Gone fishing
You are a fountain of knowledge :)

I've been looking for this sort of thing since I started CD...knowing that this was my last chance at being slim forever. I've avoided counselling etc for personal reasons so I've been left rather to my own devices and it's been a bit of a maze.

I'm always questioning. I question everything in my life. Blimey...can't even do the ironing without going through a 20 question list:eek: That's me.

So if I ask anything and you think 'super burke:rolleyes:' and feel that it doesn't need answering, indeed there are no answers, or you don't have time, please don't feel any pressure.

I really value your insight, but I don't want to burden you with my ramblings.
Oh puuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllleazzzzzzzzzzze! Karion!:eek:

I started this "room" for exactly the reasons that you have mentioned. Many people lose weight, regain it and put it on again without ever really understanding why...they think that it just part of the process!!

Also, there are others who know that there's more to it but just aren't sure what or they're not quite sure how to get hold of the information.

I am sooo passionate, Karion, about us being informed so that we can make informed choices that so long as I can be then I will be around to guide people to their solutions. You keep asking your questions and don't worry because if you ever cross the line I'll tell ya'!!! :D
Oh puuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllleazzzzzzzzzzze! Karion!
Oh ummm. I consider myself admonished :D