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Diary of an indecisive dieter!


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I'm due to start Exante tomorrow and really looking forward to not having to plan meals! I have managed to lose 18 lbs in a month by doing Dukan, then Atkins (see...indecisive :confused:) - but I don't enjoy the food and end up skipping meals, not good!

So decided to do Exante for the following reasons;

- No worrying about what I'm going to eat
- Fast weight loss to keep me motivated
- Its cheap!
- Its going to save me time, as I'll no longer have to do a meal for myself and a different meal for my children.

So I want to lose at least another 3 stone, possibly 4, depending on what I look like after 3. I have a heavy bone structure (according to the Dukan test!) and I know from past weights that at around 11 st I am a slim size 12 (I'm 5"7) However, would secretly like to be a 10, but we'll see! :)

I don't think I'll be too bad with hinger as I've been having 2 Atkins shakes and 2 Atkins bars for the past couple of days in preparation, around 800 cals.

So just got to wait for the pack now! Should be here tomorrow. :D
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Hi Louise, welcome. :)

I'm on Day 3 of Exante and finding it pretty good - hope you do too. You did well to lose the 18lb. Keep up updated!

PS. Can we swap heights? I'd love to be 5"7, lol. :)


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Thanks little one! It does help being taller, I can carry weight well, although am carrying far to much at the moment! :rolleyes:

I've no idea how I got this tall, I come from a family of short women where the tallest is 5'2. Must be a freak gene somewhere!

Wishing you every success! x


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Hi Louise

Good luck and well done on losing the 18lbs already. This is only day 1 for me but also chose this diet for the ease as well as the great results people have on it.



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Thanks ladies :)

Just had an email to say my order will here between 1 and 2. I know I won't last until then so ha an atkins bar, a shake and a vitamin for breakfast. I so hope I like what's in the box!
Hey Louise
Good luck! Great start having already lost 18lbs... when I started exante I'd already put back on all the weight I'd lost on other diets and more!
Be prepared for the packs to taste a bit odd to start with, the shakes aren't very sweet at all (which is great for me as I don't have a sweet tooth) and the rest... well, you'll find out! Once your taste buds have adjusted in a week or so it's all good though! :)


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Well.....just had my order and straight away ripped open the first packet I cam across which was a vege soup. I managed to eat it! I wa worried I would hate it but it was ok. Not delicious, but ok. I've already learnt that the soups are too much as one, not in the filling sense, just that I can't eat a whole bowl of soup without getting bored so will split these from now on into two 'cup a soups', as I also found it too thick.

It feels good to know I'm getting all my RDA's now. I don't think I have been doing so well with that on Dukan and Atkins so feeling happy right now. :)
Well got through my first weekend on Exante. It was HARD. I thought it would be easier as I had already been doing other diets for a month, but I was wrong.

sunday night I was very close to cracking. This was after visiting my bf's parents who had cooked a roast dinner, then off to the pub with his sister and there was wine, crisps etc, then back home where my bf and children had lamb kebabs with pasta salads and coleslaw etc. I had my banana shake for dinner and I felt very close to giving in.

I hope I see a good loss on Friday morning, I hope this will be worth it!

I don't feel half as bad today. Think weekends will be hard as I'm constantly surrounded by food.

Had half a bar for breakfast at 7.30 am and I'm feeling fine so hoping today will be better.
Hey Louise
Well done for getting through the first weekend! Sounds like you had loads of temptation all around so you did great not to crack! I found first weekend hard to as I wasn't used to not having proper meals, but its getting easier now. When I have a craving for food I just think about the add a meal week which is not too far away!
Have a good week and good luck for weigh in!
Hi LED thank you! You were right about the shakes not being very sweet but thats fine by me too, I hated the slimfast ones I tried years ago!

Anything tastes good when you're this hungry though!

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