Diary of Colonic Irrigation - TMI


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Ooo I've heard about the hot stones Mini - all good I believe!

I had 'cupping' today and have loads of big red circles all over my back. Supposed to be very detoxifying! We'll see!

Mandana x


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Well I had my colonic and it was much more successful then the first one. No toilet break required and the amount of debris well lets just say I feel light as a feather. My jeans fit better again this morning !!!

Wonderful am booked for another one in 3 weeks time.




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Well I am booked in for my third one of these (its not like they are addictive) I had booked and paid for a course of three...........I do think that everything is working better now as a result.xBettyboo


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That is great....I am considering this for the future...still dont fancy stripping to the waist just yet ....lol