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My doctor didn't charge when I started LL although he could have as it states that in the LL book for doctors. he had sent other patients to LL and was just pleased that I wanted to give it a go.

The examination was blood pressure and listening to my heart. All very quick really !


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My doc charged £20 and was very supportive, they then check your Blood pressure monthly for free, so I think the £20 was reasonable.

Not all the doctors like these diets unfortunately, so some are reluctant to sign, and some do charge over the odds.

Your counsellor should be able to help you get a private doctor if yours is unsupportive and she told us we shouldn't have to pay more than about £30 anywhere.

The medical itself is just a basic checkup, nothing to be afraid of!


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If you are going to do CD if you meet all the right criteria (re BMI & no medication) you will not necessarily need a doc's signature.

Good luck with the diet.