaway, I chose chicken and salad (which isnt all that bad) but when it arrived i also stole some chips, some naan bread, a popadom....you get the idea!

Today at my CDC I did the weigh in (I did come clean to her about my blip) and vowed to get right back on track....but.....I carried on eating, having a burger for lunch, some chocolate this afternoon and a sandwich and crisps for dinner all washed down with diet pepsi! - AAARRRGGGHHH I am so cross with myself.

Anyway, I am going to concentrate tonight on the reasons why I am doing this and get back to it in the morning. Hopefully any damage I have done today will be rectified by next weeks weigh in.

Being honest though, none of it tasted that good and was definately not worth it.

I shall just focus on the 7lbs I lost today and work on a good loss next week.

Hope everyone else is doing well :)
Thanks for listening,
Ja9 :)
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Likes being a girly girl
Congratulations on your 7llb loss honey! :D

Don't worry now about what has already happened....its in the past now....just focus on today and the here and now and you will soon be back in that frame of mind you were when you first started! Just remember all those reasons why you wanted to do this in the first place and concentrate on them! Tomorrow is the start of your journey!

You WILL and you CAN do it! Stay strong and stay focused! :)

He Ja9,
Your doing fantastik, so you messed up, your only human!
Overindulging on occasion doesn't cause weight gain constant overindulgence does. Don't let it get you down just keep on moving forward with your plan. If you were driving somewhere and you took a wrong turn you wouldn't turn around and go home would you? You'd try to get back on course. Same goes for weightloss. Your doing great thus far, continue on...
Thanks Julesy and Fab-U-Less,
I know, I just have to draw a line under it and let it go, otherwise I will be derailed forever and gain everything back....Going to have a great week! :)
Thanks for your kind words :)
Have a great week,
Ja9 :)


Likes being a girly girl
Ja9....look at how well you have done so far!!! Congratulations on losing 39llb!!!! Keep going and be strong! :D


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Its ok, you will do ok with restarting, you might even have a loss at the end of the week too :) I know what you mean though about it not even tasting that nice. I think imaginations can play tricks on you and make you think food tastes a lot better than it actually does! I have had a few big blips, but have managed to get back on track ok :) A bit of warning though, the more you blip the harder you find it is to get back in to it. So try hard not to do it again :) i have learnt from my mistakes.... hopefully :)

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