The Only Thing That Works

Welcome Westfield👋

How are you getting on?

You are more than welcome to start your own diary thread here in the Dukan will attract others in to say hello and lend their support.
Hi, i just joined the forum, and am 2 days into Attack.

This seems to be literally the only live thread on Dukan in the whole forum? 🤔 😊

I last did Dukan 9 years to get into my wedding dress but didn't see it through to consolidation. I am in it for the long haul this time, I have around 50lb to lose and keep off. I turn 50 next June and want to be slim!

Perhaps this isnt such a popular diet any more? It does work!
I think that this diet is still popular... lately it’s been popping up EVERYWHERE, but they don’t call it the Dukan Diet, and they don’t specify an attack phase or alternating days. Just calling it a diet for diabetes or “lose the lockdown pounds” diet. One meal plan I saw even gave the recipe for the galettes! I’m in the middle of a forty (or so) pound drop. I’m not weighing myself at all this time. Just going by how my clothes fit... Yes, it WORKS!