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Diary of a Babbler ... onto day 7


Going From Flab to FAB!
Im not sure if im doing this right! ...
Like somone suggested i am concentrating more on the xenical side of things rather than the WW side BUT i am still counting roughly,
Ok so fat since starting last tuesday ive had ...
1) 14.6 for the whole day!
Thats a sample of 4 days from my week so far ... No where near the 45g a day limit! .. Im not going hungry and im eating my meals! ..

Yesterday i had

2 weetabix
ww rice pud
half tub l.f cous cous
2 ww sausages
h/m chips
ww spag
a snack a jack
which totalled 5 for the entire day !!!?!?!?!

what am i doing wrong? these tabs arnt going to work are they ? :confused::sigh:

Need somone to check and see what im doing so wrong! ... im eating lots of fruit and veg which im presuming is free from fats ...
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Hey Pixie

I have worked out that you have had bout 9 gm fat in that lot.

Rice pud = 1gm
2 x Sausages @ 1.9 each = 3.8gm
Spag bol - 1.8gm
2 x Weetabix @ 0.4gm each = 0.8gm
Snackajack is negligable

Not sure about the cous cous, I can only find a few that fall in the less than 5gm per 100 range and they are about 2-3gm per serving.

How did you cook your chips?

The tablets are "working" - they are only there to prevent you from cheating - contrary to popular belief they do not require you to eat "enough" fat to work!

I hope this helps a little!

Julie x


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hiya :) ... thanks for posting i somtimes think im going to drive myself mad!

Ok my rice pud was 0.5 g fat
sausages were 2.8 for 2
spag was 0.4 for half

My chips were home made so cut and couple of squirts of frylight and chucked in the oven

I thought if im eating so little fat they arnt going to do anything atall ? ..
I thought they could add to your weight loss by half? .. so instead of losing a 1lb you would lose 2lb ???

Ive weighed myself this morning at mil and i was 13.10 which means 3lbs in a week which yes is brill but when i restarted ww the other month my first week saw a 5.5lb loss

Oh sorry im babbling now ..

LOL.. i took my fat content from the weight watchers website, i wonder why they are different to yours??? weird!

Might try the chips myself, sound yummy.

Nope, there is nothing scientific in the tablets that will make you lose weight, sorry!!

They do say if you are eating no fat then not to bother eating a tablet but they are not a miracle unfortunately.

I think there is always a big loss on the first week of any diet, your body changes rapidly.

3LB is 3 more than I lost last week, well done you!!!

Julie x


Going From Flab to FAB!
thanks :) ... So its ok that im eating such a small amount of fat each day ?
And do these little tabs work on the fact that your to scared to put anything in your mouth that you shouldnt? So basically the fear factor? ..
I just didnt want to be trying so hard like i am only to be told hey you aint losing weight cos your not eating enough .....

Ho Hum ... im sure i will get used to how this all works at some point :giggle:
You've got it!! The fear factor is precisely how they work. I think your typical days food looked ok and you should be proud of you 3 lb loss. Well done you!!


Going From Flab to FAB!
Woah! .. well if they keep me scared im gonna keep motivated! lol ... I have some bits from the chinese on sat night and i spent all day sunday worrying panicking and not venturing far from home "just in case" LOL ... and i was fine hehe ....

so id say the fear factor definatly works hehe

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