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Do i still have to eat my healthy extras if i went over 15 syns?

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Healthy Extras' started by judywoody, 29 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. judywoody

    judywoody Full Member

    Hi..now this might be a weird question but i just went out with a friend and we shared a piece of carrot cake..gave it 15 syns to be on the safe side (had loads of butter cream..ehem..it was a freebie) but had no other syns that day. I still have 1 HEX A and 1 HEX B left..now on our way home we decided to share dinner at our favorite place..the portions are huge though..so I suppose we both had a normal portion each even after sharing. It was a Chinese but we ordered boiled rice and braised aubergine..very yummy but very fattening, too..in all honesty i don't feel like eating anymore so i wonder if i should force down my leftover hex b? If anything I'd probably have some steamed broccoli as i don't feel like anything more stuffing... suppose i haven't had any hex so far would i still have to eat them even if i had say 40 syns and you are properly stuffed?

    Thanks for helping!

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  3. Pootle

    Pootle Silver Member

    It's there for fibre isn't it? Personally, if I'd eaten cake and chinese, I would probably leave it out as it might save some calories but then I'm no expert or SW scientist. Seems common sense though to cut out any extra calories if you are already stuffed. Perhaps try to make sure that you have foods that are really high in fibre tomorrow to make up for it?
  4. judywoody

    judywoody Full Member

    Thanks, i didn't eat them in the end..i know it's not about calories but i added it all up and it came to 1900 and i don't see the point in stuffing yourself when you are full..thanks :)

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  5. swmina

    swmina Member

    I believe that strictly speaking the plan would say that YES, you should still have your healthy extras, properly count up what syns you've had (because it's too easy to think "I've already had blown my 15 syns so what does it matter?") and count the day as a flexi syn day.

    Don't - just don't - go down the route of counting calories on a bad day. Slimming World does not work on calories, it works on raising your metabolism and packing in fibre alongside low fat and high calcium (which helps with weight loss, hence why you have a HeA), and if you alternate calories with slimming world you're body will get confused and neither will work! I tried this in the past and it nearly always results in a weight gain.
  6. rm247

    rm247 Full Member

    Health Extra's are an extra. They are seperate from your syns/free/superfree.

    However they are not absolutely needed to be eaten everyday, most days you will eat them, however if one some days your meals haven't given you any space for your healthy extyras you don't have to make a cheese sandwich because you HAVE to eat them. i miss 1 or the other of my healthy extra's a couple of times a week, i still gets lots of fibre & calcium from other methods due to eating a wide diet.

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