Diary of a Desperado...


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Hi All,

After piling on weight and fooling around - i will, if i may be so bold charter and blog my weight loss journey.

I feel I need it.

My CDC has left the country and i have a coupla weeks and then i will have to scour for another CDC...

This is the next best thing to a weekly weigh in.

I hang my head in shame. I have gained AT LEAST a stone and a half...

I burst a button in my trousars today...

Oh God.

Any thoughts/comments will be welcomed.

Ivy The Desperado.
Come on Desperado, you can make good use of this site and in no time at all you will be developing good new habits that will see you slimmer and fitter. Go for it!
Hi Ivy, how's it going today hun?? I hope you're feeling ok. Getting back on track can be difficult at times but it is do-able if we really dig our heals in!!!:eek:
I'm with you as of today after a couple of weeks of "holiday" eating and gaining 13lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone here is here to support you, and together I know we can get to where we want to be:)

Have a good day:)

love xxxx
Hiya Ivy

Meself and urself are in the same boat, literally!!! My CDC was Frances also and unfortunately she is gone!!

anyway i have made contact and received packs from a CDC in Wicklow who apparantly comes up to dublin once a week and will meet up here and do whatever else is needed!!! she is on holidays at the moment until the 15th of september so i am wandering lonely as a little cloud but have restarted today all on my lonesome and am just gonna weigh myself for the next couple of weeks and hope for the best!!!

hope you are getting on ok

Gen xx
just dont make the mistake of giving up, like it did.i gained so much weight when i had that relapse that i was stunned the day i had the courage to face my weightscale! i was so ashamed, all my previous effort gone to big waste.
Thank you all so much!

Write more when i have time :)

Hi all

Thanks for the support!

I am hanging in there - dont feel like the desparado i did before :)

Time will tell