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Diet on Hold......Watch this space......

Ok here goes. This is my very first online weight-loss diary. I have tried a real diary once before, but gave up on it. But as this is a fresh new start for myself and I am more determined than ever to make this work, I would like to give this a go. I hope to write in this every day if I can, if not as often as I can and share my feelings, goals, achievements, failures and everything else with you and for myself. And by looking back I hope to keep going forward. ;)

I am not on a particular preplanned diet as such, but I am trying something similar to the Special K diet on the TV, which is two bowls for two meals a day and a proper dinner too. I have changed it slightly in that I am eating different cereals instead. I have cut out crisps, chocolate, bread, biscuits and sweets too.

So I have cereal for Breakfast and Lunch then a healthy dinner, no snacking in between except fruit if I am really hungry.

I am also exercising using my stepper, twice a day too, but I hope to go in more detail when I start my first proper day tomorrow, this is kind of an introduction post to my diary to get me started. :)

I started my life-style change on Monday 30th of June 2008. My first mini goal is 8lbs in 4 weeks. I have already lost 3lbs so far. :D

I hope I am doing this right and I am "Looking Forward to the Future"

Gemma -Time Lady
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Not so good today.

Its Monday 7th July 2008. Day one of my online diary.

Today has been ok, but not great. I really wanted to do some exercise today, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I know thats really naughty, but I have just felt low on energy and quite tired today and just didn't want to exercise.

I did take the dog out for 20 mins about lunch time though, so it was something.

I did stick to my diet. I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and lunch, an apple, a few carrot sticks and then for dinner, I had a lovely salad with salmon and chicken.

For a treat this evening a Cadbury Creme Egg. :)

I feel that I have let myself down a bit today, but I really want to make up for it tomorrow and restart my exercise routine, before I put it off for too long.

I also weighed myself today and still weigh 220lbs so no weight loss in half a week, but thats better than putting it back on again right?

Anyway, just sharing my thoughts of the day, will be back tomorrow.

Took photos today, arggghhh,

sounds like a good day hun, and yummy creme eggs too! Keep it up and you will do great
:) Thank-you for the comment. I hope everything is going well for you.

Ok right to business. Its Tuesday 8th July 2008. This is part one of my diary today. :)

This morning I woke up with an excruciating cramp in my left leg, boy was that ever a horrible way to wake up. It has left my leg feeling sore and dead since, so that didn't put me in too great a mood :(. I'm also not feeling right today, got a bit of a fuzzy head, I hope its not the warning signs of a migraine.

I had my bowl of cereal this morning, Shredded Wheat Fruitful. And I also forced myself to get on my stepper at about 12.10pm after promising myself yesterday that I would do it.

So for my first round of exercise today, I completed 1500 steps in 21mins and 34 secs. I also did a few minutes with the resistance tubes to give my arms a gentle workout while stepping. It was hard working getting going, but I did it and slowly felt better as I continued and was pleased I managed 20 minutes. :)

The day so far isn't a complete disaster.

Now the other business of the day. I have taken some photos of myself today. If you don't mind I would like to share them with you and hopefully they won't gross you out and make you run away. These will be my before photos, so that I can document the change to my body and I wish to share this change with you. It has taken me a lot of umming and ahhring to pluck up the courage to do this, because I am not the greatest fan of my body and I hate having photos taken of myself. But by showing these to you, I hope this will help me keep the determination to carry on with the changes I am going to make and remind myself in the future, why I wanted to change. And I want to enjoy my mum, family and friends taking photos of me without feeling so horrible and feel better about myself. I hope you understand.

Photo One - Front - 220lbs

Photo Two - Side - 220lbs

Photo Three - Back - 220lbs

My photos have been removed for the moment.
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Feeling a bit better now.

Tuesday 8th July 2008. This is part two of my diary.

I have to say that I am feeling a bit better than I did this morning, which is a good thing. I stuck with it today, even though I felt rough, and feel better for it now. :)

For lunch instead of a bowl of cereal I had an apple, a banana and half a glass of milk. I did this because I knew I would have a fairly big dinner.

At around 3.30pm I did a second round of exercise on my stepper. I really went for it and managed 1800 steps in 22mins and 48 seconds. I felt like I was going to die afterwards, but once I had cooled down and recovered, I felt pretty good because I managed to do my full amount of exercise for the day.

For dinner I had Chicken, vegetables, boiled potatoes (which was murder because everyone else had roast potatoes) and a few roast parsnips as a special treat, because I haven't had them for a while and nothing else will be passing through these lips today except for toothpaste and water lol. :) I really enjoyed dinner, made a change from salad which I have had for the past 2 weeks.

After dinner I took the dog out to fling his tennis ball for 20mins. Then a little while later a brisk walk down to the shops for my mum.

So all in all I think I have had a pretty good day considering how it started. I am also feeling a bit more positive about my diet again, just faltered a bit the last couple of days.

I hope to keep it up again tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


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Well done, you are doing fantastic. You sound very motivated and determined, the 2 ingredients required to reach goal. So good on you and good luck, you CAN change if you really want to. I will pop in to see how you are doing and see those lbs falling off you!

Diane xx


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Hi Time Lady,

Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey, you are doing well and sound so very positive and determined!

Love Mini xxx
Feeling positive.

Oh wow, bless you, you lovely people. What a nice surprise to log on this afternoon and find such supportive, kind messages. :) I'm glad my photos haven't scared anyone away. ;) You have all made me smile, thank-you.

Its Wednesday 9th July 2008 - Part one of my diary for today. Really crappy weather outside, miserable rain, its supposed to be summer. :( But stay positive try not to let it bring you down.

Well I woke up without cramp this morning which already makes today better than yesterday. :D I am still feeling a bit shaky though and my heart is a little fast this morning, I think it might be the fact that I ran out of migraine prevention pills that I have been taking for about a year now (so it might be slight withdrawal, because you are not supposed to just stop taking them without medical advice), I need to see the doctor for a review of my prescription and have now got an appointment next Tuesday to see her. While I am seeing her about that I want to let her know that I am starting a weight-loss diet/exercise thingy again, just to touch base with her and see if there is any advice she can give me.

When I started my weight-loss journey, I promised I wouldn't weigh myself all the time, only on Monday morning when I woke up. But sometimes I can't resist, I just have to know that I am going in the right direction. So this morning I weighed myself and I am 1lb lighter than what I was on Monday. That now makes my weight at 219lbs yay. I won't officially put it in my Ticker yet though, ;) not until my proper weigh-day on Monday.

I had my cereal for breakfast this morning, Shredded Wheat Fruitful, lol, my dad bless him bought 12 boxes of the stuff while it was on offer because he knew I was starting a diet, so I won't run out for weeks. :D

I then got on my stepper nice and early at about 9.30am. I managed 1500 steps in 21mins and 39 seconds. Got a nice sweat going on and really felt my heart pumping which was great, means I'm ding it properly. I haven't taken the dog out yet because of the rain, hopefully if it eases I will be able to later, or I will just have to suck it up and do it anyway.

I had a banana between breakfast and Lunch, I tried to drink a fruit tea, but I didn't like the taste of it today, so poured it down the sink. For lunch I had a bowl of Coco-Pops Mega Munchers. I have a few packets of the Kellogs variety packs, Which I have one of the little boxes (good way of sticking to a measured amount of cereal) when I am bored with the other cereal from the big boxes that my dad bought 12 of lol. :D

Oh and I have done some vacuuming and a bit of housework today as well.

Which brings me to now, typing this post and reading others on the forum.

Thanks for reading, I will be back this evening with part two.

its hard to stay positive when the weather is so horrid, but remember yor not alone! Your dad sounds like a real sweetheart! I have just managed to con my bf into takin the dog for her evening walk:) down side is i have to cook him dinner (and resist nibbling!):(.
I am a serial weighter too, its hard not to be, just be careful because sometime the scales move in the wrong direction for no reason- but dont let it get to you, it will go back again. Well done for another 1lb down and hope the rest of the day goes well for you
Whats Wrong with my Stepper?

Thanks WhiteSheep, my dad's heart is in the right place but he can go a bit of the top, lol. Well done on getting your boyfriend to take the dog out. I am sure you will do fine and resist the urge to nibble and if you do, don't be too hard on yourself. ;) Thanks for the advice about the scales, I shall certainly remember what you said to me when it happens. :)

Wednesday 9th July 2008 - Part two of my diary for today. The weather is still pretty naff and I wasn't going to take the little doggy out in that to get absolutely disgusting in mud and rain, so he missed out this evening. But one day won't hurt him, although you would have thought it was the end of the world looking at him. :D

I got on my stepper again for my second exercise session for the day at about 3.50pm. But something is wrong with it. The digital counter is on the blink and is not counting my steps properly so in 20mins it said I only managed 800 odd steps which is completely wrong. :( So not sure what I managed to do. Its also feeling a bit wobbly and looser than it has before. This is a bit upsetting because I did have a stepper before this one a number years ago and it broke after a few weeks, the resistance band snapped and it was useless. It completely put me off exercising for a long time because I thought I broke it because I was so fat it couldn't handle me, but thats what they are supposed to be built for, so people can get fit and lose weight. So a friend bought me this one for a Christmas present a few years back and I just started using it again 2 weeks up to now. I hope I haven't ruined this one as well, because I can smell the rubber band burning now, when it didn't before. This is so disheartening when you are trying to do something about your weight and get fit and the equipment can't handle it. Whats the point, its like only people who are already thin are allowed to stay fit sometimes. :cry:

Apart from the stepper, today has been ok. I had some of the left-over veggies from yesterday's meal with pasta. I was so hungry after the exercise and before dinner. I didn't really enjoy dinner because my heart was racing and I felt so shaky not sure why really. I am feeling better now though, just tired because its the end of the day.

Well thats the end of my ramble for the day. Once again thanks for reading if you did. :)

Take care and have a brilliant evening.
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Hi Time Lady
Well done for keeping up the motivation and sticking to your plan. Do you exercise 1st or have dinner 1st?
I would advise eating carbs (pasta etc) before you exercise as your body will need the energy, but always give yourself an hour after eating before exercise. Also make sure you are hydrated enough before exercising otherwise you will feel really sick and lethargic.
If you are doing these things and still not feeling to great, ease of the exercise a bit untill you speak to you doctor about the migraine tablets that you have run out of incase that might be effecting you. Also try to vary the exercise that you do do so you dont get bored, which can happen pretty easily lol. You sound like you are doing a great job though and you will be a slim babe before you know it! You have a pretty face and you are going to be stunning! Love the tattoo too!!! Dont worry about the stepper breaking down, its obviously just poorly made, i would insist on a refund!! And as for the dog.....youve got no excuse Mrs!! Wrap up nice and warm and get him out! You will feel better for it and wont need to feel guilty LOL. That way you will be getting fresh air and exercise too! Am pretty lucky though, when its raining my dog refuses point blank to go out! Shes a little wimp LOL
Good luck for tomorrow and keep up the good work, im proud of how well you are doing!

Diane xx
I am feeling really really good this morning, so happy and upbeat, not sure what has gotten into me lol. Just want to share my positive energy with you all, so that maybe you can have some too.

Hi Jellybabie, What a lovely long post to read and sink my teeth into. :D Where to start with my reply, at the beginning seems like a good idea, hehehe.

I usually do my first session of exercise about an hour after breakfast. My second round is normally done between Lunch 1pm and dinner 5pm so somewhere around 3.30pm-4.30pm. I like to do it this way because I just won't feel like it after dinner, I have tried it before on my other failed attempts at changing and found it didn't work. :( I am drinking loads of water, plus the milk I have with my cereal, I keep peeing all the time, which is the only drawback but I can live with that, lol. As for my shaky episode yesterday I am feeling much better thank-you. :) I have found that my stepper is my favourite exercise, I also have a space issue because my room is so small, living in a house with 6 other people and a dog also leaves very limited space elsewhere in the house. So my stepper is perfect to do exercise out of everyone's way. I also have a finance issue with not being at work to take care of my mum, so I can't go to a gym yet.

Aww I really hope to be a slim babe, :) thanks for the kind compliment. :eek: I got that tattoo when I was 18 years old. Its of a flower mum taught me how to draw and a bee. Its my only one though. ;)

I think I figured out what was wrong with the stepper counter, I think the batteries were struggling a bit, so I changed them and it worked ok this morning (how blonde a moment was that?) lol Unfortunately I can't get a refund because its over 3 years old and I have no idea where it was bought. :sigh:

Your dog sounds really funny, as long as Mac has a tennis ball or his Frisbee, he doesn't care. lol :chores016: I did take him out today because the weather was good this morning. I will take him out later too. ;)

Once again thanks for taking the time to chat to me, I really appreciate it. I hope you have a wonderful day too. :)
Its Thursday 10th July 2008, part one of my diary for today.

I thought I would start my diary in a separate post from the one above. As I mentioned above I am really feeling so good today. :bliss: <------ This is me today, have been really busy.

I had my cereal for breakfast this morning. Then I took Mac out for about 25mins to mess around with the ball and play tug with his rubber ring. That got me nice and warm, and loosened up for about 20mins on my stepper to do 1500 steps.

I thought I would try a slightly new approach because I have been just jumping on my stepper with no warm-up before hand, so it takes about 10mins to start getting sweaty and by the time I come off, I have hardly been in the "Fat-burning" zone as I have heard it being called. So I took Mac out and really had a good play to warm up then went on my stepper while I was still warm and sweaty so hopefully that will improve my workout. For a cool down I went straight downstairs and vacuumed everywhere. I didn't stop there I cleaned the entire bottom floor of the house, the toilet, kitchen, dining room and living room. Did a load of washing cleared away all the clutter and cleaned the bathroom upstairs too. I don't know where I got all this energy from today but its great.And then I had a lovely soak in the bath to help my muscles. I still feel happy if a bit worn out, so will be taking it easy for a couple hours until I start again. Sometimes I can't stand doing the housework, it seems like I am the only one who cares when the house is an absolute mess and it can take me hours to clean it up. My brothers are so lazy, 22 years old, you would think they would act like adults by now. But anyway, I have taken on most of the household chores because my mum is unable to cope with it at the moment, also one of the reasons I am not currently working is to help support her. Anyway to get to the point, I decided to look at doing the housework today, not as a chore but as another brilliant way to keep active and get a little more exercise, and thats the way I am going to approach it from now on, I won't be letting it get me down anymore, no matter how big of a slob my family get. :D

For lunch I had two slices of toast with Marmite, no butter, because I just didn't feel like cereal :eek:. I tell you what I really enjoyed it, every little nibble was lovely. I haven't had bread for 2 weeks so this was a treat and not that many calories either. :rolleyes:

Well thats it for now, will be back later for part two as always.

Take care, have a beautiful day.I wish I could hug you all and share my positive energy :grouphugg:

Thursday 10th July 2008, part two of my diary for today.

Hmmm where did I get to, oh yes, I was having a little rest. I decided because I had done a lot today that I would skip my second session of exercise this afternoon. I did go down the shops with my mum and Mac that got me out for about 45mins. I also thought it would be a good idea to let my body rest before Mum, Mac and I's big walk day.

Friday is the day that we go on our major long walk for the week, usually sets us up for the weekend. We normally hope to walk anyway between 10-12 miles, and we love it, takes us all day, with a small picnic lunch too. I love going on these long walks, they are so uplifting and you feel so free. We are planning to walk along as much of The Clarendon Way as possible tomorrow, starting in Salisbury towards Winchester which is 26 miles, but we will never make it that far, lol somewhere in between will be great. We have done most of this walk in bits before and its one of our favourites. Can't wait :bliss:

We hope to get up at 6am, be out of the door by 7am and in Salisbury to start walking by 8am and then we walk as far as we can and dad picks us up the other end. :D

Anyway back to today, for dinner, I didn't want salad so I had two slices of toast, no butter, tin of plum tomatoes (practically no calories), 2 eggs scrambled with a drop of olive oil and half a Mathesson's sausage. I really enjoyed it, made a nice change from salad and wasn't totally unhealthy.

Apart from what I have shared above, not much else has happened today. I am still happy, plan on watching Grey's Anatomy tonight and then get some sleep before tomorrow.

Once again take care, and have an absolutely incredible day tomorrow, keep up all your hard work I know you can do it. :party0019:

Will be back on tomorrow evening if I am not too tired lol.



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Wow, timelady, throw some of that positivity my way!!! lol. Just a quick note to say hi, and that I have skimmed through your posts while eating my brekky!! I think its great to support each other, and by the way, your photos are so brave, and you are very pretty, so dont you be worrying what anyone else thinks. Lord, if you saw me..... well I wouldnt be brave enough to show my belly, which has been ravaged by 2 pregnancies, and no muscle tone!!! Maybe I will get some taken, (covering belly!!!). Anyway, better go and do some work.
Talk later, have a good day.
Boy am I bushed.

Hi clarri, thanks for paying my diary a visit. It is lovely to feel such support here, and of course I am here anytime you need my support too. :hug99: Feel free to absorb any of my positive feelings if you need too, I have plenty to share, I feel like a light bulb has been switched on in my head and I am feeling so happy and really want to make some amazing changes in my life. Life is too short to be miserable ;) Thank-you for the kind words about my photos, I would never have been able to do that a few weeks ago, but I want them as a reminder of why I want to change and I want to enjoy the experience as I can see my body change too. :D I had a wonderful day today, will write all about it in my diary entry, I hope you had a great and will pop over to your diary, if I don't fall asleep tonight, or tomorrow when I am feeling more rested. :)

Have a wonderfully happy evening and be proud of yourself no matter what. ;)
What a wonderful day today...

Today is Friday 11th July 2008, this is my only entry for the diary today, as I have been so busy. :D

Today Mum, Mac and I went for our big walked as planned, I mentioned it in yesterdays diary and I am so proud of what we managed to achieve today. We started our walk at 8am as we planned. We only had three showers the whole day which was brilliant, because if we had listened to the weather man we wouldn't have bothered. We walked a huge 13 miles today. We completed half of the Clarendon Way walk, starting in Salisbury and we got as far as Houghton. :party0011: We are so happy because this is the furthest we have ever walked, plus there also a number of very large hills along the way to climb up and we got so far. Its such an amazing feeling to achieve that. My feet ache like mad and I will probably have the fidgets in my legs when I go to bed, but you know what I don't care because today has been lovely and it has all been worth it. We had such fun, talking and messing about and enjoying the fresh air and playing with Mac too. :D I even flew my £1.50 pocket kite on top of our favourite down and managed to fly it higher than I ever have before because it was lovely and windy. We finished walking about 6pm so when were out for about 10 hours. :) What a great way to exercise, certainly feel like I worked today.

Ok so for breakfast I had my usual cereal. I had an apple at around 10am because I was peckish. Then for lunch I made us an individual tub (recycled plastic takeaway containers, brilliant.) of pasta salad each which was lovely. We had a banana each too and shared an apple. Then about 5pm I was peckish again and so had a packet of crisps which I don't mind my first in three weeks, then about 45 minutes later when we reached the end of our walk gave us a caramel wafer as a treat. For tea I had a bowl of chicken soup with a few chunks of ham cut into it and two slices of toast without butter and thats it really. Not been too naughty today and really earned what I did eat.

Today has been absolutely fantastic for me, Mum and Mac. I hope yours has been a great one too. :D I'm off to bed now because not sure how much longer these eyes will stay open.

Take Care.


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Wow Time Lady
You really have started off wonderfully! What an amazing job your doing and its fab that you are so positive. That is some walk you managed!!! The lbs must be just melting off you! A BIG well done to you! Long may your positivity last! Just keep in your mind that image of the gorgeous slim babe you are going to be in a few months time!!! Just think how fab you will look at christmas! Keep up the good work sweetheart, i will keep checking in on you!

Diane xx

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