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Do you count..???


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Everyone I'm new to this thread as I just had to stop doing the Cambridge Diet because of the cost. :(

Oh well....Decided to start calorie counting for now as I've lost weight before this way. When I did it before I never used to add on things like fruit or veg and allowed myself a 'free' 100ml glass of milk. Just wondering if everyone counts fruit and veg ect...


Edit: Title was meant to be DOES IT COUNT!!! Woops:)
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its best to count everything in your diet. i started by keeping a food diary and being entirely honest with myself on what i ate and drank, its amazing how many calories soon tot up when you do this. even if it is fruit or veg, they still add up.


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I count everything. I even worked out how much milk I have in my tea and now I have to count each cuppa as 25 calories. I can easily get through a couple of hundred in tea alone. I do count fruit and veg too - except cucumber.
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I do a guestimate usually. i.e. for a meal with 3 veg, I'll allow 50-100cals for the veg (depending on what).. I don't count milk but I use skimmed milk and only have a drop in tea. Then I tend to round things up when I'm guessing so that I have a maximum of what calories I've had. That gives some leeway I reckon for things like milk etc.
I know it's not the most precise way of doing it but it works for me and I can't be arsed/often forget to weigh things before I eat them. My guesses (before rounding up) are usually pretty accurate when I do check things online.


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S: 18st9lb C: 17st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41.1 Loss: 1st0lb(5.36%)
Okay thanks..I think I'll start counting my fruit, veg and milk...including what I put in my tea.;)

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