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Before I ask this question! For the hardcore healthy eaters, look away now, hehe.

I KNOW that ww is a change for life, and I know that involves making some changes, but..

Just wondered if anyone ate WW desserts as part as their point scheme? I really have an awful sweet tooth & have had one dessert daily after my evening dinner for the last two days (ww desserts) fitting them into my points. I know they are pre-made rubbish, but if it keeps me on the straight & narrow..Just wondered if you think this will affect my weight losses? xxxx
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i dont eat ww desserts but i do have a dessert every night after my dinner.

I have
Crunchies Ice Cream Bars 3.5
Munchies Ice Cream Bar 4
Fruit and natural yogurt 4

There are also some ice creams that are quite good. There is Morrisons ones in oval tubs with the bits on the top, they are usual in the 2 for £3 offer. They range from 99 to 115KCal per 100g with low sat fat. I find that i can usual have about 3-4points and feel satisfied.
Thanks Chrissy :eek:

Sounds silly but when you've done Slimming World for a while actually being able to eat things like ww desserts/ice cream bars & lose weight seems out of this world.

:) xx
I tried SW too before WW and i struggled with the rigid guidelines.

WW is definitely good. Have you got the calculator and kitchen scales. i would recommend you get these if you havent as it makes pointing easier.
I've only been doing the diet since yesterday - and have been using online resources etc for points and sticking to non-weighing items just until tommorow evening when I join the classes.
I was meant to be going to slimming world this morning but have made them aware I've switched - so once I have all my books tommorow etc, I'm doing a big shop thursday (including scales etc).x
Well i hope it works out well. I think it is easier to follow than most diets. But it can take a bit of getting used too.

Are you trying to lose a lot?
I'm at 14st 5lbs right now but wanting to make 9st 7ish. Ive been right upto 18st 10lbs but actually lost 2 stone whilst pregnant at the beginning also.
Are you in this for the long haul too? :D

I started on 25/01/2010 at 17stone 12lbs - i am now 15stone 9lbs

i wanna be around 11stones i think possibly a bit lower depending on the way i look.

size 12 clothes would suit me to a tee
Oh me n you are very smiliar chrissy I started 1st March 17st 4 I am now 14 st 13.5 and Im 5ft 2in too :) so we are aiming for the same loss ,I had 11at 4 as my first goal and 9st 4 as my second but at 11 st 3 Im a size 12 :)
Good luck guyz :) xx


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Thank you

I dont wanna aim too low incase i dont get there. I will probably set another goal once i get to a size 12
That's what I've done now lol, i didn't realise i would be in a size 12 so quickly thought I'd have to wait till around 11st .. which i suppose may be the case for the bottom half! lol... but I've now set a goal for size 10 as some i can fit in ok now, it's all about what feels right for you i guess :) 11st is my goal.. but like you will probably take it a lil lower afterward just in case i do go on a binge occasionally and the weight edges up a little :D

oh and eddiesmum don't worry if there is a dessert you fancy which isn't WW many members don't like the WW ones and just find their own! :) you will be surprised what you can still have even on WW with the puds! :D Cadburys light trifles are one of my favs! hehe


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Carry on with the puds if its what you like and it keeps you happy on plan. I've never tried the ww pudds myself but am partial to some tescos lemon sorbet


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WW puds are brilliant :) We buy the odd 3 pointer dessert, but mainly stick to the WW eclairs at 1.5pts each - they are great for pudding! I would recommend :D you'll find them in the freezer section at any supermarket!


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I've been having the chocolate puds and they are golicious!!! :D I like the toffee crunch as well. They arent bad on points, just wish they were kinder on my purse :giggle:


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Tesco Mousses in the freezer part, you get a pack of 8 lil ones they do chocolate and raspberry ripple ones... dunno about raspberry but brought the chocolate ones today and only 1.5points :D
I have Puds all the time, it really helps me to stay on track. I've actually been off plan for a few months but weighed myself today and haven't gained a single pound back!!!! WooHoo!!!!

A dessert I love is some sort of berries (I use raspberries and/or strawberries) served with plain fat free fromage frais with sweetener mixed in. You get a dessert glass and layer the berries, fromage frais mixture and 2 crumbled mini meringue nests. Do a couple of layers of each. Sometimes I pop a squirt of low-fat squirty cream on top too (add points accordingly). You can do a large dessert of this for around 1.5 to 2points and it tastes so creamy, rich and indulgent!
Fat free Fromage frais(0.5)
2 x mini meringue nests(0.5)

Various Ice-cream desserts are great.

I also love a childhood favourite of banana custard!
A sliced banana(1.5) with a warmed individual low fat ambrosia custard pot on top(1.5)

Sometimes I'll melt a few squares of chocolate in the microwave and serve it with various sliced fruits which I then dip in the choccy while it's still warm...yum!
These desserts are all really easy!


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I have the WW desserts sometimes too! I have a really sweet tooth and these feel like I'm not missing out.....

Bought meringues today too so going to have one of those shortly with some strawbs and a strawberry mini milk in the bowl too mixed - low points and tasty!

Lots of ice lollies are fairly low points too - Fab lollies only 1.5 points each!

I also still have treats like fudges, kit kats etc. 2.5 points each but feel like I'm not eating some rubbish low cal thing - lol. It's all about tricking myself...

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