Debt and Fat - an unhappy marriage!

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  1. georgiasmum

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    I've been thinking about this for some time as I've been fat and in debt for a long time. On a daily basis LL enabled me to control my spending because £66 per week was a lot of money and because it stopped me from having those small but hardly insignificant treats! I really had to budget to afford LL which was no bad thing.

    I started on my road to debt freedom about 2 years ago, and like my dieting road it hasn't been plain sailing, but a very enlightening and painful journey at times. I made a firm commitment to rid myself of debt and planned it in the most anal way. I have lived on cash only, no new credit, rarely take my debit card with me and slashed my household expenses to the barest essentials for a comfortable life.

    Some of my debt has been necessary - study, mortgage, trips home to Oz for dying family etc. I don't feel entirely guilty as it isn't all due to shoe fetishes and hairdos . (Those that know me can testify to the lack of style...) However, if I'd been more disciplined then I would have had the cash to see my dying Pa rather than Barclaycard, I could have finished redecorating my des res (not - lol!) rather than waiting for this or that to be done first!

    Like my diet, I haven't been perfect. My car service this month is a case in point - living so frugally I grossly underestimated how much the massive repairs would be so I've left myself short and have had to go cap in hand to my husband. I feel a failure doing this but hey ho!

    Anyway, the good news is that I have the ability to clear all of my outstanding unsecured or 'stupid' debt by the end of November/early December. Aside from the mortgage I will be debt free and the mortgage doesn't make me guilty - it is a necessary evil for ordinary folk like me.

    How does this link to my diet journey? Well, I have had to examine my life. I can see the connections between the way I have used food and money to reward or 'feed' myself or my neediness in some way. I can acknowledge the feelings of worthlessness, unworthiness and despair I have felt at different times in my life. I will admit that I have been painfully, desolately lonely at times and I have filled that void in the wrong way to the detriment of ME!

    I still have 60lbs or so to go. I still have a month and a bit of debt repayment to go but I have been on such a journey. I don't need food or things. I LIKE food and nice things, and that is ok too - but I am going to begin my maintenance journey now with a large calculator and a vocally self aware voice saying 'do you need to eat it or buy it? What are searching for?'

    Self awareness is such a gift for me. I thought I was a pretty insightful person anyway but the last 2 years or so have changed me fundamentally.

    When I look at food and money I am aware of how many of the poorest people have the worst diets and whilst I don't want to instigate the crap income/crap food debate here I really wanted share my joy and learning the money/food/fat/debt secret that has slowly unravelled itself to me.

    I wish you luck on your journey. I also want to say that if you think you can't - YOU CAN! If a fat, lazy, worthless Aussie girl can turn it around and become slimmer, active and worthwhile. You can too. :) :) :)

    PS The diet maintenance won't start yet- :p got to get rid of those pesky 60lbs... darn.
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  3. Gen

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    what an amazing post... it has hit me right in between the eyes!!!

    i have been feeling lonely lately, even tho i have all the 'things' around me to make me not be lonely??? i have spent money on stuff to ease the lonliness and it works but only temporarily....

    i think self awareness for me is the way forward for me!!

    thank you so much for that post!!


    Gen xxx
  4. georgiasmum

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    I'm glad it said something to you Gen, I have learnt than when I think I'm the only one I realise that I'm not and I should reach out. self awareness to you. :)
  5. dizzy-n-mizzy

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    Together we lost 8 stone on CD.
    Hi Georgiasmum

    I just want to say what an excellent post! I'm sure that many will find it useful. I can also relate my need to buy myself things and my eating. Although we aren't in debt we often wonder where the money goes as we should be able to save more.

    Congratulations on your ongoing weightloss and for being debt free in the near future.

    Really a wonderful achievement and you deserve our admiration.

    Thank you for taking the time to post this.

    Dizzy x
  6. Coley

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    Ooooough!! I know about the debt....I'm more of a "lets go mental and spend a fortune on everyone else" kinda gal......I'm so bad at birthdays and christmas!! now I have CD credit card to pay off.......eek!! student debt, mortgages, stock, bills oh.....lets not start!!! :eek:

    Must get debt sorted out though....must work harder....and do more overtime.....eeeeek!!
  7. htpink

    htpink CDC

    Georgiasmum i know exactly how you feel! I have noticed for a long time i have the same attitude towards my money as i do my weight. I suffer from denial and an "oh f**k it" mentality about both!

    I have noticed that when i am in control of my diet i am in control of my money and vice versa.

    I haven't really come to any conclusions about how to deal with the link - am still struggling to keep both under control but at least i feel that over the years the average has come down!
  8. ayembee

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    cambridge diet
    Georgiasmum/htpink most of what you posted is true of me too, time to remove head from the sand I think,
    Oh God, to be slim and debt free..............
  9. cah-ching

    cah-ching Gold Member

    Hi Georgiasmum,

    This has been one of the BEST if not THE best posts on Minimins ever! What an excellent post. I relate to everything you are saying in it's total entirety (sp?).

    I felt you were writing about me ... scary uh. I view my CDC not only as a learning curve with my eating habits, but also confronting my emotional hunger also. I printed off my bank balance today and highlighted the amounts I spent on food and other silly things over the last month and it made for scary reading.

    CDC eiminates the need to buy food (partly the reason I overspend each month) and remains the focus. It's quite hard-hitting when you mention the "void" that needs filling.

    So true.

    I have never felt so "amongst friends" as I have done here. My existence is a rather strained one at times and coming on here keeps me sane during the harder times. I feel accepted and never castigated for my failures because you all understand and empathise. I say it all the time, but I cannot put into words how much I appreciate you all ... seriously. You people are the best in the world and I'd love to give each and everyone one of you a hug, because for the first time I believe I can lose weight (despite my struggles) and I can acheive. My prose doesn't adequately convey the depth of appreciation, awe and empathy I have for you all.

    I may not post everyday, but I read everyday and make it my duty to start my day inspired.

    Sorry to hog your thread Georgiasmum, I guess it all came flooding out.


    Special thanks to Georgiasmum for a brilliantly written, thought provoking excellent post

    Much love as always ....
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  10. Ivy

    Ivy Silver Member

    I'm a real scrooge. I swear....Bah humbug!

    Bah Humbug!

    On a lighter note - girl you are getting things together! Fair play

    Remember that geezer - alvin hall i think, i got LOADSA tips from his show.

  11. Diva

    Diva Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    What a FANTASTIC and BRILLIANT post Georgiasmum!! :) Truly inspiring and sooooooooooo true.....I can certainly identify with some of the things you say about debt and being overweight. Thankfully, I've been debt free for a number of years now but can certainly see how previouly I used spending as my drug of choice and then turned to food once I got the debt under control.

    I think its fabulous that you are tackling both together and I truly admire your strength and determination.

    Thank you soooooo much,'ve helped more than you know! ;)
  12. bettyboo

    bettyboo Silver Member

    Well said and well done Georgias mum. I so identify with this post. I could have written it myself (only less eloquently). I was only saying to my husband this morning I have to clean my act up as regards credit cards as well.
    I spend too much on gifts for other people as well as on handbags (well they are definately going to fit aren't they). IN the last week I feel like I have taken control of my life back from the muppet that has been in charge of me for the last 10 years.....(myself as well)
    Am really taking stock of my life and changes that need to made. One step at a time, one day at a time. has a debt diet step by step guide !!


  13. htpink

    htpink CDC

    ca-ching i know what you mean about spending on food! I've been on ss for two weeks now and my hub commented that the joint spending account is looking really healthy this month! Usually by this time it;s empty or getting there! It lunches out in town for myself, dinner out with the kids, literally every day almost its £15-20 in the supermarket on food for me to binge on and also the family (to appease my conscience). Definitely better off this month!
  14. Isis

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    This is truly an amazing and breathtakingly honest post. I relate to so much of it and it touched me deeply.

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I am 100% sure that so many of us will gain from reading this.
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