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Did any of you girls get pregnant whilst dieting?


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As you can see from my tickers, I am undergoing fertility treatment to have another child (been trying for 2 and a half years, but took 2 years to concieve my daughter Abbie)

I would really love to hear of some inspirational storys of those who got pregnant, while or during weight loss, to give me some hope! x
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Hi and good luck with the fertility treatment. Are you allowed to diet whilst on it? Sorry just curious, hope you don't mind my asking.

I'm a former cambridge dieter.. fell pregnant during my sole source weight loss! Am convinced it is because of Cambridge that I am pregnant as we had naturally been trying for 8 years, and although we had one miscarriage in that time this is my 2nd pregnancy in that time (3rd in total - I have one birth daughter and an adoptive daughter).

Really hope that one way or another you get your wish ((hugs))


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Yes.. I've always fallen pg very quickly (although only managed to "hang on" to one of the pgs before this one so not always easy but that's another story!) so when we were still trying after 10 months with this one it was a whole new ballgame. I then had a break as we are going abroad next feb and I didn't want to be too pg to fly and decided to use the time to do cambridge, I lost 4 stone in 4 months, I did want to lose 5 but had to stop because I then fell pg the first month we started trying again! My LP was only 3 days when we first started trying - mainly because I was (and still am) breastfeeding our daughter but even by the end of month 10 we were still only having LPs of 8 or 9 days - as you'll know yourself that's not enough to be able to get pg on! By the end of the 2nd month on cd my LP was 12 days, the 3rd month it was 14 days and, well, the 4th month I had my bfp so it must have been long enough! I really do believe it was my weight stopping me from getting pg and as soon as I'd mainly sorted that out (my bmi was 28 exactly on the day I had my bfp) everything else fell in to place. We were in the pipeline for first stage fertility testing given we were nearly up to 12 months but losing weight meant we didn't need that, fingers crossed you might even catch too without the emotional rollercoaster that ivf brings, I've seen many friends go through it and it's something I admire you for doing!

How much do you want to lose? Good luck!


Happiness in a shake!
S: 17st4lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st6lb Loss: 1st9lb(9.5%)
Thanks girls, I have to get down to BMI of 30 before they will do any treatment anyway, I have my first consultant appointment on the 15th and hoping to be in the 15 stone area by then, so I don't get more lectures about being overweight!
Hoping it just takes a few more stone before I fall pregnant, as it is really starting to get to me now!
Well, done on both your pregnancies, wishing you both and happy and healthy rest of pregnancy x


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Mines a bit different, I had a gastric bypass 8 months before falling pregnant. We had tried a while before the surgery for over a year and got nowhere, but this time fell on my 3rd cycle after trying. My BMI was aout 25.5 when I fell, and I do think that made a huge difference.
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Similar story to the rest of these ladies. Was 17 stone this time last year, started cambridge and had lost 4.5 stone by Christmas. Had a break over Christmas and January...put on half a stone. Started cd half heartedly and started trying for a baby in Feb. Somewhere between my Feb and March period I fell pregnant. Had been feeling a little unwell for a few days (but preg test said negative), billous in the morning and evenings, was diagnosed with gall stones, then a week later found out I was pregnant! not had any feelings of sickness since so I think the gall stones was actually just a bit of morning sickness.

I don't know if I was fertile before at 17 stone, but I didn't want to risk it. Have never tried to have kids b4 so am chuffed that we managed to conceive just with a couple of weeks trying =)

I am sure being lighter helped. My mum was very over weight all her life andhad multiple miscarriages, 3 b4 my sister and 4 between my sister and I. I came out at 32 weeks. I didn't want to go through any of that. So started trying at 13 stone and a size 14. Good luck to you, just keep in mind that you could fall pregnant whilst dieting, look for the signs and keep up with the folic acid


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I was 17 and a bit stone when i started LT :(

Got down to just over 14 stone, size 14 as im 5ft 10, and got pregnant in May, i had just come off LT, but my weight was still substantially less, and my BMI was only just into overweight...

I wasnt planning on getting pregnant, but we werent using any contraception for a long time without anything happening (probbably due to my weight) and didnt get pregnant, and it wasnt until LT that i got caught!

Good luck with your diet, and your treatment, everything crossed for you!



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Well, I started LT in February this year weighing in at 16 Stone 10lbs and I was on it right through til May because I fell ill and was advised to come off until I was better. So I went through a period over a few months of trying to get back onto LT without much success cos it was one thing after the other. I finally got back onto LT on 24th August and then found out on Monday gone that I'm pregnant. Probably the best reason ever for me to come off the diet. But I'm trying my best to eat as healthily as I can. I'm weighing in at 13Stone 6lbs now. Was 13Stone 1lb, but I've gained 5lbs since Monday lol!
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I started the cambridge diet last year. I was on Sole Source + for 3 weeks when i fell pregnant. In that time i went from 18 stone 7lbs to 17 stone. then whilst i was pregnant i lost a further stone by healthy eating.

since having my son i;ve put that stone back on but not the orginal stone and a half that i lost.

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