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disappointed with week 1 WI

Am I expecting too much?
I had my week 1 WI earlier and only lost 6llbs.
I am on SS and really have stuck to it. The only thing I can think is it's TOTM, which may make a difference?
I have read so much about people losing 9/10llbs in their 1st week, it seems a bit of a bum deal to only lose 6.
I know I am fully ketotic (urinalysis confirmed), so is there anything I could be doing wrong?:(
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Aw hun thats a great loss don't be dissappointed with it!
Also my CDC told me that your TOTM can possibly add on 2-3lbs so you may have lost more...Keep at it your doing well!!! xx
Absolutely not! When I went to Lighterlife, six pounds was a frequent weight loss for week 1. I lost 7 pounds on one first week, 7 again on another but was not affected by TOTM. I am sure that this has impacted, but nonetheless you have done extremely well. Next week you could lose a bit more than you might have ordinarily hoped for because of this week's fluid retention.
Congratulations on your first CD success!


One day at a time!
That's almost half a stone in a week! Don't be disheartened, next week will probably show great results too - and it just continues unlike "conventional" diets where half a pound here and a pound there is more normal. You've done great and deserve a big pat on the back - this is not an easy diet to follow in the first week:)
hang in there ,u r really doing great am sure u loose more next week.
Hun dont beat urself up 6lbs is AMAZING!! imagine if you lost 6lbs everyweek!!
aw dont feel bad hun.. that is amazing i dont start till sat but would be over the moon with a 6lb loss...! big well done to you..!!

Hi hun,

Sorry you're not happy with your loss, but I just want to say that 6lbs is fab. To get through the first week is a huge achievement in itself and it does get easier.

Everyone is different with their losses on this diet and whereas some people have fab losses some weeks and then sts's and lower numbers others, I seemed to lose 3-4lbs each week.

Did you reduce your intake of carbs before you started on the diet? This normally affects the first weeks loss.

Please keep going, you are doing fantastic!
Hi there, on this diet the average is 1 stone a month, if you lose more the first week you wont lose so much in the next three, over the month the weight will balance out to the stone, so dont worry about it, look at a bigger picture and look forward to next weeks weight loss.... The first weeks weight loss is also a lot of water weight so if it is your TOTM you will be retaining water so your weight loss will be lesser... dont worry, keep going, there is no othe diet out there where you can lose 6lb a week. I think that is what I lost in my first week too and I finished up losing 4stone 6lb in 5 months and that was working up the plans too....
Hi Hon sorry your not happy with your 6lb but i think its fab. Just keep glugging more water i am sure as was said in an earlier post it will balance out over the month. TOTM does affect me quite a bit so it really could be that bet you have a good loss next week too xxx
I know it hard, but try not to compare yourself to other people. I do it all the time but unfortunatley we are all different and will lose weight differently. I predict a good weight loss next week.....so hang in there! If your following it 100% you WILL lose weight. Chin up! xxx
I think 6lb loss is fab. Stick with it and well done you.
Thanks everyone -
It does help to put things into perspective...
To cheer myself up I weighed myself this morning (WI was at 5pm) and it was more like 9llbs!
I think I will just re-weigh the morning after WI lol!!:p
Seriously - thanks to everyone for "bigging" up my loss.
Like others have said, the weight will come off in the end. The body has no choice in the matter.

You will be just fine. My mum lost 8lb in the first week and she, like you expected more. The week following was another 7 so she was really happy with that. We are all different and lose weight at different rates for loads of reasons.

Keep plugging away and you will get there. 6lb in the first week is very good.

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