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Diary of a chocoholic

Exams have finally finished today so i'll have more free time and i think i'd like to start a diary!

I will pop my food and exercise down in here everyday and maybe a bit about my day and how i'm feeling.

A little but about me...

I'm 24 and single mummy to 2 little girls who are 18 months and (just) 5. I work part time as a para legal and graduated from uni after doing a law degree last summer, i'm currently on the Legal Practice Course which i need before i can take the final step to qualify as a solicitor! So as you can see i'm a very busy bee! :p

I have always been slim growing up but my relationship with food has never been normal, i have been on the binge-restrict carousel for so long now it's depressing when i think about it!! I gained 4st in both pregnancies (10 to 14st). I lost it within 8 months the first time around but i still have over a stone to go 18 months after the second! I guess i have just faffed about too much, one minute trying, the next not caring.

I am here to lose it properly and healthily now...and for good! I am really focusing on the psychological element of weight loss and binge eating, i am a positive person so it's actually pretty easy to be mindful and cheer myself on, even so, i still had a mini slip up at the weekend so i have a long way to go.

So...Aiming for 2lbs a week, although MFP says net 1200 will result in 1.3lbs a week, so we'll see how it goes.

So food etc for today...

Breakfast - Porridge with semi-skimmed milk and raisens - 225

Lunch - Smoked dry cured ham - 50
Dairylea light triangle - 27
2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf) - 116
Red onion and mixed leaves - Don't count
Muller light cheesecake yoghurt - 99
Banana - 100

Dinner - Baked potato - 275
Beans - 151
10g cheese - 41
Red onion and mixed leaves - Don't count
Galaxy ripple - 170
Fruit salad - 90

Total cals = 1344

Exercise = 150 cals burned

Net Calories = 1194

Water = 4 litres
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Hi there,
welcome to calorie counting. Im fairly new to this (started just over 2 weeks ago) and I must say it is the best weight loss programme I have been on. I too am very interested in the psychological reasons behind binge eating and putting on weight. (Doing my psychology degree at the moment)

I have binge eaten for as long as I can remember and for about 5 years felt the need to eat chocolate every single day. Since I have been doing this though, I have felt great and I really hope you do to.

You will get some great advice and support on here.

Lots of love xxx :D
Good luck :) your food diary looked like one of mine lol except the baked beans......bleurgh!!! Hope you achieve your goals! Emotional type eating is a tricky habit to break :( I'm still trying!!

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Good luck :)
Thanks for reading and replying everyone :D

I have actually gone over net calories today as i had a Birds Eye chicken nugget which according to MFP has 50 calories :eek:


Breakfast - Porridge with semi-skimmed milk and raisens - 225

Lunch - 2 wholemeal slices of bread (400g loaf) - 116
Dairylea light traingle - 26
Asda smoked dry cured ham - 50
Muller cheesecake yoghurt - 99
Banana - 100
Strawberries and kiwi - 75

Dinner - Asda fresh egg penne 200g! - 374
Asda tomato and basil sauce - 93
Galaxy ripple - 175
Chicken nugget - 50

Total cals = 1383

Exercise = 150 cals burned

Net calories = 1233

Water = 4 litres

I had the calories wrong for the cheese triangle yesterday, only 1 out but better to be accurate i suppose. The ripple was shop bought so more than the 170 calories from yesterday.

The pasta was gorgeous, just ground over some black pepper and a teensy bit of garlic salt. There was loads and it felt really naughty but i can put pasta away believe me! It's one of my favourite foods but i wouldn't eat that much every day for sure. Not suprisingly i went over the carbs target on MFP by 9g but the fat and protein was spot on.

Today was supposed to be a nice relaxing day. I promised myself that as it was the first full day with no work or revision in months that i would catch up with tv and just chill out. By 11am i was bored out of my head so with no toddler groups open i went and did some shopping with dd2. I bought a fitted black maxi skirt, a red shirt for work, and some new shoes for work. All a size 12! (not the shoes obviously!).

Tomorrow is Nando's after work with the girls and i cannot wait! I already know what i'm having :D Chicken in pitta with peri-peri chips and the chocalot cake. Over 1250 calories but it will be so worth it! I am doing the 500 calorie work out in the evening so i think even with lunch (i start early so won't be having breakfast apart from fruit mid morning), i will still be at my net 1200 as i should have a lot of exercise calories to eat back. I'm going to say it's 300-350 rather than 500, but i'll see how much of a sweat i get on and see if it is on par with a 500 calorie workout!

Hope everyone has had a lovely day :flirt2:
Nando's was amaaaaazing!! :D Had such a laugh and feel nicely full, i enjoyed the food SO much!

I have had the days calories in one meal more or less :eek: Didn't have any breakfast as i was in work really early, i would usually nibble on fruit but we have been moving offices and i was just too busy. I had a mugshot for 265 calories at lunch time, but my Nando's meal was 1279 calories :eek: :eek:

That was for chicken breast in pitta with peri peri chips, then the choc-a-lot cake. However i did get forced to eat (literally!) a piece of garlic bread and some hummous and warm pitta, so i can safely say that i have had close to 2000! Had my water quota, well only 3 litres so far but saving the other litre for exercise in a bit.

I am giving it another hour then i'm going to do that 500 calorie workout thing, i'm actually really looking forward to it. I will report back on how it goes later!

Tomorrow we are off into town in the morning to Thornton's for some father's day things, dd's are then off to their nana's and i am looking forward to a big de-clutter session! Seriously, i find it so therapeutic and it needs doing, i like a calm, clean home.

That's it for now so...to be continued...
Glad you enjoyed Nandos. Food sounds delicious!!

Don't be tempted by thorntons tomorrow, thats my idea of hell. I would eat the whole shop given half the chance!

Im with you on the cleaning. I love it. My friends call me Monica from friends cos Im so obssesed :D
I'm going to get myself a bar of dark chocolate, i HATE it but apparantly it's an acquired taste, going to have a square or 2 a day, see if it can eventually satisfy me more than milk chocolate...i am a complete chocoholic! :eek:

Anyway i just popped back on to let you all know how the dvd went! It is not for the feint hearted, put it that way, think Jillian Michaels level. Lots of squats and dips etc with weights and some intense cardio intervals. It is definately do-able, i didn't need a break, but i work out a lot so would say i'm quite fit. I got really sweaty and it will be interesting to see if i have any muscle ache tomorrow, i havn't had that for a while!

The only downside is the cardio bit, it's a bit complicated. I kept up with it well enough and i think i will enjoy mastering it but if you are unco-ordinated then do not buy this LOL :p Plan on doing it twice a week, with shorter sessions of other dvd's on the other 5 days. It does say on the cover that you will see great results after 10 workouts, we'll see in 5 weeks then! :D

I am exercising everyday at the minute, i don't want to do that forever, even though i enjoy it it's not sustainable as i'm so so busy! Once i get to 150lbs and have a stone to lose then i'm going to drop a day, i will drop another day once i have 7lbs to lose, then another day once i am at goal. I think 4 hours a week should be enough to maintain (i hope!) ;)

Anway i'm rambling and waffling on, off to read the diaries :flirt2:
Mmm Nandos :) Dark chocolate is nice once you get used to it. But yeah, you can't really wolf it down haha.

I have had a nice day today, have friends coming later so i'm just popping on quickly. My calories are at 1500 and i have yet to do any exercise :eek: I just hope they don't bring any 'goodies' :rolleyes: If they leave before 10 then i'm going to do a dvd, if not i'll have to be extra careful tomorrow :p

Just remembering that this is a lifestyle change and just because tonight isn't going to plan then it's still ok!

Hope everyone has a good evening, may pop back on later xxx
I've never been to nando's is it worth the exercise? x

I have had a nice day today, have friends coming later so i'm just popping on quickly. My calories are at 1500 and i have yet to do any exercise :eek: I just hope they don't bring any 'goodies' :rolleyes: If they leave before 10 then i'm going to do a dvd, if not i'll have to be extra careful tomorrow :p

Just remembering that this is a lifestyle change and just because tonight isn't going to plan then it's still ok!

Hope everyone has a good evening, may pop back on later xxx
Absolutley right hun. You have got a briliant attitude. Have a fab night :) xx
Thank you for the replies...yes Nando's is so worth the exercise! In fact i'm going again tomorrow evening :D

I had some nibbles last night, my friends didn't leave until 11:30pm so i didn't end up doing any exercise either. I put everything in MFP and yesterdays total came to about 1800 calories which really doesn't bother me actually. It predicted that i would be at the same weight if i ate like that every day for the next 5 weeks, so i must have eaten at maintenence level, i'm not classing it as a binge or even a day that i over ate. Usually i would have felt poop today and scoffed loads because i felt like i'd blown it, so i'm definately improving how i think!

Today i am going to do a good hours exercise and i will still eat my exercise calories. Dd1 is making chocolate fudge cake with my auntie so i had better save some calories up for that :eek: Need to be careful tomorrow too if i am going to Nando's in the evening, i'm meeting up with another friend who i havn't seen for a few months so i'm really excited :D I will do the 500 calorie workout again tomorrow night and Tuesday should be a good day so i can't see why i won't get a loss on Wednesday. I am confident that i will make the June target, not this next weigh in but the last one in June.

We are off to Asda in a few minutes, i have done my meal plan and worked out the calories for each day. Got lots of yummy healthy meals planned, salmon (of course), a mackarel pasta bake, quiche, etc.

I'll update later with food and exercise for the day! xxx
My fingers are crossed for Wednesday hun. You'll be fine though. You have been so sensible, even with a few treats.
Wish I was organised enough to make meal plans, I just wing it every night!!!
Oooh your such a rebel with no meal plan Squeezyweezy! LOL I am too busy, i like to get in from work and know what i am cooking, helps me know how many calories i have left for the rest of the day too.

Anyway...i have gone over my net 1200 calories AGAIN today, damn yummy warm chocolate fudge cake (and ice-cream!).

Breakfast - Porridge with semi-skimmed milk with raisens - 225

Lunch - Ham salad sandwich made the usual way (see above posts!) - 195
Galaxy Ripple - 174
Square of dark choc - 20

Dinner - Fresh egg penne with tomato based sauce - 467
Chocolate fudge cake and ice-cream - 791 :eek:

Total = 1870

Exercise = 231

Net calories = 1639

Hey ho! A new day tomorrow, and to be fair, the cake was probably THE best cake i have ever tasted...and i have tasted a lot!

I would also like to publicly announce that today i took one for the team and had a square of Green and Blacks 70% dark chocolate. I must have screwed my face right up when i popped it in my mouth because the baby took one look at me then she ran out of the kitchen!

It really was horrid but i kept rolling it around my mouth and towards the end i could actually taste the chocolate taste that i'm familiar with. I will have some more tomorrow, i think i could get used to it. I am defeating the object by continuing to have milk chocolate i guess but as i am addicted to the stuff i'm doing my best little by little.

Also noticed that i have not had any fruit today, that's quite bad. The only veggies i have had are the little bit of salad and the tomatos in the sauce. Really not good!

It's really late now, i will be cursing myself for staying up when my alarm goes off! Going to have a quick catch up with some posts then it's the land of nod for me :flirt2:

Night all xxx

Apparently really dark chocolate is good for you!!!! Personally I can't see the point unless it tastes sweet and creamy. Keep me posted as to how the second square goes :yuk:

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