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Do they do AAM week on LL? - should i AAM?


biker babe!
just wondering as im on CD but am refusing to do AAM (for many reasons)
will it affect my overall weight loss or is there really no need to do AAM?
if they dont do AAM on LL then does it affect their weight loss or the way the diet works?
sorry for all the questions!! :eek:
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Im new to this, hopefully someone better will answer your question soon.

I was told that AAM could help you lose weight quicker, because of the food, your metabolic rate increases slightly.

Hope that makes sense

bm2lm xx


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Nope L L don't do a add a meal week, it's full abstinenance. That is why peeps on lighter life have to have their blood pressure taken and form filled in every four weeks. If somebody on cd wants to do full abstinenace ie don't add the meal, then they are suposed to see the doctor every 4 weeks too.



biker babe!
mmm. not sure what i should do. i know that from previous experience if i do an add a meal week i find it nearly impossible to get back onto ss. this is the longest i have now done ss since i started (27 continuous days) and i am so determined this time to get the weight off and not f*nny around. Saying that i dont want to damage my body or health. any advice?


escaping the fat
Keelie im with you on this, really not ready to introduce food into the equation yet so im not doing it. Ssssh just dont tell my councellor.


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I dont really want to but its supposed to also help you in the long term. But Im going to aam but add it to my veg soup, its such a small quanity anyway not really a meal.
If you dont do it I would go to your doctor to get permission and to have a mini check up.


biker babe!
Thanks Happe -my partner in crime!!!

i just told my CDC outright. i expressed my concerns and she did try to tell me that doing AAM was for the best and suggested best ways i could get the foods into me (ie just graze on a little cucumber with some cottage cheese) but im still not mentally ready, it would be my downfall.
Oh well, ill soldier on, try not to think about food and hope it all doesnt affect my weight loss or health xxx


biker babe!
the problem is i just dont have time to go to the doctors. they dont do appointments you just go along and que up and wait and sometimes you can be waiting over 2 hours! i cant get the time off to do that once a month, we are so short staffed. anyway, i dont think my doctor really approves....not that ive ever really asked him! LOL


escaping the fat
My docs ok about me doing the diet, but it is hard to get in to see her. They have turn up and wait during the morning and booked appointments in the evening which have about a 3 week wait on. I could never get in there once a month. I will do aam when im ready, i do believe the science behind it but dont want to ruin what ive got going at the moment. So i may do it after 6 weeks or so but it will be when im ready.


biker babe!
yup, i think same here. ill just see how it goes.
(all i can think about now though is how good some quorn and a broccoli floret would taste tonight......its a slippery slope)


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Hi Keeliewheeliebin, (hope Ive spelt name right!!)

Like you, Ive done the diet for, inc today 29 days.

I went out to buy some cottage cheese yesterday, well, I think its abit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it and I totally totally hated it!!!

so I decided to have some chicken and mushrooms last night and after I ate it, i thought that I would feel elated at having some proper food but instead I was like "urg!!! not having that again!!"

don't get me wrong, it tasted nice but, it really didn't feel right.

Ive not had any proper food today but you know I'm still full!!

I'm worried Ill go off the rails, but if today is anything to go by, Ive not been tempted by food quite the opposite.

I too don't know what to do because Ive drunk 4 litres of water, Ive had one pack and still got two to go and also add a meal, there's just no way I could stomach it, would be far too full!!

i was thinking about investing in one of those electric blood pressure monitors that i think Lloyd's chemist are doing for £9.99. In case I decide to not do AMW, I can keep an eye on my blood pressure myself

anyway, good luck with everything, you're doing very very well.
Ive never done this diet as long as I'm doing now!!!

Take care


biker babe!
thanks racietracie.
ive been feeling a bit rough for about the past 4 days with symptoms not unlike those you get when trying to get into ketosis (hunger, nausia general lack of energy etc)
. So after a long, long conversation with my CDC and after me having a long hard think i decided it would be best to have at least a few days of AAM.
i must admit that i feel better now ive eaten something but im still worried that i wont be able to stop. i REALLY enjoyed my quorn and broccoli the flavours were so nice and i did crave something else afterwards but i think im just going to have to be extra extra stern with myself and focus focus focus!
ill be on here more for support when its time to go back to ss. i just pray that i can make that transition better this time xxxxxxxx


biker babe!
LOL! you lot must think im mad.....first im determined not to AAM then i go and change my tune. well i can only say that my CDC made a lot of sense to me, plus i was feeling really REALLY rough today....
im such a fickle person!

Lesly Cambridge

Cambridge Consultant
LOL! you lot must think im mad.....first im determined not to AAM then i go and change my tune. well i can only say that my CDC made a lot of sense to me, plus i was feeling really REALLY rough today....
im such a fickle person!

You see, we do actually know what we're talking about!

Best of luck, KWB - you will lose just as much weight in your five-week cycle, and you won't be scared of a piece of chicken after 3 months of sole source.

It may not feel like it now, but maintenance IS the hard bit, so the sooner you learn how to eat a tiny bit of protein and veg in a controlled manner the better.

So keep on posting here, to let us all know how you feel during AAM and the week afterwards.