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define constipation

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I think as long as you're going, you're fine.
er yes you are. Hard poo (especially rabbit dropping types) is constipation. Normal is smooth, wet 'normal' consistancy. More water hunnie and some help! xxxx


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im constipated. officially.
senokot, anything else i can use without interfereing with weight loss please? is that why i feel bloated?

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Every ounce is bounce
i take a psyllium husk supplement which is supposed to help. apologies for earlier post, you learn something new every day!
man i wish i was constipated... it's been probably the worst experience of "the squitties"(ha) i think ive ever had. don't feel ill at all though! at least then it would warrant time off work- rubbish!:)

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Every ounce is bounce
Supermarkets dont really stock it, you'll need a health food store. It's a fibre supplement, is supposed to help you 'go'. Might be an idea to speak to your cdc to check you can take it. X
I got my psyllium husk in powder form at Holland and Barret, (£11 for a biggish tub)I put a heaped tsp in with my shake mix before blending. Before i started using it I used Dulcolax every 3-4 days but it's powerful stuff and I got stomach cramps, but its a good emergency standby. The P husks keep things moving more naturally and they thicken the shakes so I feel more full.


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i dont go at all naturally....now THAT'S constipation...i long for rabbit droppings! lol :)
I go once a week if I am lucky!! I once got told that you can tell real constipation if your poo bounces - haven't actually tried that test though...lol. xx


needs a real kick in the
lovely thanks xxx lol

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