Hiya guys, i understand they advise us off of diet drinks as of course fizzy drinks aren't exactly good for a dieter to have around them, but after completing 5 months of lipotrim last year, i only have a week or two on lipotrim to complete this time to reach my goal..

do they advise us off of diet drinks because it will effect weight loss?
or because it will tempt us?
does anybody know?
are there any diet drinks that wont effect weight loss if we don't let them tempt us?

I really am too miserable to just drink water, and I've done a lot of fasting on juices etc and diet drinks have never effected weight loss before x
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On other TFR diets you can have some fizzy drinks...

Personally I'm a pepsi max addict but I know it contains citric acid which takes you out of ketosis.

There is a list on the Exante forum of what you can drink on that diet and maintain ketosis, the same should apply to LT.
Basically check the ingredients - malic acid is ok, citric acid isn't... There's more info on the exante forum.

I've been drinking ASDA coke zero ever since I started LT this year (no aspartame and no citric acid) - I drink 1-2 pints a day. I know I should quit but this diet makes me miserable enough.

I will quit coke and fizzy drinks eventually (been trying for several years).

Hope this helps. :)
thank god it's not just me!
i've been drinking diet pepsi today which is probably not good,
will not being in ketosis affect weight loss that much?!
i mean i'm practically starving anyways!!! x


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If you're not in ketosis you'll feel hungry and you body may burn muscle instead of fat.

If you just feel you can't face not having coke (BAD BAD BAD) then go for coke zero, ASDA coke zero etc...

I can't recall the rest - did you find the thread on the exante forum?


You are still going to be in calorie deficit with 500 calories lipotrim and some coke, so i think you will still lose weight, just not as much. :)


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C: 11st7lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 26.8
Racoon - it's got nothing to do with calories!

Drinking normal coke or even most diet coke on LT will knock you out of ketosis which is not what you want!


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Life is hard enough on LT, but not being in ketosis is a killer. If you keep dipping in and out of ketosis, you would have to be super determined to keep going and you'd be starving.
thanks peeps!
I'm pretty good at starving funnily enough i'm just tired of brushing my teeth five times a day to get some type of flavour in my mouth haha!
I'm only doing this round of LT for two weeks so i'm not being as strict as i used to, i've picked up dr pepper zero, which has no citric acid so i think it'll be okay,
i'm not really hungry anymore so i think i'm still in ketosis.
either way my breath stinks so should be! x