Discovered a problem with VCLD

I have not enough clothes to keep up :)

I went on holiday last week and by the end of it, one pair of 14 trousers are now too big.

Got home and tried on my trousers. I have 2 pairs of size 14 jeans and 2 pairs of smarter size 14 trousers that fit, everything else is size 16 and too big!


Mind you, I fit in a pair of size 14 next smart jeans which I have never worn despite buying them 2 years ago. That was my next goal!

Hi Gilly,

A pair of Next size 14 Jeans!!!!! Absolutely fantastic.:) Oh, you must be beaming from ear to ear.

A whole new wardrobe is just around the corner for you!!!

:D :D :D
It would be if I could afford it.

I am going to buy a few bits from ebay and manage until I lose the last 33 pounds then ask for vouchers for xmas and
enjoy the jan sales.

I think that's a great idea Gilly. A lot of people I know get their clothes through ebay while they are losing it weight. It makes sense I think as you're not going to be in them very long, are you?:)

Save yourself for the January sales and you'll be like a child in a sweet shop:D

Hi Gilly,

I buy away in the sales with the expetition that I will be wearing them soon, so far I have stayed the same since April...

Still, I have a lot of clothes to bring me to Christmas...I think.

It is a good idea to buy them on ebay as if you are going down the sizes so fast as it can feel like a waste of money.

Nice complaint though.(lucky you):)

Love Mini xxx