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Hi Everyone

Im just back from my first developers class. It was ok, nobody from my foundation group came so I felt a bit like a fish out of water. I felt like the new kid at school It wasn't awful and all the ladies seem really nice and have some amazing loses. I just felt a bit lost and was very quite shy. I guess ill get used to it and come out of my shell eventually, prob just in time to go to RTM!

Anyway we did a really good exercise where we wrote down our goal and went through eveerything we need to get to it, how we will feel when we get it etc. It was exactually what I needed and I feel all fired up to get going.

I did struggle this week but I still lost 3lbs which I am totally chuffed with. I have also been back at the gym 3 times this week and am getting the feel for it again. So its all on the up again.

Feeling so postive!! That 18.5lbs better watch out cause Im on the rampage to get rid of it and by mid dec!!
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I hated developers for the same reasons you said, after a close knit group with all the security, you suddenly have to start again and learn to confide in total strangers again. I loved the structure of foundation but developers was just too wishy washy. I had about 2 months in developers and because I disliked it (and for other reasons) I went into RTM before I was really ready.

Sorry I didn't mean to write a negative post, but just wanted to let you know you're not the only who's felt like that :)

Excuse me if I'm being thick but when do you want to get to goal by - is mid dec december? Hasn't that already passed :confused:


nearly there!! :)
well done chic, fab loss.
hopefully ull soon get to grips with ur new crowd!!

ps think she meant feb lol!! xxx
I just got back from my WI - stayed same but ok about it as lost 5 lbs literally just after Christmas. The price I paid for an excellent NYE!

But we discussed going into Developers tonight and will start in 2 weeks time as there's just 4 of us now - 2 of us starting wk 12 and 2 in wk 8. I like our little group of 4 as feel can talk so think will feel like you emzski but I'm thinking it's not for ever and I'm hopefully as motivated as you sound!!!!
Well done ladies

Good start to the New Year. None of us like change. I'm sure you'll get used to your new groups. Just think of it as a means to an end and everyone is there for the same reason.
Sorry I did mean Feb dunno why I wrote Dec, must still be in christmas mode!!

Yeah I am sure i will get used to it, I think because everyone in the group already knew at least 1 other person I was out there on my own BUT they all seemed really nice and I will get used to it. Its highlighted how much I dislike change though. I don't really have the much longer to go and its made me want to stick right into it.

I am shattered this morning, my eldest son had a funny tummy and was up at the toilet every hour since 12 and my youngest got up at 6am! Its gonna be a LONG day!

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