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Do you ever have a diet day off?

Hello am new here:wave_cry:

Was just wondering whether people ever give themselves a diet day off and if you do whether you then struggle to get back on track.

Am really not having a good day so far and have a meal out tonight so was going to go easy on myself and have the day off but am wondering what damage it will do?

I am following slimming world - extra easy most days as it fits in with my family life. I have already eaten all my syns today :eek: and will be well over by tonight :eek:

If i just get back on plan tomorrow what are the likelihoods of a sts?
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I believe that if you have been dieting for any length of time, that a day off is actually good for you as it kick starts your metabolism again.

I take a day off (well actually a meal off) every Saturday, as my hubby and i go out for lunch or dinner then. The key is that its just one meal a week, its not a whole day of mindless eating.

If you dont give yourself a break occasionally then you are setting yourself up to fail is my honest belief. But it needs a real boost of willpower to make yourself go straight back on the diet again. Any gain from that meal is going to be a fluid gain, not a fat gain, so will come off again pretty quickly.
After weigh in on a Thursday(sw)I eat what I fancy but in moderation,
Sometimes its just a couple of glasses of wine and a slice of pizza,
or a snickers bar(pmt time),
I really didnt think I could do moderation but so far so good.
Good luck.
hello twirlingbutterfly and :welcome: to the forums! When I was on WW the last time I used to have a 'day off' every couple of months and found that the week's WI following this day off I would have lost weight which I was always shocked by - I agree with Lynn as well in that it kickstarts the metabolism again!

Good luck on your weight loss journey
Sharkbait1983 x
Hi Twirlingbutterfly!

I think that sometimes you need a day off, whether it is because of you circumstnces or what ever. If you keep in mind portion control, and don't binge you should be fine.

Sometimes I think that if you say its a treat day rather than day off it works better. Day off to me make me think "WOO chocolate, crisps ..." but treat makes me think I can eat the things that I cant usually like a nice meal and that in moderation.

If I have this is stops me going into the bad state of "well I have allready ruined it..."

You have to find the way for the diet to work for you, sometimes its changing names for me. I like to think of SW as a lifestyle. It is a healthy lifestyle that I will try to follow for the rest of my life. In life there are days when you have to go out with people for a meal etc. Don't fret eating out and having a treat one day isn't going to ruin the other 6 days of eating well.

I have WI day off usually tho it slips into the next as well :( but yeah I figure after WI I can have a couple of treats :D

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
I think the occasional diet day off is a sensible choice. Most of us calculate so closely what we eat and say no so much and yet I'm sure all of us just which we could have that piece of cake or that greasy chinese food. Sometimes when I do really feel like it and I feel like I deserve it because I've been doing well, I will have some of what I fancy. But being on a diet makes you more conscious of what is actually in food and also portion sizes. I say have a diet day off when necessary but don't exaggerate it. At the end of the day, it won't kill you.


Battling On!
All my days seems to be diet days off these days :( !!!


Battling On!
Not at all!
Time for a good kick up the bum i think! haha

I suppose it depends on your willpower. I lost weight with weight watchers a few years back and used to stick to the diet rigorously through the week, then have weekends off. fri night, sat and sunday! I also only exercised during the week. I feel it definately helped my weight loss....a) you have to kick-start your metabolism every now and then by changing your intake, and b) It helped to keep me on the straight and narrow, knowing that every thing I'd fixated on during the week but couldnt have, I'd make up for at the weekend. And cos I allowed the weekends off, I didn't feel guilty , binge and fail like I used to. Only downside is, it is hard to get back into it on a Monday, after being used to eating what you want. And I probably could have lost more weight more quickly if I'd not blown the diet on the weekends, but at the end of the day I'd probably have given up altogether if I didn't have my 'off' days to look forward to.
i take an evening off so I can eat with my boyfried rather than the food packs I have every other night. It's good just to be social and I'm less likely to skip another night if I know I have a good meal coming up!


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I like to think that once a week you can 'treat' yourself to an indulgence or two which you wouldn't have otherwise to keep yourself focused, otherwise you can lose track of why are you doing this or get too focused on that fave takeaway your missing! As long as your willing to carry on after and not dwell on how much food you had, it can be a good thing!
And to boot a few members are suggesting it boosts your metabolism which is a bonus!
If you're going through hell, allow yourself at least one treat everynow and again!!!! Otherwise, it'll come to that point where you just give in and pig out. And thats not what you want, after all can you really live your life like a health freak for the rest of your life?

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