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Dear Diary...

Well after reading (and heavily relying) on everyone else's diaries for the past few weeks I've decided to take the plunge and start my own...

So here goes... My name is Tanners (Tania) and I'm on lighter life total for my second (and hopefully final) time *sigh*
I started the first time in January 2009 and lost around 3stone, put about 7lbs on straight away, but managed to keep most of it off until November 2010 when I started to gain.

At the end of February I weighed myself to discover I was only 7lbs away from my January 2009 weight; this was not good!! Later that day I called a different LLC in my area and booked into a class for the following evening! Two weeks later and I'm 9.6lbs lighter!

It's been a trying few weeks and I've not been totally abstinent but I'm still here and I'm planning on sticking around for a wee while!

I was daydreaming the other day and decided that LL is my journey; being skinny again is my destination... I may not take the motorway; I probably will get lost a few times; and I think I might enjoy the scenic route from time to time but I will get there; I will reach my destination!! We all will!!

Tanners Xx
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awww well done for takin the plunge... welcome!!! x


Tough But Sexy X
Hi Tanners glad to have you along for the ride and yes we will all get the the end destination together. Happy days.

Great start already on the weightloss front. xx
Fantastic attitude! I am sure that is what makes people succeed, being realistic. I know this is for life, not just for the next few months until I get to my goal. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, just as long as I enjoy it. I know for me (I started with about 2 stone to lose) I can lose my weight in 2 months. But I know if if I could give up my food packs now I would gain the weight again pretty quickly. I need to get more group time before I can be left to choose the right food choices.

I look forward to reading more of your posts; you must have lots of experience to share! Good luck!
I was daydreaming the other day and decided that LL is my journey; being skinny again is my destination... I may not take the motorway; I probably will get lost a few times; and I think I might enjoy the scenic route from time to time but I will get there; I will reach my destination!! We all will!!
I love the way you have put that. It is so true. I need to remember that. :D
Well, I'm shocked by how many ppl have read and commented on my diary! Now I feel pressure to make all my posts as good!!

I'm just updating a wee bit as I'm bored at work!

Had a good day so far, but I am starving!! I need ketosis to kick back in... fast!! I'm so annoyed at myself for cheating! I've never been this hungry whilst getting into ketosis before. I actually have cramps and they are sore :-(

I had a strawberry shake at 11am and then porridge at 12.30! My break times at work are crap!! I have another break very soon but if I have another pack then I won't make it through the night!! So I'm gonna have a cigarette and lots of positive thoughts!!

Ant tips of keeping the hunger at bay would be much appreciated!!



Loves Porridge
Hello Tanners

Well done for starting your diary, I have managed to overcome hunger pangs with water and a cup of black coffee, seems to do the trick for me

Keep all those positive thoughts flowing and keep posting ;)
Thanks angel!!

I'm past hunger now and ready for an early night!!

Had another porridge at 6pm and just had lemon bar that I attempted to make into biscuits!! Was alright but I think I made some of the pieces too small and they didn't cook :-s

I'm still struggling on the water front, had about 2.5 litres so far plus another 500ml in a shake. I spoke to my LLC about water intake n she said drink to thirst, and that as long as ur hydrated it wont affect ur weight loss... Yet everyone on here says drink drink drink!!! What does everyone elses LLCs say??

Anyway, today was easier than I thought, and knowing that I've managed a 100% day spurs me on to achieve another one tomorrow!! Although I've noticed that every advert on tv is for food, really nice food too!! I've started a food list (suggested on here by someone) of yummy foods I'm gonna treat myself to when I'm off the programme, and it's not full of as much crap as I thought it would be!!!

I'm tucked up in my bed now watching 'men behaving badly' if anyone proposes to me with a condom I'd ram it down his throat!!

Night all xx
I can feel hungry when I haven’t had enough to drink. I like a cup of tea as it warms up my tummy like a hot meal. Some (hungry) days I can drink literally one straight after another. I can’t stay too far away from the loo though! I am one of those people who can feel hunger in ketosis. I can feel great one minute..hunger, then cravings the next. I need to stay strong! Oh and have lots of early nights!


is Magdalicious
Hi Tania :)
And welcome.
I'm looking forward to reading your diary and seeing you progress.
Good luck xxx

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i totally recommend lost of water Tanners.... i drink at least 4 litres a day, not inc packs... really flushes u out xxxx


Tough But Sexy X
Hey I drink at least 4 litres plus shakes, my LLC says drink what you can as it definately is the key to losing weight. Just be sensible with it and sip it throughout the day not all in one hit.

You are doing well, keep it up xx
Day 16 (thought I'd start counting days, seems like such an achievement)

Feeling ok today, still a bit hungry but I'm confident ketosis will kick in tomorrow (I'm showing a 'trace' at the moment) Does anyone know if ketosis is harder to get into each time u try??

Had porridge at 12pm, strawberry shake at 3pm and I'm trying really hard to wait til 7pm before I have my third pack!! Feel like I've spent the last two days watching the clock, either for my next 'feed' or for bed time!!

Good news (or bad, depending how u look at it) is that I'm now off for three days! Woo hoo!!! Means no stinky work, but also means less distractions from food... I feel a cleaning session coming on!! The cupboards are gonna b as empty as my tummy!! Haha!!

Hope everyone else is doing well!! Xx


Tough But Sexy X
Ha ha I clean when I need distraction or empty my wardrobeof my fat clothes lol xx


Ready For Change!
I'm off work for 18 whole days.... (need to use up holidays before April)
Eeeek its sooo much harder at home, i'm sooo bored!
Good Luck Tanners!
Thank u lozz!! It is harder, but we can do it!! It's only really tomorrow I've gotta make it through as I have plans for Saturday and most of Sunday! 18 days is a looooonnnnnggg time tho! Just jump on here if u ever feel tempted...
yea def Lozz!! u gotta come on here and chat with us if u get bored! x


...we're sinking deeper.
Hey Tenners, well done on taking the plunge and restarting! It's a hard decision to make, but just keep reminding yourself even when the going gets tough that you're doing something about it, rather than hiding from the problem. :)

Stay strong, I know you can get back to where you were happiest again! :D

Apart from that, a little word of advice - don't rely on those ketostix! They're just about as reliable as hopping on the scale every few hours! Our body chemistry changes depending on the time of day, time after 'food', after water, after any sort of activity (the list goes on...) that you take the measurement. At the end of the day - as long as you're doing the plan 100% - you WILL be in ketosis and you WILL be losing fat... There is no logical way, by day 16 that it can be any other way. We need a minimum of 1200 calories per day for basic functions and you are eating around 550-600 in packs. That's a deficit of over 600 calories. The water weight will be gone by now... And ketosis? I actually don't think it's a constant thing that is there all the time. I believe it fluctuates after a foodpack and can be inconclusive (on the stix readings) by too much or too little water. ... I've also read that some people never actually HAVE a ketosis positive reading using those stix even after months on the plan and good weight losses.

:) Wishing you all the best on your weight loss adventures!
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Ready For Change!
Thats good advice Minerva, my LLC told us the same thing!
It completely depends on water, time of day, when you last had your pack, and like you say some never show through thier wee, a lady in my group has never shown on a stick yet has lost 30lb!
She must have been in ketosis! lol

Thanks for encouraging me to join you guys for a chit chat (hug)

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