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Did I get the right yoghurts?


Over half way to target
I sent my mum to Aldi to get some yoghurts that I spotted in my food directory that I fancied - she's come back with Optifit bio low fat, different fruit flavours (including a really bizarre but absolutely delicious museli flavour one) and they've got these grainy bits in. They're in massive pots - probably a bit bigger than Mullers.
Please someone tell me these are the free yoghurts (as I've just eaten one and it was really good!)
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Yes they are free, they have wholegrains in don't they? The museli one is my favourite too, i love it mixed into porridge. xxx


Over half way to target
***dances round the room squealing***
These are so good and a change from Muller/Shape and the grainy stuff is really filling. The muesli was loooooovely - go and get them everyone (unless you live in Burnley - leave them all in the shop for me!)
I was in Aldi this morning buying my yogurts. I like the strawberry ones and the museli ones. As I was loading one tray full of strawberry ones, another woman was fishing out all the museli ones and filled her tray LOL.

Yep they're free... and goooood mmmm. I eat at least one a day. Somehow there always seems to be loads of orange ones left in Aldi's fridge. Anyone tried them?
Aren't they magic?!
I've always eaten these, but now I eat at LEAST two trays (24+) a week! lol
I have to leave the orange ones cos I'm allergic...but I don't live near you, iNaTiZ, honest! lol


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I was in Aldi this morning stocking up on their cheap veggies so I thought I'd get some of the strawberry ones.

They were 45p each which I was quite surprised about - not much cheaper to the Mullerlights really.

But I have to say .. and I may get lynched here as everyone else seems to love them - but I can't abide them! The yoghurt itself is nice but I hate the grainy bits so they'll be going straight in the bin. Thank goodness I didn't get very many. I think I'll be sticking to Mullers and Shape for the time being.
They were on offer at 19p recently....then they whacked the price up to 45p (I think they were only 35/9p before the 'offer').

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