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ProPoints Diary of Dreamings

OK, so I'm not sure where to start with this. Just wrote my introductory post in the newbies section so don't want to repeat myself too much.

A basic catchup: 37pp daily allowance. Been doing Propoints alone (calculator, no meetings/online) for 16 weeks now, 2 stone 5lbs gone, not found myself too hungry, or found it *too* difficult to be honest. Had a couple of wobbles and stumbles (hence the rubbish loss you can see in my sig for the past few weeks), but yes on the whole I'm finding it a positive experience.

I was always a compulsive eater, I wanted as much food as I could, as often as I thought I could get away with (but obviously couldn't get away with it!). It was weird having to stop doing this and think about I was eating, but it wasn't so severe a shock that I gave up instantly.

I know four people who have tried propoints and haven't stuck with it for one reason or another, so I'm quite proud of myself for doing so for so long!

So right now I'll skip to today, you don't want my life story! Today involved going to the cinema to see Harry Potter. This normally involves copious amounts of food, which doesn't fill me up, so I come home and eat more. Haven't been to the cinema since starting propoints, so in a MASSIVE turnaround, I took 5pp worth of Twiglets (two little multipack bags) and a diet coke, and that was me set up! Impressive when the people I went with had nachos and popcorn but there we go.

Not so sure I'll be writing up a detailed food diary (as I don't keep one), so you'll mostly find my "musings" (and complaints no doubt) here.
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So I'm having a pretty good day food-wise so far... (might as well make this a food diary after all!)

40g (Tesco's equivalent of) rice krispies and 100ml skimmed milk - 5pp

2 slices Nimble + 10g spread - 4pp
1/2 can tuna - 2pp
Cucumber - 0pp
"cheese wheels" (snacky crisps from Lidl - 3pp)
WW dessert yoghurt - 1pp

...so that's 15pp gone, with 22 to spare for dinner, and around 20 weeklies to dip into! I'll eat well tonight!

I think the lack of snacking has come from sheer anger though, aimed at the lettings agency who just will not give me my deposit back!! But hopefully the excuses have finished now, and it should be with me by the end of the week, otherwise it's time for some legal action!
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Moment of truth today... 4lb loss! Which brings me to the grand total of 2 stone 9lb off :D

Hope I don't ruin it at the weekend as I'm going to stay with a friend :/
Oh joy, I've had another point taken off me too! "well done, you've lost some weight... now eat less food!"
Currently sitting in Starbucks, have resisted the temptation of such tasty things as a ham & emmental croissant, plain croissant, various muffins, fruit bread, etc. The list goes on. So I'm having plain filter coffee in the hope that it will take away any desire to eat in the next few hours!
I'm starting to realise how much I must have been in denial... when at my heaviest I went into pretty much every clothes shop, determined to get size 18s, telling myself "well they must make small clothes, because I AM an 18! Better pick up the 20. But I AM an 18!" Yet in reality I was most likely a 20/22! So now that I really do fit in 18s and the odd top in 16 (even in size 18 jeans from PRIMARK! :D) it doesn't feel like I've achieved a lot clothes-size wise!
But you HAVE achieved a lot, Dreamings! Like you said, you were in denial before. And to have lost such a huge amount on your own before joining WW is amazing!

Is your friend supportive, will s/he help you to stay on track this weekend? Have a fab time.
just realised we've got pretty much the same amount of weight to lose- fancy a diet buddy?
Thanks :)

It's a bit weird to explain but basically she tried Propoints herself- but I don't think her heart was really in it when she started (also she'd not long had her daughter which is fair enough), so basically said "oh it's not worked for me". So I'm a bit wary of going down and flaunting how it's working for me really. My plan is to enjoy myself on the actual christening day, but be careful the rest of the time by just guessing points, or using the divide calories by 40 thing that tends to work out OK as a rough guess. That way I can just say I've been eating healthily if she comments that I look different (which she might not lol)

Being diet buddies sounds great :D (no racing though yes?)
Sounds like you've got a good plan there, hope you have a great weekend.

Re diet buddies, no racing I promise- slow and steady! Let's just support and cheer each other on. And if you need a moan or are struggling, just pm me x
Are we allowed to PM with less than 50 posts? Anyway yeah sounds good- and likewise of course :)

Had an alright day so far, I didn't have breakfast as I had to get out (for the record I don't make a habit of that), had the following today:

Tesco healthy choices tuna + cucumber sandwich - 7pp
Monster Munch - 3pp
Half a carton of Milky way milkshake thing we found - estimated 2pp
Tea in mcdonalds- probably not even 1pp for the milk as I don't have a lot in tea but I'll count it anyway!

So 13/36 used, leaving me a decent amount for dinner! Think it's pasta + tomato sauce so that should be 11pp... space for pudding this evening methinks!
So I'm "in the lion's den", so to speak. My goddaughter to be is just lovely, obviously she doesn't remember me from my last few visits (she's 10 months old) but she's more than happy to play with me and give me cuddles which is lovely :D

Foodwise it's looking promising, HM shepherds pie last night means I think I was within my dailies as I had a small lunch. So even if I have 3 'decent' meals today, and a bit of a blowout on Sunday (carvery lunch and buffet thing in the evening) I'm hoping to STS, or +1lb at the most!
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Sounds like you have a good plan in place, have a lovely time!
Not bad but not brilliant either, lost the plot a bit this weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to pull it back for a loss tho.
Argh I typed a post out only to find myself disconnected when I hit "post" so now I have to do it again! Let's see...

Well I'm home now, came back a day later than planned as I just didn't want to leave my goddaughter behind, it's the first time I've felt a proper little connection with her as I was able to stay at her house now they've got one, rather than staying at my nan's and just visiting for a bit. Also she's 10 months old and that's a lovely age isn't it? So cute :D

I had a sneaky weigh this morning (although it's not my day) and can report a loss of 1lb! So obviously I didn't eat as much as I thought I did- didn't really snack to be honest so that must have helped I guess. Back on the wagon today though!
Eek, feeling quite peckish at the moment, not sure what to do about it- no fruit in the house, no 1pp yoghurts left- all junk pretty much.

What to do, what to do...
Hellooo :)
Just found this diary - sounds like you are doing awesome!
I hate when i run out of fruit or yogurt - i get panic knowing i have no zero-point nibbles!
I have a 24hour m&s garage near us (blessing and a curse!) So my precious cherries are never to far away if i run out ;)
Hope you find something to nibble!

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