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Do heavy chested chicks have a higher BMI allowance..



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That is a very good point!!

I am only trying to lose a bit of weight (currently about 9stone 4/5ish) and i have 32FF boobs - i wonder how much that takes into consideration as even when i was tony i still had big boobs :s



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I'm a g cup and I've always wondered this! My boobs haven't got any smaller they never do!! Xx


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i would love it if this was true...im a G cup and while my back size has gone down from a 38 to a 34...im still a G!!! xx

hollys nan

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Just wish I had bigger boobs, oh well they have now disappeared completely. Dont need a bra anymore, just a good vest!!! LOL


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I have just measured (not precisely or accurately!) the volume of my 38F breasts:

Left = 600 ml
Right = 500 ml

Total breast volume = 1100 ml

Assuming breast is 100% fat (I know it's not but it will do).

Mass = 1100 ml x 0.9g/ml = 990 g = 2.2 lbs

Volume wise 38F = 36FF = 34G

My volume seems to completely agree with my size but not the mass according to the table right at the end of this:

Brassiere measurement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

According to that my breasts have a mass of 4.4 lbs (so a higher density than I thought). I would be VERY surprised if I don't lose volume as I lose weight.

I expect my back size to go down to a 34 at goal but I do not expect to be a 34G (no loss of volume). I was a 34DD last time I was slim (BMI 22.5) - which is a significant loss of volume.

Anyway, table at bottom of above article seems reasonably accurate for me at least - so you could work out the difference between your breasts at goal and the average. The only thing is it looks American and I think they call a DD an E as they don't do double sizes? Not sure - needs investigating!

Anyway, average bra size is supposed to be 34DD (average size people actually wear is a 36C) - and that is what I was when I was slim.

I guess a rough estimate would be to use the table to calculate the difference in mass between your breasts and a 34DD (34 E on there?) when you are at goal then? I think unless you have extremely large breasts at goal it will only be a matter of a couple of pounds really though.

Might come back to this when I have thought about it more!

ADD: seems women have varying amounts of dense/vs fatty breast tissue. Some have 10% dense and others 60% etc - which can make a big difference in mass for the same volume. So....I give up!
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Large measuring jug filled to brim with warm water in empty washing up bowl on floor. Dip. Empty water now in bowl into empty measuring jug. :D

@Ellie666: Erm, don't think they count...have you measured your cup size?:D

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