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Dissapointing 1st weigh In


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First weigh in today and only lost 3 1/2 lbs. Bit disappointed because I stuck to 3 packs a day and drank between 5 and 6 litres of water.

Its not TOTM either, however, Im not going to let this stop me. I know the week before I did cut down so maybe I took off excess fluid (which is normally the 1st week anyway) in this period.

I shall continue for at least 4 weeks from the start of my CD and then see how Ive done.
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3lbs is a great loss. Like you said, if you started cutting out in the previous week, you will likely have already shed some water and maybe some of your glycogen before you started.

Don't worry about it. You are headed in the right direction, and if you stick to it, the only way is down!

The same thing happened to me. I lost just under 4lb in my 1st week. I was really disappointed as some people lose so much more. It is the end of my second week now.
Have you measured yourself? Even though I did not lose much weigh, I was very surprised to see that I had lost 1 1/2 inches round my waist, 1 inch round my hips and 1 1/2 inches round my thighs!!!!!!


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Thanks the only measurement ive taken is my waist and that hasnt changed. Im not going to get to upset about it and just focus on getting through week 2. Let us know how you get on with your 2nd weigh in.
Hi Blitz, never be disappointed in a loss (at least its not a gain hun) and like you said you had already cut down in the week prior to starting so you will have already depleted your glycogen so therefore that is 3.5lbs of actual fat that you have lost!!! Thats fab, keep up the great work xx


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Had you drunk lots of water before you went. That can account for almost 2lbs

Line up 3lbs of butter..........see - its alot !!

Thanks but Im afraid that the bladder was empty!!!

Thanks all for the kind words but I am ok. Its just made me more determined to continue. ROLL ON NEXT WEEKS WEIGH IN


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hey there!

just wanted to say, even if u only lose 3.5lb a week til goal it will only take 5 months til u arrive at target! thats pretty damn good if u ask me. im sure u will lose it quicker.

dont be downhearted, u r doing fab xxxxx


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You are doing great! Dont worry about the weight loss because you've probably had a greater inch loss. Just keep up the good work:D
its very likely, i would take this weigh in with a pick of salt, atleast youve lost!! and i would advise to take all your measurements, my CDC done mine, but i also measure myself, hips, widest area, thighs, calfs, arms and i will check after 1 month, its there you realy see the difference, also you havent said how you feel in yourself, and do your clothes feel any looser?
I m on my first week (second day actually) and I hope to loose, and if I do loose the mamout you have, well I will be chuffed! At least it is 3bls less to loose before you get to target! Did you weigh at the same time as last week? And did you have on the same clothes? Jeans can weigh upto 3lbs on thier own! Buddy up with me, and we can do this together my love! We can do it, you know we can! I am only on day 2, and although tonight I could have ate my sofa, I didn't, I know romorrow will be tough for me, but I hope I can stick it out just like you! Sorry to babble! I would start my own thread but don't know how! LOL! Janice x:)


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I think this is a reminder for anyone who plans to cut down on the carbs before starting a VLCD...weigh yourself first!

But..you didn't know that and it can't be helped. I know it's nice to know the figures, but regardless of whether you weighed or not, you have still lost the same amount of weight. Your 3.5lbs is really like your 2nd week. Exactly on target for a stone a month. Fantastic.

Now...before you have any more regrets, have you measured everything? Tops of legs, wrists ankles, bust etc? And have you done the 'before' photos (front side back)? You don't want to be kicking yourself again.

So...great loss! Keep up the good work :)
3.5 is alot my LLC said that sometimes you can start slow but once you get going your on your way. Well done for loosing. Keep the faith
Arch girl.. I felt that way i am in my second week and going for 2nd weigh in on saturday ...nerves.

Just drink that water your skin will look lush for it too.

just think thin...
To slimslow

I feel like a barrel! I drank near 5 litres today! My bladder is screaming at me! So is the loo! I hope this hungry feeling does go, Or I will wake up to my my bed has gone where I have eaten it during the night! But hey! I have not eaton anything, must be good?

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