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Dizzy's Journey part 2!

Hello all!
I was here at the end of Jan on my first attempt as CS. Loved the diet, lost about ten pounds in first week, BUT we got broken into at home and the diet went to pot! So here I am on round 2, many many weeks later! sofar so good. I cant fail to loose this extra wieght again so I am going to use this thread to keep a diary of my progress and also to motivate myself when I need it. Please feel free to throw anything in at all!!

I want to lose 4 stone. I would still be a about a size 14/16 at the wieght but because I am nearly 6 foot, I think I can live with that size.

I want to do CS for as long as poss but not going to put an end date on it as whenever I do that, I never reach it. So I am taking this day by day.

And today I am motivated and optimistic.

Its nice to be back on this friendly site and its nice to be back in control of what I am eating.

If anyone wants to join me on this thread, I will be around at least once a day. It would be lovely to have a buddy.

Good luck everyone,
Diz x
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Hiya Dizzy!

You are roughly the same height and weight as me!

I'm the same...I'm wanting to lose around 4/5 stone..but will be happy when I'm in a comfortable 14/16 :)

Welcome back!

Hi Soozy,

What a coincidence being almost same size and hieght! Well I see you a lot less than me now - your doing fantastic!

Cos of my long legs, I have to buy dorothy perkins tall trousers BUT they only go up to size 22 and they are tight on me now - hence I have to diet or have nothing else to wear!!!

Thanks for replying and keep up the fantastic work.

Oh how fab would it be to be a size 16, walk in any shop and pick out anything we fancy!!!

diz x
I would love to go into Dorothy Perkins!

I suffer with....lovehandles! And a round belly! So buying jeans and trousers is always an unfortunate affair...and because of this predicament, I'm also fussy with tops...they have to be long! To cover said belly!

I love New Look's inspire range though. Am off there at the weekend...hopefully into a pair of 18s!

I am the same with the love handles and big tum, so like you wear longer tops. Cant wait to be able to wear anything I like.

Ok, so for my diary. Day 1 over.
Had the two shakes, apple, plum, some tuna mayo as snacks and then chicken salad for tea.

Drank about 3 pints of water which prob isnt enough so will try for more tomorrow.

Went for a short walk, was puffed out! But at least I did some excercise today.

Will be following CS 100% tomorrow, like I said earlier its one day at a time.

One thing I have changed this time is I have put the scales away and will only be weighing in once a week - became obsessed last time!!

So far so good. Been a good day.
diz x
Day 2.

Almost over and gone well, although I only had 1 shake.

So food for today:
Some tuna mayo
Salmon, roasted courgette and salad
About 3 pints of water - again not enough, but working on it.

Has a really busy day in garden which really took my mind off food. My problem is that when on a diet I think of food constantly so its good to have the distraction.

Had a bit of a headache, but soon passed once I had tea. Not in ketosis yet.

Anyway, sleep time. x


nearly there!! :)
heya just wanted to say welcome back.
also try not to miss ur shakes...from doing ll i know that by missing them ur loosing the nutrition they give u!

what i do and even now after finishing, i fill up a litre bottle of water and carry it round with me...ya dont notice as u sip it and eventually its gone!!

hope u have a good day today xxx
omg Katz, look at your wieght loss - that is just amazing! How did you do it??? I am such a yo yo dieter and its either feast or famine in our house - mainly feast! If I am not dieting then I am gorging! Thats why I like CS - I love the restictions it gives me, which sounds a bit wierd! If I have too much freedom I just blow it.

Well you must be very proud and so you should be - let me know how you did it and also did you blip along the way? (Another of my failings - if I have one blip - then its all over and back to pigging out again!!)

Enjoy the sunshine, Diz x


nearly there!! :)
awh thank u :)

i started ww in 05 and kinda farted bout for the best part of 3years...in that time i managed to loose 3 stone but put back up so finished ww having lost 1stone 11 lbs.
i then started lighterlife and lost 4st 7.5lbs in 20 weeks!!

i used to be the same with either feast or famine!!
when i did ww i was blipping the hole time...dont think i member a day when i fully stuck 100% to it...but i still love it cause at a time when i was desperate (had postnatal depression and was feeling crap) it was my crutch!!

but when i joined lighterlife i REFUSED to allow myself to blip!!
ll is structured that ya do 14 weeks foundation and in that time loose at least 3 stone...so i had a pact with myself...id do the 14 weeks no slipping and decide after if i needed more.
in the 14 weeks nothing other than shakes past my lips! i will always be so grateful for ll but i to am so proud of me for actually finally taking myself out of the unhappy place i was in.

ull get there hunni, whether its ww, ll, cs or any other diet u will get there. i used to have to take it an hour at a time and other days it was so easy!

i found if i was feeling down id right myself a letter trying to understand why i was upset (im a big emotional eater). this deffo helped me. ive forgiven so many people and put so much hurt to the past by writing letters (i never send them though ha)!!

yar doing really well hunni, member the first week is the hardest but after that it gets easier!!oh and a craving lasts summat like 20 mins....try distract urslef if u get a craving and after the 20 mins yall have forgotten all bout it ha!!
i agree with what katz said but i use a 500ml bottle its smaller so in my head im drinking less. i can easily get through 4 a day now so im getting my 2L's
Thanks for the advice on the water girls - currently swigging quite well from a 500ml bottle of water!!!

Catz, I too am an emotional eater, think I have only recognised this in the last few months, but I think it may be a bit of a break through in trying to lose this excess weight. At least I understand why I am like this now.

I have piled on about 2.5 stone on in the last 18 months. Last year wasnt a great year and I think I ate so much because I felt so down. Again the dreaded emotional eating! Getting out of this rut is going to be hard work - god its only day 3!!!

Am made up Ive not been on the scales - going to wait a full week. Plus I am now in ketosis so I must be doing something right!

Thanks for your replies girls, Diz x
can you get into keotosis on CS :S i didnt know you could
Hiya, yeah, I got the pee sticks and its pink. Was in ketosis last time after about day 3 also. Apparently you dont have to be in ketosis to loose weight on this diet....? I did atkins a few years ago and I know that is based around being in ketosis. This diet is less strict about it I believe. diz x
I dont mean to sound really thick but what is ketosis?


nearly there!! :)
ketosis is where ur body is burning its fat stores.
ur body burns ur carbs first, then ur glycogen then goes into ketosis to burn ur fat stores...its how u loose so much so quickly on vlcds!!

well done on not getting on scales and being in ketosis xxx
ha! didnt even have a clue what it is....and plus i dontreally like peeing on sticks!
Day three

God this has been the longest 3 days ever! Think its cos I am off work on holiday this week and not as busy.

Been a hard day today. Again only had one shake - I know very naughty - BUT I was out shopping at lunch time, had no shake and so pigged out on some chicken - I mean pigged out! So by the time I got home, no longer fancied a shake. Then for tea made a huge pan of chilli, and cos OH has been called away tonight, I have eaten almost all of it. So a little annoyed I have pigged out but then think it was ok as it wasnt choc, crisps etc. So I am going to forgive myself and move on.

Mum is doing a buffet for mothers day at her house - still wondering how I am going to cope cos she does the best buffets ever full of naughty stuff. But I will worry about that on Sunday - as I say - one day at a time.

Ok enough rabbiting for one day. Bye all, Diz x
Day 4

Shake for breakfast
Berry Bar for lunch - yuk!!!!!!!!!
Fridge raiders - just discovered them - yum
Loads of water
And then my treat for Sat night - a doner meat and chicken kebab - no pitta and only a tiny bit of sauce. They forgot to put the salad on which I love, but it was still nice. Has a SF jelly for afters, was low carb, so thought why not.

Have taken my scales to live with my sister for a bit- its so much better not hopping on 5 times a day. I am now thinking that I am not going to get on them for a few weeks and let my clothes decide if I am losing wieght - am into a miniscule wardrobe at mo cos nothing fits. I feel really liberated not going on scales.

Tomo mothers day and know I will be a little naughty probably, but will get straight back on it. Not having to wiegh myself takes off a lot of the pressure. I am on a marathon not a sprint!!!

Enough waffling for day 4.
Diz x
God I am sooo pleased with myself!
-Got chocs for mums day and still havent opened then
-Been on a 3 mile walk
-Despite OH eforts to make me a high carb lunch, instead had a gorgeous feta cheese and ham salad, which was yum.

Going to mums later with all the family for a buffet tea. Not sure if I will get through without being naughty, but at least I have done well all day. Plus I have made a big greek salad to take for everyone so Ill try and stick to that were poss.

Not having shakes today - having more of a low carb/atkins type day.

Enjoy your sundays, Diz xx
oh dear, just back from mums buffet.
Started off fab- greek salad, chicken wings, ham, chicken tikka pieces.
Then had a bit of curry and rice - not a lot, very small bowl full.
Then had a slice of toffee pavola with cream.
No alcohol.

However, normally I would have eaten 3 times as much as the above, so I am giving myself a thumbs up for having some control.

A 100% excellent day on shakes tomo. Cant promise 100% on Tuesday as out for tea with friends, but will defo make sensible choices.

I am happy about 2 things today: the fact that I am in control but am also being flexible and not going off the rails if a bit naughty. I am adapting it to suit my life. Also love the fact that I am no longer interested in what the scales say. Scales have dominated my life for the last 20 years (I am 40 and been dieting since 20 - but at 20 i was only 13 stone - so therefore dieting makes you fat!). Anyway, making the decision not to go near the scales for a good few weeks means I am looking long term for wieght loss, and am just going to keep chugging on in the right direction. Ill get their eventually...

Having this diary is really helping cos knowing I have to write everything down really does make you think twice about things. I would recommend it for anyone, who like me, has tried every diet available, many many times.

Night everyone x

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