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different drinks

Green tea
Soda water
Sparkling water
Black tea
Black coffee

errmmm thats all i was told about, not quite sure about the nettle one, but im sure someone else knows if its allowed!
Ooohh just teas!

Thought you ment all drinks. Opps.


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Hi I have peppermint tea, I think nettle and peppermint will be fine as long as if is a leaf tea and not a fruit tea. Hope this helps x


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I think you're allowed tea made from leaves but not ones made from berries (or flowers??).

I drink fizzy water, I find it the easiest to drink in large quantities without feeling like I'm drowning.


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is nettle a leaf or a flower tea? lol, gonna bash on to tesco later for a nice assortment of drinkies :) keep my taste buds entertained throughout the day haha


I will do this!!!
Red bush tea is nice but has a strong taste. You either love it or hate it! Any tea made from leaves only is ok.


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im not sure what teas there are that are made from leaves, lol, dont wanna have something thats not allowed, will be gutted if i spoil my diet


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I think that JanD is the expert on which teas are allowed and which aren't. I'm sure she posted a list of them a while back. She'll definitely be along here later :)

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