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Rebel without a calorie
I'm drinking 3-4 litres a day right up to bed time but during the night I find I'm 'drying out'
I wake with a raging thirst and sip some water and a large cup of black tea. This morning I thought I was going to be sick - and this has happened lots of times during the diet.
I was so light headed I've had to sit down and drink a couple of glasses of water and it's starting to pass now. I'm extremely lucky that I can work from home some days as there's no way I could have gone in today.
Other than setting my alarm every hour during the night and having a drink I really don't know how to get over this!
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Are you sure it's dehydration, although it does sounds like it because 3-4 litres a day is a lot. I however wake up during the night with the same problem every night but do not feels ill or light headed just bloody thirsty and I drink 4-5 litres a day. I just thought it was part of the diet
I had severe dehydration before I started this diet - I felt constantly thirsty when I woke up, tired and suffered sickness and dodgy toilet troubles. I don't know if these are the same symptoms but I can only advise you to drink a little bit more. The doctor has told me I have to drink 5 litres of water minimum a day which I find a struggle. I am only on 2 at the moment. It may be the heat too. If you don't feel better go to the doctor just to check, it could be something very simple. Get better soon. xx


Rebel without a calorie
The reason I think it's dehydration is because drinking 2 glasses of water sorted it out and by mid morning after my 1st shake I feel great.
I've had a bit of a Google and the light headedness, thirst and nausea are all symptoms.
There aren't many suggestions to prevent it apart from drinking more but there are 2 or 3 suggestions I'm going to take on board.
1. Not add salt to my evening meal - shouldn't be a problem
2. Not have tea as soon as I get up - that's harder, its generally the only tea I have!
3. I was in the office yesterday so drinking coffee with caffeine - will hit the decaff for a bit (that's all I buy for home)
Maybe I should try and cut down on the fags too, but as I have given up food and drink I don't think I can give them up aswell! That will be my next challenge ;)
Hopefully this will help


Gold Member
Do you keep a glass by your bed? When I get up for a loo break during the night I always have a gulp or two of water before I go back to bed and I find that helps me.
Bren xx
Oh no Lisa, I cannot believe that you smoke, everything I have thought about you has just disappeared, gone doen the tubes, the drain. Just kidding, but I seriously cannot believe that you do smoke.

No lecture here but you have given up eating and I am sure if you do that you can give up smoking. I smoked for 20 years, 40 day, and gave up 6 years ago. Went cold Turkey, myself and the wife gave up together. Was hard but hell what I difference to my life that made.


Rebel without a calorie
Yes Bren I have a pint there every night and have a swig when I get up for the inevitable wee break!
Oh Mark, ex-smokers are always the biggest critic, and I should know!! I gave up smoking over 20 years ago but the rebel in me took over about 5 years ago due to other issues going on at the time and just a few puffs put me back on the evil weed. I'm not even going to try and give up at the moment as that would be a disaster in the making whilst doing such an extreme diet - I am who I am - but I don't intend to continue forever. I'll know when the time is right.
I know Lisa and I would judge who you are on whether you smoke or not, I just did not see you as a smoker and was quite surprised. Smoking caused me all sorts of problems, developed asthma, had a mild heart attack, gave me colestrol problems, just glad a I gave up. To be honest we tried on many many occasions to give up and failed miserably until we got to the UK.


Rebel without a calorie
OK, I followed my little list above and did actually feel a bit better this morning.
I drank my whole pint of water during the night - bladder was ready to burst when I woke despite getting up in the night!
Didn't add salt to my dietimeal last night - it was quite late when I got in so would have eaten anything lol
Stuck to decaf coffee yesterday and had one first thing instead of my usual black tea - couldn't start the day without my emotional crutch
Only had half a fag ;)
I haven't been light headed today and am looking forward to my shake in a mo. So hopefully it was just dehydration as the symptoms would suggest :)


From Piglet to Twiglet
Lisa, I've got exactly the same trouble - no matter how much I drink during the day, I'm thirsty all night. I have to take a bottle to bed and swig away all night (the only other time I do this is if I'm pregnant or sloshed). I don't know if the two are connected, but every night since starting, I'm having the most amazing dreams. Some mornings when I wake up, I feel as though I'm hungover and stagger about a bit.

My DH has been so stunned by my sticking to a diet for 3 weeks that he's decided to give up smoking and drinking after this weekend. (It's a terrible thing to say but I dread it when he gives up smoking!)
Hi Imgonnabeskinny, its a good thing he is stopping smoking, i stopped 6 years ago, the 1st week was hell and I would imagine i was anightmare to live with, but it is only for a short while then every thing gets so much better. He has obviously tried before, the benefits of stopping smoking are huge. The problem of course is that he is going to want to eat everything in sight. Well done to him for doing this, it is going to be hard. Thank goodness I do not drink so that is one thing i have not had to stop because it seems everyone seems to struggle with that.

By the sounds of it it is an achievement and half that you have got to week 3 so a very big well done, keep it up.
You know what Calli, it is a mindset thing. It is something you can control and it is up to you to not be such a moody *******. He sounds like a real pratt anyway. When I got moody and said things I should'nt have I took myself to task and made sure that I knew what an ass I was being and made it up to the people concerened. Stopping smoking is no excuse for for an a....hole. Like I said it is a mindset.

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