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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by moanz, 9 February 2009 Social URL.

  1. moanz

    moanz Full Member

    Hi Folks, sorry to introduce myself at a low point on my CD journey, especially when you're all being so good!!

    I'm Simone, on week 17 ish & really struggling atm. I had flu a couple of weeks back & had zero energy for a week after, being a working mum i was struggling to do anything, so, after a chat with my cdc i decided to have a week with a few extras, which turned into a crazy-binge.

    This was mostly due to being really stressed, tired & all the things that made me fat in the 1st place. i put on a lb which was acceptable considering, & am desperately trying to get back the focus i had 3 weeks ago! I feel really low, & out of control with myself, a failure for giving up & its horrible.

    I had a break at Xmas & got straight back into the plan New year, no messing about, so stupidly thought i could do it again. I was great Sat/Sun just gone; then today i blew it again.

    I'm planning to re-start tomorrow, but feel a bit taken back by myself. I really thought living on a strict diet would curb my compulsive eating, i have a long way to go with that & its disappointing??:confused:

    Anyway, i would love to hear from anyone, back on the wagon who relates to this!!

    Simone xx
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  3. _Razorbladelove_

    _Razorbladelove_ Powdered Toast Man

    Cambridge Diet
    Would you like a big burley Marcus hug?? :)
  4. Lisa Bigger Bum

    Lisa Bigger Bum Full Member

    It's really hard sometimes to get back in there when so much has gotten in the way. I so understand how you feel, I was doing so incredibly well last year and then became quite ill. I ended up in hospital for a week. (nothing to do with the diet)

    After christmas I had a abscess under my tooth and needed tablets, little bugger coming out on Monday yay.

    I have been trying to get back on it for the last 3 weeks and have stop started, so know exactly how you feel. Just think of the reasons why you started this diet and how you will feel when you beat the voices in ya head telling you to eat incorrectly and show that fat whos boss, this is what i'm trying now.

    If you would like a buddy for a couple of weeks or so to get you right back on track, then just let me know, I will happily message you every day to help keep us both in check.

    Good luck, not that you need it, you can do this, dont be dissapointed you have done so brilliantly so far.

    Lisa x :girlpower:
  5. moanz

    moanz Full Member

    Aww hugs Lisa & Razor, Thank-you...

    Lisa that would be great, you're obviously in the same place as me atm. I'm definitely sticking to the plan today, so.. you joining me, one day at a time?

    My coffee consumption, that's a battle for another day lol

    Simone x
  6. Lisa Bigger Bum

    Lisa Bigger Bum Full Member

    Absolutely, I am not even worrying about the extra weight I have put on in the last couple of months. One day at a time is a great attitude and before we know it we will be breezing it, just be proud of todays success. So how you doing so far?

    :coffee: Mmmmm coffeee :drool: Oooops sorry lost it there for a minute. lol

    I had a shake at about 11ish and am feeling really hungry now, gonna hoover the downstairs then have a bar. Just trying to eek it out a bit longer.

    Its tough being at the beginning again but we can nail this. I am trying to have a glass of water on the hour to help with the pangs and up the water intake.

    Good luck today, check you later this evening (my hard time :eek:).

    Lisa x
  7. Bonzo

    Bonzo Full Member

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    Moanz.... you've already done so well so you know you can do it. Not too sure how much more you have to lose but you just need to take it one day at a time. Just get through today and you know you'll be able to get through tomorrow. We're all rooting for you xx
  8. Lollipopliz

    Lollipopliz Member

    Hi Sorry your feeling crap, just rememebr your reasons for losing weight and how well you have done so far, your goal is in sight, hang on in there, Liz X
  9. Lisa Bigger Bum

    Lisa Bigger Bum Full Member

    Hey how you doing? I had a weenie weenie blip tonight, however not as bad as it could have been.

    I am giving myself an 8 out of 10 for today, not bad. Will aim for 8, 9 or even a 10 tomorrow. I will not be back on site until either tomorrow evening or Thursday afternoon, dad taken ill and shooting off to visit (reason for blip).

    Just keep up the good work, and I will check to see how you are doing as soon as possible.

    Regards Lisa x
  10. Katycakes

    Katycakes Stubborn tortoise

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    Moanz, you're deffy not alone in this. I had a major wobble over Xmas when i came off SS for two weeks, and have just gone up to 810 for Feb as I have two weeks when I'm working away from home and won't be able to do SS. My first week working away went well and I felt really positive... then came home and the lure of a well-stocked fridge & cupboards just felt like a real torment! Not quite bingeing but struggling daily with the temptation to.
    For me, CD has been a breathing space to try and work on my emotional eating and find some ways to pull the plugs on all of that. No solutions yet, but every day like today is a challenge and I feel that even being aware of the struggle is a step forward. We can do this, all of us... especially if we stick together and support each other.
    Moanz, you have come so far... and done so well. Don't let a couple of slips get to you. See it as a learning process - after all, we all have to re-introduce food some time & it's kind of obvious that's gonna be hard. After all, that's where our problems started in the first place! Hang on in there - and remember we're all here for you.
    Lisa, hope your Dad is OK... thinking of you.
  11. Berryred

    Berryred Gold Member

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    hiya, I came off cambridge on Monday (now tuesday lol) but I have phoned my cdc to get back onto it! re-start 16th Feb (cna't get to her before then!) I thought I could do it, but stuff everything and everyone else we are doing this for us and our own reasons

    with you hun xx
  12. moanz

    moanz Full Member

    God i'm so sorry, only just back to read this, thanks so much for your replies.
    Lisa, sorry about your dad, hope he's ok?? i've msg'd you..

    Emma best of luck hun, i'm sure you'll get into it again, roll on the 16th!

    Lolli & bonzo, thanks for the lovely encouragement! Its a great feeling having lost some of the weight, & i'm happy i have, but am definately standing in front a brick wall atm. I've got to keep on going lb at a time.

    Katy, thank-you, i think you understand exactly. Well done for getting started again too. It is the emotional side to this that will take time to sort out. I've realised a few shocking truths to why i put on weight in the first place, i'm hating the attention that losing weight brings which is wierd. I think i've been deliberately slowing myself down.

    So 1 day at a time then, Simone xx
  13. edibeedee

    edibeedee Optifast Girl!

    I understand where you are coming from. It is not that I hate the attention I am getting from everybody but I find it uncomfortable. I think I am dealing a bit with feeling anxious about how will it be as I continue to lose. I am going to have to get a grip on this soon. Hang in there, it does work.
  14. quizzicalgrrl

    quizzicalgrrl Posting Mad!

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    Cambridge 810
    hang in there girl!
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