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Diet time again!

Hi all,

I am on my weightloss journey once more, the summer is terrible for me, I spend my life at the pub and as a result put on all the weight i lose over winter.

Now the clocks have changed i have a realistic chance of losing what i put on once more.

I started last week, weighing in at 11.10 :eek: today i'm 11.6 so i am making progress.

This diary is just going to be a little bit of extra motivation for me.

Target weight is 10.7 - less if i can manage it, but i've never broken that barrier!!!

Must go to work, but will report back later
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thank you :)

Today has been good.

B - Weight watchers crumble bar
S - Apple
L - 1/2 tin Heinz minestrone
S - Apple
S - 2 x chocolate digestives ( NAUGHTY!)
D - Fish, chips and beans -left most of the chips so that was a success!

Total calories - just under 1000

Ive been following set rules to keep me on the straight and narrow such as

pint of water before main meal
eating food from low cal - high cal round the plate - so today i was full before i ate all my chips, therefor not wasting calories!
Resting mid way though meal to let tummy tell brain i am full.

I am trying to stop snacking.

I need to eat a good breakfast i think and this will stop me needing elevenses. Will explore breakie ideas this evening.

lets see what tomorrow's weigh in brings!
OH made ice cream with fresh raspberries for desert today. Not over calories but more than i wanted to eat. Still couldn't turn it away, he put lots of effort into make fresh raspberry sauce to top it.
Another day another loss :)
11.6.2 today yesterday was 11.6.8 so thats good. Soup for lunch is working, it's low calorie but hot which fills me up, and I eat it with a teaspoon to make it go further :)

Not sure what i am doing for my dinner, it will be something out of my freezer, will decide later.

Must drop OH off at work
Today has been difficult. Trying to keep within calories and not mindless eat. My small plate for dinner worked well, and even thought i went home at lunch i stuck to my 1/2 tin of soup and wasn't tempted to make a sarnie or something else. Did have a slice of tea cake AND a doughnut. But am just with in higher calorie limit of 1200

B - Cereal bar
L - 1/2 tin lentil soup
S - Tea loaf slice
S- Jam doughnut
D - chicken kiev, 5 new pots, and sweetcorn.

If i don't eat again today i should be fine :)
Sounds like you're doing well :)
Thank you :)

Weighed in this morning and am now in the next lb bracket!! 11.5.8 :) So impressed, nearly reached my first mini goal of half a stone!

I thought i over ate yesterday, but i guess my body needed it, as i've not held onto any of it.

Not sure what to do for dinner tonight, OH is having lamb chops, but i don't really like lamb, so will sort something else out for myself.

Going to take the dog on a loooong walk tomorrow, hopefully spend about 2 hours out with him and will repeat that on sunday. No drinking this weekend either (can't afford it!) so i should be successful.

B - WW Cereal Bar (my last one :( )
S - apples
L - 1/2 tin lentil soup
D - ????

I'll have quite a few calories left to play with later so can make dinner some nice comfort food.
Well done!
Just weighed in - 11.5.6 today :) so a tiny loss, which is great. a STS or loss is a victory for me. so really pleased.

Not eaten anything yet today, not sure what to have as i know there will be wine and pizza later, I need to line my stomach in someway and exercise some will power and not get drunk and not over eat. I really want to have lost 1/2 a stone on Monday. i'm so nearly there!!

Just about to take pup out on our long walk, i need to go to my mums house so will walk there and back. Which will knacker him out and probably me too!! i am so unfit! after which i will have lunch.

I'm thinking jacket potato with tuna, sweet corn, light mayo and a side salad, tasty, filling and healthy.
Ive been following set rules to keep me on the straight and narrow such as

pint of water before main meal
eating food from low cal - high cal round the plate - so today i was full before i ate all my chips, therefor not wasting calories!
Resting mid way though meal to let tummy tell brain i am full.
May try this myself! x
I also use a small bowl that i eat everything from.

Walk done, was out for 3 hrs in the end. Just about to stick that into MFP to see what i burnt.

I am just tucking into my potato, it's lovely and so much better knowing i've spent the best part of the day exercising!
I am so tired!!! I love that exhausted feeling you get after exercise. And i burnt so many cals my lunch was basically free!

Need a cuppa and a relaxing afternoon now. Still housework to do, need to put washing on and sort out the general mess around the house.

Pup is curled up next to me on the sofa, he's just as tired out!

Going to head over to see my friend at the pub while he finishes up his shift shortly. Not too early so i don't get tempted into drinking lots (and wasting money!)
Puppy and I are signing up to do a sponsored 9k walk in february for a local hospice. :) My focus is going to be fundrasing events next year. I think i'll sign up for race for life too, that will give me a goal and kick up the bum to restart the couch to 5k thing again.
Ooh I'm starting that too! Might start tomorrow if I have the energy :)
I am definitely starting tomorrow evening when I go gym :D If you're starting too, let me know how it goes! I am sooo nervous lol.
I will try to get the enthusiasm, Sunday is not my most active of days!! Still i've no hangover and OH is working so it's something to do...

I have done it. I've lost half a stone!!! Wahoooo!!! I am so pleased. 1 day ahead of target too!

Today's eating plan

Brunch - not decided, maybe Huevos Rancheros as we've got eggs that need using up.

Dinner - gammon and leek pie, mash and lots of veggies!
Well done! Thats brill! :D lol also you don't have to start today. Start when youre ready to!

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