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Attack Dinner idea for newbie


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My mum is just starting this
She comes round for her dinner on Tuesday's
I do not know this food plan so can anyone suggest what food I could give her
I want to support her on her journey
I just can't see myself giving her a plate of meat so any suggestions would be really appreciated
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What a lovely daughter you are?

Two questions -

1.) is your Mum in the Attack or the Cruise stage? (And if she is in Cruise, will it be a Protein day or a Protein and Veg day?)
The suggestion for dinner will be slightly different in each case.

2.) What sort of food does your mum like? Curries and spicy stuff? Fish? Italian? Omelettes? Jelly?

Give us some clues, and people here should have some solutions for you.


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Thank you
She is starting this weekend and in attack phase, so very new herself
I think she has to stay on the attack phase for 10 days then she goes to another phase -sorry don't know what it's called
I know she can eat most lean meats and some fish, but she can't have any veg so unsure what else she could have with her meat or fish
She has to eat some bran
She likes most foods, not into BBQ sauce types but likes most things, and always gives my recipe experiments a try lol


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You could try doing salmon baked in foil. Get two good sized thick salmon steak pieces. Put each one on the middle of a piece of foil that is big enough to close and seal. Add finely chopped crushed ginger and a little crushed garlic to the top of each piece, sprinkle on some black pepper and a little bit of balsamic vinegar ( once your mother is on Cruise phase this could be soy sauce instead), then bring the edges of foil together and seal the parcels. Bake at Gas 5 or 180 degree in a fan oven for 15-20 mins.

If you want a plainer style, do the same parcels but just flavour with dill and black pepper instead of the ginger garlic and balsamic v.

You could follow this with a plain yogurt, maybe sweetened with Splenda, and a Hartleys ready made sugar free jelly, which the supermarkets sell ready made in little pots. Make sure it's sugar free though.


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Sounds yummy thank you
Think I will have the same myself


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I hope it goes well - Bridget's suggestion sounds great.

I would recommend Total Brand's Zero Fat Greek Yogurt with the jelly - it takes wonderfully creamy.


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I would recommend Total Brand's Zero Fat Greek Yogurt with the jelly - it takes wonderfully creamy.
I agree. Or rhubarb instead of jelly next time! There's not much rhubarb left but you might find it frozen. It needs a good helping of sweetener though.


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Thanks for your suggestions
Mum has had her dinner, and enjoyed it
she started Dukan yesterday so I hope to get more meal ideas

Will be a bit better prepared next week as have added a few bits to my grocery list


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I find omelettes a good option in company, because they are a form of pure protein that doesn't look weird on a plate on their own.

Prawns or cooked chicken make good fillings - or just a sprinkling of herbs for flavour.


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Ooh I could eat that myself, is there a limit to eggs that can be eaten
Omelette on the menu next tues :)
dinner for mum

what stage is she at, Attack, or Cruise if on cruise is it a purely Protein PP day or a PV protein and vegetables,

If she is on Attack which is the first stage, usually between 1-7 days she will be on proteins only including fat free dairy, so grilled steak/fish seasoned but no oil, with a sauce made from fromage frais or yoghurt flavoured with chopped herbs or ground peppercorns,

If it is PV day any of the allowed meats or fish grilled or baked without oil and a variety of the allowed vegetables roasted or steamed,
Cottage pie made with mince, onions beef stock, tomato puree and topped with cooked mashed swede that has been mashed with quark/fromage frais and salt and pepper. you can do the same with cauliflower (yummy)

Sweet and Sour Chicken
Cooked chicken, cubed
1 cup chicken stock
1 clove crushed garlic
2 tablespoons soy sauce
3 tablespoons sugar free Ketchup
1/4 cup white vinegar
3 tablespoons Splenda
2 teaspoons cornflour

Whisk all ingredients together and cook until sauce thickens. Add in chicken cubes and cook until warmed through.

Any of them can served with allowed veg

PP day i sometimes get a chicken fillet cut a slit in it, get a laughing cow light cheese quarter, mix it with a little garlic powder/salt, and a tiny bit of chopped or dried parsley put it in the slit close it up , fold it tight in foil then bake it for half an hour, or i bake a few mini fillets of chicken or fish and have those with a dipping sauce made from yoghurt and herbs /seasoning and gerkins,

And you could make her a nice dessert with sugar free jelly made up with a quarter of the water and top it up with equal quantites to 1 pint with fromage frais and yoghurt when it is cold and whisk it up and refrigerate, it makes a nice fruity mousse,

here is a list of things that can be eaten freely on the DD diet i hope it helps and good luck to your mum

Dukan Diet 100 Safe Food List

This is the big safe list, you can eat anything on this list as much as you want. Just remember to alternate Pure Protein days and Protein & Vegetable days.

Very Protein-Rich Foods

Meat and offal
1. Beef steak
2. Fillet of beef
3. Sirloin steak
4. Roast beef
5. Rump steak
6. Tongue
7. Bresaola, air-dried/wind-dried beef
8. Veal escalope
9. Veal chop
10. Kidney
11. Calf's liver
12. Pre-cooked ham slices (without any fat or rind)
13. Pre-cooked chicken and turkey slices (without any fat or rind)
14. Fat-reduced bacon
15. Game (venison, pheasant, partridge, hare, grouse)
16. Rabbit/hare

17. Bass
18. Cod (fresh)
19. Crab/ocean sticks (surimi)
20. Dab/lemon sole
21. Dover sole
22. Grey mullet
23. Haddock
24. Hake
25. Halibut
26. Herring
27. Mackerel
28. Monkfish
29. Plaice
30. Pollock/Coley
31. Rainbow trout/salmon trout
32. Red mullet
33. Salmon
34. Smoked salmon
35. Sardines
36. Sea bream
37. Skate
38. Swordfish 39
39. Tuna
40. Turbot
41. Whiting
42. Fish roe (cod, salmon, herring, nitillet)

43. Calamari/squid
44. Clams
45. Cockles
46. Crab
47. Crawfish/crayfish
48. Dublin Bay prawns
49. Lobster
50. Mediterranean prawn/gambas
51. Mussels
52. Oysters
53. Prawns
54. Scallops
55. Shrimps
56. Whelks

57. Chicken
58. Poussin
59. Chicken liver
60. Guinea fowl
61. Ostrich
62. Pigeon
63. Quail
64. Turkey

65. Hen's eggs
66. Quail's eggs

Non-fat dairy products
67. Non-fat cottage cheese
68. Non-fat fromage frais
69. Non-fat,Greek yoghurt
70. Non-fat quark/non-fat yoghurt (plain or flavoured with aspartame)
71. Skimmed milk

Vegetable Proteins
72. Tofu

Vegetables (On PV days, do not have the same vegetable twice during the day)
73. Artichoke
74. Asparagus
75. Aubergine
76. Beetroot
77. Broccoli/purple sprouting broccoli
78. Cabbage: white/red/Savoy/cauliflower/Chinese leaves/kohlrabi/kale/Brussels sprout (all types of cabbage)
79. Carrot
80. Celery/celeriac
81. Chicory100 Natural Foods That Keep You Healthy
82. Courgette
83. Cucumber
84. Fennel
85. French beans/string beans/mangetout
86. Leek
87. Mushrooms
88. Onion
89. Palm hearts
90. Peppers (sweet)
91. Pumpkin/marrow/squash
92. Radish
93. Rhubarb
94. Salad leaves: all types of lettuce/rocket/watercress/alfalfa/curly endive/sorrel
95. Soya beans
96. Spinach
97. Swede
98. Swiss chard
99. Tomatoes loo.
100. Turnip
Limited foods for PP and PV:
1 cup skim milk per day
4 pieces of SF candy per day
10 pieces of SF gum per day
1 tsp oil per PV day
1 tsp Balsamic vinegar per day
1 tbsp wheat bran
Goji Berries, 1 tbsp on PP, 2 tbsp ov PV

Tolerated foods (TF) for PP and PV (You are only allowed two choices from this list per day):
1 FF/SF fruit yogurt per day (avoid on attack)
1 TBSP corn flour per day or vital wheat gluten
1 tsp low fat cocoa powder per day
Soy yogurt (plain), one per day
30 g of cheese per day (less than 7% fat) - Laughing Cow Lite
1 TBSP of extra lite cream cheese (less than 3%) per day
30 ml of wine (for cooking only), per day
150 ml of soy milk per day
100 g rhubarb
3 drops (3g) oil


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Thank you
This will prove to be extremely useful.
I had to go online to check her allowed veg and it took a while to find when she was here for her dinner.
She has just started cruise, and today was PV
Omelette with prawns, salad leaves, toms, peppers, cuc followed by sugerfree jelly and zero yogurt as kindly suggested on previous posts

Next Tuesday she will be PP, i think this is the hardest for me
Your post is fantastic
dinner for mum

here is a suggestion or 2 for PP
Tuna Cakes with Yogurt & Chive Dipping Sauce
1 small tin of tuna in springwater - drained
I egg
1/2 Tbs oat bran, (if she has had her oatbran for the day 1 tablespoon is allowed as an extra tolerated item )
1 Tbs LF cottage cheese
Pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients together, divide into 4 portions and cook in a non stick frypan - it is a little runny at first but as the egg sets it's easier to manage. For the dipping sauce combine 1 Tbs FF greek yogurt with fresh chives to taste.
Or make up some of the sweet and sour sauce from my previous post to use as a dip that is sooo nice

an alternative that i tried last week was, i bought from waitrose in their freezer, a pack of thai herbs and spices and put a good load of that in the fish mix , it was so good it tasted a bit like thai crab cakes and that was good with the sweet and sour,

when it is PP only i sometimes do a couple of courses so it feels like i have had a proper dinner, the day i did the thai flavoured fish cakes with sweet and sour sauce i made an omelette type of thing in the oven, a bit like a fritatta but no veg in it,
sprayed a fry pan with oil and gently softened a 1/2 a small onion ( very small amount allowed as a seasoning) then cut up a chicken breast into small peices browned it on all sides and chopped and fried a rasher of turkey bacon, ( can buy from tesco) put them into a shallow casserole dish , beat 2 eggs with a tablespoon of fat free fromage frais, 1/2 tsp mixed herbs, salt and pepper gave it a good mix then cooked it for 15/20 mins at 180, it was lovely, enough for 2 people,

i have posted a recipe for a turkey breast mince sausage that is so good, it is just meat,herbs ,egg, breadcrumbs. (dukan bread recipe i have posted on here) ,
another favourite of mine is a mixed grill, the sausage, and either a small peice of steak or a small very lean pork chop, a peice of liver fried in a nonstick pan just spritzed with oil and a couple of peices of turkey bacon. that could be topped with an egg if your very hungry, the best part of this diet is you don't feel hungry because the protein takes longer to digest you feel fuller longer. some days i really don't feel too hungry, so i have things like crab sticks, ham and cold cooked chicken for my meals,


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Hi Patacake
There I was all beaming, chicken breast in the fridge ready to cook mummy her dinner. then she text me to say the fridge door was wide open and the chicken and pork (mine and hubbys tea) had fallen on the floor and was quite warm - hubbys fault, the best thing is the dog had been far too busy having her nap to notice these goodies in the kitchen lol.

poor mum, I ended up giving her some canned tuna mixed with from frais, but at least i can try and dazzle her taste buds next week when she is on PV
oh dear, that is the sort of thing i do , my fridge is behind the door and if it hasn't shut properly i don't always notice immediatly, how is your mum doing on DD?


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Hi Patacake
She lost just over 12lbs so far, she seems to sts a couple of days then drops a couple.
She seems to be enjoying it - except when she comes round to mine for her tea lol
Shes brought me a couple of recipes to cook for her - I think thats a hint :)
We talk about the things I have picked up on here, she is not on the internet, and not confident with computers to browse when she is here waiting for me to get home, but she has enrolled in a class, so hopefully she will learn how to surf, then i can help get her hooked up

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