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Dizzydellys back again.....

Thought i'd give this a go as it might help and keep me focused. Sorry if its boring :)
I was thinking back today and I have actually being doing Atkins on and off for 2 years! How time flys when your enjoying cheese, bacon and cream!! :D
First day back on and im feeling positive but there is a blot on the horizon and its niggeling away at me.
I have 2 long weekends away at festivals, so thats take away food, chips and jugs of Pimm's!!
I am going to take my supplies but its the dreaded drink, any ideas would be great!! :)
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Morning Dizzy ... It's all about preparation - make sure you have plenty of bottled water with you and meats that can easily store like pepperami... Hard boil loads of eggs ... Take a tub of Hellman's... Maybe a few tins of sardines... Pre packed salads etc and that should help :)
Hey Delly, welcome back, haven't seen you post in ages and ages
morning delly :)

i boiled six eggs yesterday, and have them in the fridge for nibbling on when that "omg i gotta grab something" feeling strikes. i also have a packet of ham, babybels, tins of tuna/pilchards/sardines....cold meatballs.....ya getting the picture right? lol

hope you are doing ok

sharren xx


This is for life
Hi Dizzy, good to see your diary and hope it helps!

Obviously you are planning food and snacks - my favorite is low carb wrap plus salami and cheese. It's very filling and satisfying and if you get a pack of sliced cheddar it's completely portable - i have "stress tested" it! :D

Ref drinks - i guess that you probably want to avoid as much as poss and then have a nice carb free backup. I've discovered i like rum and soda and can have it very very long!

Good luck
Thanks everyone for all the brill ideas, think rum n soda sound good :) going to get myself organised!
Well I'v done well today but had massive headache which is just about gone now.

Menu today bacon mush and egg
large salad chicken breast and mayo
2 pork chops and green beans fryed in butter with bacon
not sure about snack for later but im sure they'll be one!!
as allways struggling with water

Off for lovely soak now, ah peace and quiet :)
Morning Dizzy ... :)


This is for life
Evening dizzy:)
Afternoon all
Busy day yesterday and I felt like I could have stayed in bed all day, I was so tired and still had a headache.
Head a little better today,but feel like I could have 40 winks but dont think the boss would like it!!:D
Doing ok food wise and I'v been and got some stuff in for my weekend away, just wish this weather would go away! :mad:
Tried to get some wellies but cant get them over my calves and they were wide fit :ashamed0005: Oh well never mind!!
B 3 egg omlette with matersons sausage
L large chicken salad
T Pork chops and cabbage fry'd
S pepperami and salami
Noo to the wellies, but just remind yourself of those when you want to reach for something illegal. Menu sounds lovely.
where are you off to this weekend?
Haha only thought of wellies because of the mud, Im sure there's going to be lots!!
Off to malvern showground for vanfest which is a vw camper festival, which will be ace but like a bog no doubt!


Clean green leafy machine
Evening hun, the festival sounds great - hope the rain stays away :D

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