Differing values


Warning-Contains Nuts
S: 16st0lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 24 Loss: 5st10lb(35.71%)
Could it depend upon how big the satsuma they based it on was....
Like people...not all satsuma's conform to the same size and shape??!!
:)I quite like the idea of a rebellious satsuma :)

On a more serious note....If you want to play it safe and eat lots of them, I'd use the higher estimate :)

Less Rotund One

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G: 9st7lb
Munkypoo....that thought of a rebellious satsuma is very funny!

Size will be the main culprit - but when you are only talking about 25 calories - I don't think its worth bothering with - unless you are eating a barrow-load every day.

I would take the average and count them around 35 calories.

LRO xx


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S: 13st8lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st8lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 1st4lb(9.47%)
i tend to go with the highest cals i find on sites... least i know then i am safe.