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You have to keep in mind why you are doing this, that hasn't changed. Nobody has moved your goalposts, the journey hasn't changed you've just come to a bump in the road! It's now for you to decide whether you put up camp now, take the slower road and go around OR get your pick axe out and clim over the bloody bump!
It will not defeat you unless you let it!
I was always failing at diets, motivation that was all gung ho in the begining failed by the 3rd week or 1st stone.
But I was always happy so it never bothered me!
Then something happened that made me realise I was a big fat ugly blob, I'm not going to be that anymore!
I'm not frightened to be thin anymore and this time I will make it.
It's not easy, you learn (like the marines!) to overcome, adapt and conquer!
I lost 3 st then got stuck but I didn't give in 2 weeks ago I joined WW to rekick start the loss! I have my 2nd weigh in tomorrow I'm hoping for another good week.
The thought that keeps me going is this isn't just for me it's for the boys I look after! Their father is ill and if anything happens to him theyve got no-one! I've had them since they were 12 weeks old, They're not going to be left alone!
So as I said never forget WHY you started, was it a function? Was it to get healthier, fitter. When you're dying on the xtrainer keep in mind it IS worth it every step is a step in the right direction, to a healthier, slimmer, fitter YOU!
Good luck
I feel pants today also.

I am just concentrating on the next hour. I'm going to go out on my bike now - that's 1 specific action I can take to feel better

in an hour I'll work on the hour after that.

Katesandsss8 you remind us that looking outward is a healthy thing to do. Thankyou


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Thankyou Harriet, I'm sorry your feeling pants today I hope it improves! I see you had the gastric hypno band! I did too did you do it wit Adrian or someone else?
It's the best thing I ever did!
Careful on your bike! Don't do a Kate and get your foot stuck on the saddle! I've got bruises up past me wazzoo where I crashed to the ground lol.
Go get 'em!
The struggle is certainly all in the mind.. I know for me I keep saying I just want to be healthy. I need to be healthier for myself so I can go and do all the great things I have planned for myself.

but your body factors in. I was just thinking about your stats and I wondered why you want to have such a low weight of 112, even though you are 5'6", that's quite far below medical recommendations (120lbs-155lbs) for a woman of your height. And I think the average expected weight is more around 137lbs which you are so so so close to. Do you think a factor may be that your body is giving you some limits ?
My emotions are so up and down, they really affect how I see everything. Been grazing round the kitchen, you'd think it was field!!

Lil Miss sunshine something has occured to me, which is that your observations can actually create your reality. Some people say this is how the whole world is - you probably don't agree with that, but it's fair to say that when it comes to our eating habits, it is most definitely true.

You observe x is a struggle - and it is.

How to get out of this thinking - I'm not in a good place to explain today (bike ride was ace but now mood = lead balloon) but I will come back and try to be more positive.

All I can say is I've had some great results with hypnotherapy and self hypnosis

kates - my hypnotherapist was Phil Collins (no not the singer!) - he is brill. I did laugh about your bike escapades!


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Oh Harriet so did the 4 men who were having coffee outside my gym when it happened lol.
I think that you have a point with perception tho' Harriet! I hated the xtrainer bcause it was so hard and I hated it, it hurt blah blah blah. Then James one of my lovely sadists sggested I did it first rather than last because I kept putting it off.
After an argument (I never do anything without whinging lol) I did and he was right I went from 3/5 minutes to 32 minutes in 2 weeks just by the way I did it.
So L'il Miss try seeing it as easier than you feel it is and who knows it may just get easier! Then the easier you feel it is it will just carry on getting easier!
As you feel happier about things the load will lighten.
You have the boards to help. When you need a lift jst come on and ask for a hand! There are lots of people on at any one time you'll always get a reply.
Hi I feel loads better today. I just started a thread called 'access the good stuff' in put your head inside and the body will follow forum - hope that might help LMS

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