Diary of Colonic Irrigation - TMI


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I am going for my first session this evening having received some great advice from someone on the board. I am looking forward to it in the same way one looks forward to going to the dentist ..........

Will update later...........or maybe you would all prefer if I didn't :eek:


good luck .....now relax those buttocks please.........
Well I am back.............

Did you ever here the joke. If the bottom is falling out of your world take Andrews liver salts and the world will fall out of your bottom ?

Well............thats pretty much what happened. I am going to have another session in two weeks and then another a month later.
I was unashamedly unembarrased but the practionaner was brilliant a real pro and made me feel at ease. I am quite sluggish. I am only 1 kg lighter than I was before I went but she said by tomorrow morning that could be 2 !


way to go betty boo .......hope you put plastic on the car seat !!
So have you noticed an immediate improvement in how you feel ? Do they show you what comes out or not, I dread to think what mine would be like ....eewww


Ok so Anyone who doesn't want the gory details don't read this.

I went this evening at 5.15. Filled out a form. Young girl brought me in........looked about 12 (i was nervous)
Chatted to me about health, this diet, weight loss and exactly what to expect. You lie on your side
She does a digital inspection which basically means she sticks a lubricated finger up your bum........She then puts a spetchulum with a hose attached up............Now passed ones sphincter - which felt unusual and uncomfortable. Then you shift over so you are lying on your back. You have a towel covering you from the waist down and she is holding the tube in place (very discretely I might add) and chatting about Christmas. :D
Anyway she turns the water on and there is a strong feeling of pressure like you need the loo badly and then woosh you can see all the rubbish flying passed in a clear tube........
She turned the temp of the water up and back down to cold to stimulated my colon because its been sluggish since I started the diet. After a while the water was running clear and she felt there was a blockage of wind or impacted faeces not getting passed the tube so she removed it and I legged (in the nip from the waist down - but at this stage you do not care a bit) into the loo and exploded !!! six flushes (episodes) later (i kid you not) I wash my hands and get back on the table for more of the same. When she finally finished I was sitting on the loo for another 3 sessions and 2 since I came home and thats aside all the stuff she had hoovered out of me.................

I feel very light and clean. I am back for a second session on the 5th of January and will have one more then in February and then see how I get on.

I recommend it . Not embarrassing - she was talking to my Colon telling it - you are not going to get the better of me...........she was very nice and kind and it was all very professional.

I went to Jenny in Sanas: Sanctuary for Mind, Body and Spirit.

I would love to have it done:D sometime:rolleyes:

Is it expensive:confused:

And how long did it take:confused:

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Betty, it's always great to have first hand experience. I wanted one for my birthday last year but bottled it, but who knows, maybe this February I'll go for it! :D
Wow it sounds quite good, to think some of it could of been sat in ur colon for years, maybe we should all think about this,as we are cleansing most of our bodies but forget about the parts we cant reach
Normally it would last 45 mins.......but because of my midway toilet break I was there for 1hr 15 mins. Maybe its because I have had two kids and can leave my dignity at the door of places but to be honest I had quite a nice chat with the girl.......

It was 115 euro for 1 session or 295 for 3. I am having 3. You also pay 50 euro deposit when you book (so many people bottle it..........they have to charge something)

Don't be worried. I just grabbed the bull by the horns........I had to go because last weekend I had terrible terrible constipation.....you know the infamous lipotrim flapjacks well a similiar substance !!!

Now enough about poo !!!!!!!!


That sounds about the same. We are in Euro. The tube went up to just about inside the sphincter.........about 1/4 of an inch.......maybe I am a weirdo but that wasn't the worst bit........the cramping from the water which comes and goes was worse more because you are programme to contract your buttock muscles to stop anything flying out and thats not a good idea with a tube up ur bum. Also the bit they put in is very small........its not like having a garden hose up your bum.......well not quite. Deffo feel better today.