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I've been in denial about how heavy I have let myself get! I started SW about March time and since then I've lost 22lbs, somehow - I haven't really been sticking to it, but the diet prior to starting SW was so horrendous the half-hearted attempts at following the plan have worked for me.

However....I am, in my mind, only 10stone. I have happily avoided mirrors/cameras since 2008, so I don't really 'know' what I look like. Shocking huh?

Since my 22lbs weightloss, I've had a lot more confidence. So, I've found myself in front of the camera and a mirror recently and it has not been pretty, I'm all chins and tyres. I am not as slim as I think.

In fairness, I have had two gorgeous big babies since 2009, but it's time I stoppped using this as an excuse to eat until I feel ill. I need to get a grip, take on my obesity head on and win fair and square.


Day1 - Red Day

Pre-breafast - 2 Shape 0% yogurts
(I was up to feed baby :rolleyes:)

Breakfast: 2 Warb's wholemeal bread (HEX B) 1 egg, 2 slices of ham, 3 cherry tomatoes, 20g of Finest Coleslaw (2syns)

Mid-Morning: Onken Fat free Vanillia yogurt

Lunch: Steak in frylight, pepper, tomatoes and mushrooms (this was actually supposed to be last nights dinner, but I had blown yesterday by about 10am, so continued on my self-destruction path and had crisps for dinner!! No more though!)

I am determined!


Dinner was So Juicy Garlic chicken, with 1 chicken breast (2.5 syns), peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, 28g-ish Homemade chips (1syn)

I was still a bit peckish after that, so I had Cheese (HEXA1) on Toast (1/2 HEXB2) and another Shape 0%.

I think this might have been my first 100% day!

Syns for today are 5 (so far) Fairly pleased with that because, I've gotten into the habit of using the syns for crisps and chocolate in the evenings, but I've really enjoyed having them included in my meals.
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One day at a time

Good luck on your journey, you'll find a lot of support on here to keep you motivated. Boo xx
Thanks Boo, I've been semi-lurking for a while so I've seen how brilliant the support is on MiniMins, it's a lovely forum! :)
22lbs without trying! Well done you but I am sure you have been sticking to it for that kind of weight loss.
I can completely relate to everything you have said about the mirror, camera, having children etc etc and I am suer you will succeed on your journey.
Michelle x
22lbs without trying! Well done you but I am sure you have been sticking to it for that kind of weight loss.
I can completely relate to everything you have said about the mirror, camera, having children etc etc and I am suer you will succeed on your journey.
Michelle x
Thanks Michelle, :)

I started about 4 weeks after DS2 was born, so a lot of it I think would have came off naturally anyway. If it was semi-dieting, just think of the wonderful weightloss I could get if I actually stick to it!

I had sort of fallen off the 'half-hearted wagon' until yesterday, when I bumped into an old school friend, I was so embarrassed and I didn't even have my boys with me - you know,as proof I'd spent a few years eating for two! :eek:

How are you finding fitting SW in with Mummyhood? Some days are so busy for us, it's 4pm before I know it and nothing SW friendly has been prepared! (savoury rice to the rescue!) :rolleyes:
I am only in my first weel of sw although I have been doing ww before this but got fed up of all the weighing out etc and that was really difficult with my boys because I was having to cook seperately for them and myself... I am loving sw and am finding it really easy at the min nut I am making sure I plan ahead the day before for what I am going to eat the next day otherwise I would get stuck also.

I know what you mean about the boys being with you... I have been known to get out my phone and show a photo of my boys as proof that I do have children lol

If you get a chance read my diary that I started as I find it good reading other people's for ideas on food etc and some motivation... Mine is called My road to slim city! but there are also many other people's diaries that are very motivational... ie Maximus, Skinny Dawn, The diary of a not so little sausage to name but a few :D

Michelle x
I had a quick look at yours earlier! I'll sneak in again tomorrow. I've been engrossed in this forum all night! My poor neglected house!

**wonders if dodging plastic dinosaurs on the way to bed counts as Body Magic**
I had a quick look at yours earlier! I'll sneak in again tomorrow. I've been engrossed in this forum all night! My poor neglected house!

**wonders if dodging plastic dinosaurs on the way to bed counts as Body Magic**
Oh that definately counts as Body Magic ;)

This forum can get quite like that but hey at least it means I am not raiding my cupboards for munchies as I am to engrossed here lol

Have fun dodging the dinsoaurs :D
Ok, so yesterday wasn't great! I had a pretty good start though!

I'm not going to list everything I ate, because I'm on my phone and it takes forever! So I'm just going to confess to all my syns, all of them!

Coleslaw -2
1/4 nann bread
1 walkers baked crisps
Almost a whole box of Mikado's!

Haven't had time to check out asl the syns, but I will later on.

I'm putting a big line under it, today is weight in (i go to the classes,mostly to get peace from the kids for a bit! Don't worry Husband looks after them!)
Right, quickly googled syn values and I've added a few more for good measure......

33.5syns for it all. :(

That's my line under it. Wasn't at group last Monday, not holding much hope for a loss today but I need to get back on the wagon, properly, and get strapped in. I'm not going to fall off at the next bump, I'm prepared for a gain, I'll find out soon enough what the damage is and update!

1lb off! Very surprised and pleased.

I think some 'numbers' might keep me going....

I'm half way there! 23lbs off, 23lbs to go. Just over 59 weeks to do it (I've been half trying for 16 weeks)

2lbs to get into a new 'stone'

Any loss to get below 170lbs

5lbs to get my 2stone sticky

I've now lost more on SW than on any other diet club, and I've done them all-twice!

What a good day!
Thank you very much :)

I'm hopeful this diary will keep me on the straight and narrow!

Had a good food day.


Breakfast: 2 bread (hexb) egg, tomato, 2 bits of ham (hexb2) coleslaw (2syns)

Snacks. Mikado (6syns), onken fat free yogurt

Dinner. Sw chips, mushy pea curry, egg fried rice (was the best dinner I've had in ages!)

Might have some homemade hummous and a couple of breadsticks later of I'm nibblish! Or some quark/cheese dip.

So far so good!!
We've been internet less! An absolute nightmare, I can't believe how much we use, been lost without it!

Anyway, my ' badness' caught up with me and I've gained 1.5lbs the past two weeks. I have deserved it though and it's given me the motivation I've been badly in need of!

So yesterday I was 100% :)

Brunch (although, it was 9am, I'd been up since 5 and didn't manage to eat again until dinnertime!) 1 asda pitta bread (Hexb) with ASDA coleslaw mix (without any mayonnaise and it was amazing, 50p and so yummy) spicy onions ( I'm guessing at 0.5 syns, it had 1tbs of ketchup, 1tbs mint sauce, but I didn't have the whole lot) cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce.

That kept me going until early dinner time when husband made spag bol, I had a pretty neutral morning, so I turned it into a green day, lots of pasta!! I had that with my hexa cheese (not something I usually use hexa for but really enjoyed it!)

Then I took myself food shopping, to farmfoods. Bargains galore! Shape 0% forest fruits/ blackcurrent 4 pack, 39p each!! Wonder if you can freeze them? Heinz beetroot, massive jar £1, they have a flavoured water, 4 pack for £1, in a sports cap bottle and free on all plans.

Oh, there were lots of cheapies to be had, I'll definately be back! I even avoided all the crisps and biscuits, I've discovered I can't have them in the house, I just don't have the willpower to avoid them (even if I say they're for DS1!) And I grudge paying the price for individual packets at our local shop! I stopped in at ASDA to, got some yummy strawberries at a reduced prices.

After DS2 was in bed, very late, goodness knows what was wrong with him! I had 2 shape yogurts, the punnet of strawberries and 175ml of white wine (6 syns according to Google!) I even made hubby measure it out, he was shocked! He was even more shocked when he realised I hadn't bought any crisps at the shops!

I also took the batteries out of my bathroom scales and put one in my kitchen set (no more guessing weights and no more scale hopping, it does no good and sort of defeats the purpose of paying almost £5 every monday!)

I'm going out today, so going to prepare something 'good' for me to take for lunch and I'll hopefully have enough motivation to avoid the not so 'good' stuff!

Happy Tuesday!
Well, yesterday was ok, not too bad - I managed to resist ice cream, wine and fizzy juice. I didn't resist a handful of chips, half a white crunch bar, cheese and onions french fries! SO although I was a little bit naughty, it wasn't anything like what I would have scoffed pre-SW!


Extra Easy

Brunch: Wholemeal pitta, salad, spicy onions (1/2 syn) and ham.

An apple, mixed berries and Onken FF vanilia yogurt

Dinner: Salad, So Juicy chicken (2syns) Crispy chicken breast fillet (6syns). egg, Tesco EL mayonnaise (googled and apparently 1/2 syn per level tablespoon, I might have to double check though!) homemade hummous, spicy onions (again! 1/2 syn) boiled potatoes, coleslaw mix, spring onions and savoury rice (homemade, onions, peppers, mushrooms, egg and soya sauce) and two Shape 0% Fruits of the forest

Absolutely stuffed!

9 1/2 syns.

I'm going to figure out how to add pictures, I'm keen to keep a visual diary to :)
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Ok, so I really thought I'd blown it last night. So this morning, I counted up my weekly syns ( weigh-in is on Mondays)

Here's the damage:

Monday: 6.5
Tuesday: 6.5
Thursday: 9.5
Friday: 33
Saturday: 12

91.5 syns

Not great, BUT it's still within the maximum syn allowance for the week and there's a good chance I've overestimated some of the syn values - just to be on the 'safe side'

Now I need all the willpower I can find to resist the TWO Wispas in the fridge ( bloody multi-pack buying Husband!) I'm not even a big chocolate fan!
I ate one of the Wispas! 10.5 syns and sooooo not worth it!!

101.5 syns, in 6 days. I must, must,must use the last 3.5 syns wisely tomorrow!
When will I learn that scale-hopping doesn't do me any good!!

Today I have weighed, 12st 6, 12st 4, 12st 5, 12st 2.5, 11st 13 and finally 12st 10

The last 'hop' envoked a diva-like 'I'm just going to be fat forever, to hell with it all, I'm eating 2 packets of Velvet Crunch and I'm not caring' tantrum. This was quickly followed by 'OMG, like eating those crisps achieved anything! I'm probably even heavier now, what was I thinking??' style-huff.


I thought, stuff it (again) I'm just going to eat the last packet of those crisps, so there are none left for me to binge on tomorrow. What is wrong with me?? :sigh:

Now I KNOW not to buy multi-packs of crisps (or anything) and I KNOW that standing on every set of scales I come across isn't a good idea. I need to figure out a way to stop myself doing it. I've tried to visualise how getting to target will feel, but more often that not, during my 'skinny' day dream I've eaten a biscuit or a handful of doritos without even noticing! :break_diet:


Luckily, the sabotaging stopped there. I resisted cheese pizza that was on offer at a friends and the temptation to phone a take-away when we got home.

Wow, that was a monster post. Onto todays food:

Started off EE and turned into Green!:

Breakfast: Wholemeal pitta (HEXB), with scrambled egg, tomatoes and bacon (4 syns) banana. apple and orange

Lunch: Egg 'fried' rice with peppers, onions and mushrooms.

**Velvet Crunch binge** (12 syns)

Dinner: Mushy pea curry, with rice and wholemeal pitta bread (HEXB2)

HEXA: Milk used for teas throughout the day.

There's no more Wispas, Velvet Crunch, wine or Mikado in the house tonight, so I'll be watching the Apprentice with a pint of NAS Squash, then straight to bed!!

I'm not feeling so guilty now I've confessed my syns. It feels better to get the down, where I can see them and not keep them as my 'little secret', that I usually push to the back of my mind, so far back that I 'forget' about it.

*must not scale hop, must not scale hop, must not scale hop, must not scale hop*
2.5lbs off!

I'm happy with that! Also, I wasn't any of the weights the scales presented me with yesterday!

Absolutely no scale hopping this week, it almost ruined last week!

So now I've reached one of my mini targets, under 170 lbs (just though!) 4lb to go until my 2stone sticky. Must be focused!!

Todays food :/


Brunch. Wholemeal roll (hexb) ham and salad

*ahem* 2 Velvet Crunch (8 syns) 2 digestives (6syns) 2apples, a banana and some Onken ff vanilia yogurt.

Dinner: Omlette with onion, mushroom, tomato, ham and cheese (hexa) and salad.

Also had a couple of cups of tea,skimmed milk (1syn)

I feel like I've eaten more than that today, hmmm, I hope I've not eaten something and forgotten!

I managed to resist the 'burger van' at the retail park, McDonalds in the town (it's my favourite!) And donuts,cakes and pastries at the bakers!

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