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Diary of my 623rd Diet - This one will work!!


Proper Little Madam

I have spent the last 6 weeks messing around on various different diets...(actually the last 20 years)...but on this occasion during the last 6 weeks I have managed to lose 12lbs.
Lord knows how.

In the last few weeks, I have done the food replacement protein shake thing, I had a bash at a sugar free diet, a miserable attempt at Slim Fast and finally a low fat diet...which lasted a full 22 hours until I was invited to a barbie.
Anyway I have decided to go back to the plan that helped me lose four stone 10 years ago and that's good old fashioned calorie counting.

According to that Nutracheck site thing-a-majig I should be eating 1400 cals per day and exercising for approx 30 mins per day for a 2lb weight loss per week...so that is what I am gonna do...until I get to goal.

By putting it in writing in this diary I am hoping it will give my will power a boost when times get tough...and set my goal in stone.

Tomorrow - Friday 30th May is day one. :)
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Proper Little Madam
This was today's crappy diet - and why I soooo need the structure of something like calorie counting.

B/fast: porridge made with soya milk (my thoughts - so far so good)

Lunch: baked potato, salad and 3 thin slics of ham (my thoughts - still going well)

Snack @ 2pm one bag of crisps (my thoughts - blown the diet today by eating that bag of junk...may as well carry on)

From 3pm onwards: 6 more bags of crisps, ham sandwhich, 20 almonds and a large bag of jellybeans. :eek:
Oh aye and then I had a Renee for the heartburn.

Oh well tomorrow's a new start and a new day. :)


Proper Little Madam
Day one has gone well...

My food & cals for today are:

cornflakes & soya milk - 122 kcals
soya milk for endless tea - 78 kcals

two slices of toast - 206 kcals
1/2 can of baked beans - 170 kcals
1 dry fried egg - 107 kcals
2 t/spoons of marg - 72 kcals

chicken breast - 192 kcals
med baked potato - 244 kcals
carrots & cabbage - 25 kcals
table sp. of gravy - 76 kcals

2 med size apples - 95 kcals
4 ryvita crackers - 180 kcals

total: 1364 kcals :) that gives me 36 cals left over woohoo.

Exercise wise...apart from housework I haven't done that much. However I shall be taking the mutts out for an hours walk this evening.

Feeling quite cheery today...I just noticed Big Brother starts next week...yeha :D how sad am I?


Proper Little Madam
Thanks Westie. X

Just a quick update - my p.c is off into the repair shop tomorrow...so I won't be able to update for about two weeks as I go on holiday on Saturday but all is going well so far and I haven't gone over me 1400 cal target yet...can't promise the same when I go on my hols. :D

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