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  3. DQ

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    Ah Chelle, as someone who needs to lose nearly half their bodyweight, believe me I know how you feel. But what you have to remember is that, regardless of what you do with it, that time will pass. Now, if you decide to use that time on whatever weight loss plan you want to use, shaping and redefining your body, turning it into a well fed machine, imagine at the end of that time what a benefit that will be.

    Better to look forward to what you're going to achieve, than dread the journey :hug99:
  4. abz

    abz Gold Member

    i couldn't have put it better. it's one of my mantras. the time passes regardless, so make sure you've done what you wanted to by the end of it :D

    abz xx
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  6. abz

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    everyone is allowed to have a bit of a moan honey :D

    what plan are you doing?
  7. the points plan x
  8. DQ

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    I keep meaning to change it - I'm sure it's giving me a headache :giggle:

    Sandy has done fantastically well on the points plan - make sure you make use of the ww section to get lots of help, and you know you're not alone with how much you want to lose :hug99:
  9. abz

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    good luck :D
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  11. thank you very much xx
  12. DQ

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    Anytime - I hang out in the Century Club a lot (for people with over 100 lbs to lose) so if you ever want to chat, drop me a line :D
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    Another Twilight fan?! Excellent!!! He makes me drool :drool: My girls laugh cos I have watched the dvd about 20 times now :eek:
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    The eyes, and the intense way he has of looking at 'Bella' :wow: I adored the books as well - they are on my bedside table as my re-read pile! :giggle: What do you think of Jacob?
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    Gastric Bypass
    Chelle I know what you mean about the adverts etc. I think that is a contributory factor to so many people being over weight these days. You cant pick up a magazine for cooking receipes and bloody diets all in the same one. You have to remember one thing it took a long time to get the weight on and it will take a long time to get it off but the slower you take it off the more chance your body has of adapating to it and it staying off. Stick at it and give yourself small target weights to get to instead of looking at the bigger picture....I know I took the easy way out by having surgery but mine was having health complications as well. Keep your chin up chick xx
  20. DQ

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    Have you seen him with short hair?!! *swoon* *swoon* And in the special 2 disk set, there is a deleted scene with him and Victoria kissing and it is HOT :wow:
  21. hi charlie, thanks for your advice,thats very true what you say xx
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