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December Challenge "Im still here"

OK.... as the end of November looms , thoughts turn to what the hell we are going to do to get through December

Collectively Im sure we have enough birthdays , works Xmas parties , turkey and trifle with the family and New Year celebrations to get through.

So some of us are going off plan at some point in December and staying off until the New Year , others like me are having odd days here and there and hopefully jumping straight back on the next day ...until the next party !!

Bordersgirl is concerned , and frankly I am too, that it is all too easy to go missing in action and we may find our numbers are substantially down by 2012, we dont want you to give up , no matter what !!

So here is a thread called "Im still here" and the idea is that you post a message here every day in December , whether you have been naughty or nice , it doesnt matter , we are not here to judge each other for the choices we make , just to give encouragement and support and hopefully have a few giggles along the way

You can join the weight challenge if you still intend to lose weight or just keep us up to date with how you are coping throughout the month , your choice.

Lets just try to survive December and come out at the end smiling :D
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What a great idea! Please count me in.

I'm having a few days off here & there in December and hopefully this thread will keep me on the straight & narrow.

And to encourage me to get back onto the diet the day after :)
Thats great ....welcome on board , im sure it will be a great help hearing about others ups and downs throughout the festive period , I have a birthday lunch , a weekend with Santa, xmas at my parents and a 2 day New Year break with friends to get through

hopefully ill still be in such a positive frame of mind by the end of it
Count me in too - I think December will be more about damage limitation than large losses (although the latter would be much appreciated). I have several festive meals, a weekend trip to Lisbon and then obviously Christmas day itself. Then New Year's followed directly by my birthday.... I think it's definately in my best interests to stick around ;)


Feeling great in 2012!
Count me in too! I'm still trying for my Xmas goal of 4 stone in total but I have to admit it's looking dodgy as I've still got over 10lbs to go and I've got the office party to contend with mid Dec. I'm going to try to make that my only extravagance this side of Xmas and then after a few days of indulgence get back on track pretty quickly in January. I know I'll be a bit heavier than when I stop for Xmas come January but I'm trying to contain that to 7lbs. We shall see ;)
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wannabe yummy mummy
I'm having 2 weeks off plan, my last December WI will be on the 17th. I'm planning to get back on plan on the 2nd January but won't be weighing myself between the 17th Dec and 7th January coz I'll probably be suicidal otherwise lol. As long as I'm 14st 10 by the 30th January I don't mind to much x
Im still here ha ha

even though Ive gone totally off plan today and Im going to have to have a think about what i want from December

My head has totally dropped out of the game for some reason :(

Ill be back when I figure out whats going on :rolleyes:
Im still here but on my planned break :) i will enjoy!

You know what i will miss when im on the diet in dec.. The advent calendar chocs, they arent even that good but always enjoy my turn of opening them!
I have,just bought a felt xmas tree advent calendar that we can re-use every year thought it would be nice to start the tradition this year since its its our sons first xx
I'm still here and I've liked the S&S products that I've tried so far.
9lbs to go till my goal for Christmas Eve so I'm sticking to plan and then 3-6 days off (depending on how many days off my OH gets).
My daily plan is to have 3 packs and if I do get peckish, I'll have a boiled/poached egg (instead of the vegetables).
Ok Im going to set my target for December Challenge

Phoenix2010......to maintain at 11st 2

Anyone want to join me ??

been off plan for 3 days (dread to think what damage ive done ) and back on it tomoro.
Another pleasing WI for me this morning (4lbs):D

I'm 5lbs away now from my Christmas Eve goal and with 3 weeks to go, I'm feeling pretty optimistic - although I have AAM week coming up as well as TOTM...grrr!

I bought a pair of jeans which barely goes halfway up my bum and I can't zip it up at all. But that is the item I want to use to measure my progress over the next three weeks.
:D Well done thats brilliant

I weighed myself this morning to see what the damage of 4 days off plan has done and have gained 5lb so willl be aiming to get that off asap and hopefully a bit more as I have a weekend away in 2 weeks which will set me back again , but as long as i finish December where I started I will be happy

so back on it 100% today :)
I put on 5lbs after having one day off plan :eek:

I'm back on the diet 100% for three days before having my department Xmas meal.

Just out of interest, what you ladies do in forced situation like a sit down Xmas meal? I've got three to go through and I'd prefer not to go but I have to as it's during working hours.
Must admit that I'm taking the scenic route to weight loss...... think I will need to get my head in gear after boxing day though. All this re-starting and having days off here & there is getting rather expensive!

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